The pleasure of working

For the most part, these comics pretty much explain themselves.

Where to begin... where to begin. Well... I'll start by saying that due to my being laid off of a half-dozen different jobs, and just starting this new one... and the fact that I'm perpetually broke, paying off debt because of the above... that I won't be getting a vacation this year.

Hence... this little foray into 'pausing of Zebeth' shalt be known in the archivesas "Vacation Nightmare Or Bust III". Read... enjoy... laugh at my misery, relate to it... whatever suits you. Likely after my college courses are done in a few weeks I'll have the time needed to make full comics again.

I suppose I'll start with my primary source of stress... work. Sure, I may no longer be a "temp worker", and have some vague form of job security... but there's some rather unexpectedly disturbing things I've found at this new place.

Y'know those 15 minute breaks that, if you work, you're most likely accustomed to taking? Y'know, the ones a workplace is legally required to give you? Yeah... those don't really exist here. I've taken... maybe three of those 15 minute breaks in four weeks. And forget half-hour lunches, too.

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