Nothing to see here

Some things your mind just wasn't meant to contemplate.

Wait a minute... I forgot to check if I... err... Samus... me... dropped anything! It'd kinda suck if I went through that battle, but completely ignored any powerups or... whatever the hell it is that I'd drop if I died.
Whew... good thing I remembered. If the various smashinating of frozen enemies is anything like... well... me, I should still be frozen little chunklets on the ground.
Well, looks like everything is still frozen, so I can just wai...
And now I'm going to run in the opposite direction, and pretend that the last several minutes never existed. Nope... didn't drop AAAAANY items. I checked, and saw nothing. CERTAINLY nothing that would cause me to curl up into a ball and sob quietly for hours. Nope... nothing here at all...

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