Geocaching for the win

Yay for geocaching, and it's ability to keep me sane!

But what's the world coming to, where we have stressful, overworked jobs like this, kiss the boss's ass while doing it, and tell them what a privilege it is to work under those conditions?

As an added bonus, my entire weekend... and pretty much any spare time at all... seems to always be claimed by other random obligations that I can't seem to avoid or work around. So... no breaks during work or at home... yeah.

That part's not so bd though. Obligations come and go, and are typically more fun than not. It's not like work that just keeps driving into you like a knife into your belly. And I HAVE been finding some spare time here and there to geocache.

Although... I will say this. Geocaching is a godsend at a time like this, since I'm usually biking several miles in the process. Some good, hard physical exertion REALLY helps work off a long day's frustrations. So if I'm late making a comic to go geocaching instead... there's the reason why.

And thus pretty well sums up my primary frustrations... and what very little I've been able to do to alleviate it. And now I need to go and prepare for my college class tomorrow after work... which will be the next comic's subject.
...Also, you didn't see that.

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