Too much information

Yes, the title may suck. I'm in a constant state of distraction while attempting to work with the html here.

2 hours later...
Oh hey Kraid, you're finally back. Did you ever get the booze-room door open?
Go screw yourself.
I'll take that as a "no" then.
You can take that as a "my pogs aren't weapons, ass".
But no, I didn't get the door open. However, I DID come up with an idea between when I was passed out. Why not just get Ophelia to DIG our way into the booze room from above?
Nah, we already tried that while you were out. Metroid-thingy took that idea into account.
When Ophelia dug down, she found that the room was surrounded by an extra hard rock that even SHE wasn't able to put a dent in.
Aww, harsh. Where'd Samus go? Maybe she can freeze the wall and shatter it.
Yeah, no luck. She's off hunting for stuff for me.
Damn. I also wanted to tell her that I'll always have a little piece of her inside of me from...
Let me stop you right there. I'd HIGHLY prefer to have never heard that, or to know the rest of the story.

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