Just a little careful

If you're confused... that's Kraid's back-spike that Samus is currently blasting the piss out of.

Several seconds later
Ok, I can't jump that high, and I don't have good enough aim from down here to throw you guys into that hole in the ceiling. Ideas... ideas...
Well, what about those kinda tall pillars of ground in that maze-type area that acted as an entrance to the tribeland. Would THAT be high enough for you?
Damned if I know, but it's worth a shot. Move out, troops!
*bwam* *bwam* *bwam*
Ok, y'know the most quiet and careful you've ever been in your entire life? We're going to have to be like... a million times that right now.
But... she's blasting missiles. Odds are she can only hear a ringing in her ears.
...Well, we're still staying out of sight.

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