Just stating things

Holy god but I've been tired lately.

Two works and three sleeps later...
*yawn* *just woke up*
Ugh... ok, weekend... and THANK GOD! Words cannot describe the level of tired I've been at this new work place. Several reasons for that.
So anyways... first up, I've been working in tech-support for like... 6 or 7 years now. Every job has always had me working either late in the morning, or in the afternoon/evening. THIS place has me setting my alarm for 6:30 am.
On top of that, I basically thought I was going into a data-entry type position. Turns out I'm actually the ENTIRE payroll department, for this place. Sure, there's data-entry, but a TON of other stuff I didn't see coming. Basically, it kinda overwhelmed me for the first week or so.
So yeah... I've been dead brutal stupid tired for the past week or so... and likely still will be for a little bit yet, so just bear with me if I'm late. There might be another 'bitch about work' comic, but one more would most likely be the last... emphasis on most likely. Time will tell.

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