Out of miracles

What's the opposite of an anticlimax again? :P

And OOHHHHH, I'm sorry... but your time for a miracle to kick in has run out. Hope you enjoyed that the last few moments of your life was seeing... well... Kraid over there.
YES! Wait...
*BWAM* *shatter*
Ahh... the sweet sound of victory... which is oddly reminiscent of shattering glass. IN this case... it's shattering SAMUS! AAAHAHAHA!!!
*clink* *clunk*
-Wait a minute... something's wrong. Something happened... not good... c'mon, think Kraid think... let's see... Samii fighting... good... lots of jumping... good... half of the frozen skull of one of the Samii bouncing towards me... *click*
OH MY GOD! ONE OF THE SAMII KILLED THE OTHER! Who could have thought such a horrible turn of events would have from from two Samii fighting?!? OH GOD! WHERE'S METROID-THINGY WHEN YOU NEED HER?!?

Metroid, Samus, Kraid, and the rest of 'em are all property of Nintendo, who to my knowledge wouldn't do anything such as sue me or shut poor Planet Zebeth down, because they're so damn nice, and Metroid kicks ass : }
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