Vacation time

Yep... dungeons... vague reference to Zelda. Emphasis on vague. Don't worry, only one more FTP-comic to go.

-20061107 04:17-
Yep... it's official. This sucks.
Oh, thank you Sergeant Obvious, I sure as hell didn't figure THAT one out on my own.
-20061112 16:58-
...So... you insane yet?
PFft, with as much time as I've spent with Kraid's idiocy? Hell, this is almost a glorious vacation!
So true... so true...
-20061114 20:04-
WOOH! Just beat the sixth dungeon! SCORE!
So... you think she cam in here to tell us that purely to be a jackass, or is she just that damn oblivious?
I think that every single minute that I watch go by, my disgust for Metroid-thingy goes up exponentially.

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