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When in doubt... find a memory that both people remember, and take it from there.

Three minutes of sweeping, and seven hours of airing later...
Oh merciful god, the more the skin was disturbed, the worse the smell got. If it lasted ANY longer, I would have torched the place.
Pfft, freaks. It smelled good.
Yeah, maybe that's because you grew up with that horrendous smell.
Yeah, whatever, enough of that. Ridley! Story! Now! ...Also booze please.
You got money?
Yes. Yes I do.
One booze later
Ok, so where should I start. Oh, I know... how about from when you FRIGGIN' ABANDONED ME SHORTLY AFTER WE GOT ON ZR388?!?
Umm... that... doesn't sound quite like... umm... reality.
Why don't you start from when you guys made clay statues of yourselves. That was just before Geruta killed you.
...Nnnnot ringing' a bell. You remember ZR388?
Then I'm starting there.

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