One track mind

If you don't get it... ask someone who's a bit older :P

Gonna have to do better than THAT.
What, like your little jumping around and avoiding danger like a scaredy-cat?
Well, since you put it like THAT, let's kick this party into high gear!
Except we need more room to play. *click* *bwam* *bvwee*
Oh, NOW who's running? *ka-click*
Just trying to avoid destroying my victory drink while disposing of YOU.
Oh, you'll taste it just fine while I'm DRINKING IT OUT OF YOUR SKULL!
Oohhh, big words, but an you follow through, or will you shrivel up and DIE?
When hell freezes over!

You, whoever you are... I need you to go get me a pull full of mud, NOW!
Now why do you...

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