False hope

So umm... this may not be the best of times, but I'm REALLY worried about my tribe. Do you think you could find it in your heart to at least point me in the right direction? Please?
*smile* Why of course I'll help you. What were you thinking... that I'd just leave you wondering where your friends are, or worse? After all, it's not like I single-handedly slaughtered them all in a violent bloodbath brought upon by an undying hatred of long names like yours.
*crawl* AWw, I KNEW I could count on you. Y'see, this just goes to show you that when times seem their darkest, a kind soul will always come along and brighten your day.
...Y...you really didn't like... destroy the tribe though, right? You know where they are?
Awwww, craphell.

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