It wasn't meant to be

No foursome for Kraid today. Then again, it's rather unlikely that he'll get a threesome either. Or a twosome :P

*toing* Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap! OPHELIA, SAVE ME!
*hic* Y-yer kinda cute when you're shcared.
That... was not exactly a response I was either expecting or hoping to hear.
*urp* Woah... I can shee coloursh...
Oh yes, I SO won this bet!
Although... on the other hand, now that you mention it... hmm... maybe...
*hic*, just no. I couldn't cheat on Samus... Samii... whatever... and you also spawned just TOO damn many jerks. It wouldn't work out.
Woah... d-did the room alwaysh shpin thish fasht?

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