You GOTTA protect the pogs. That's just non-negotiable :P

*pant* *fume* *gasp* *pant*
Ok Ridley... take it easy. Deeeeep breaths. Theeeere ya go... easy does it. Don't go having a brain aneurism on us here.
Yeah, losing the bartender... again... would kinda suck.
*misery* *gasp*
Now think for a minute... stole my suit... I go and trap them... what else CAN be done?
Exactly... violent, unfathomable torturing of the Metroids, of course!
Ok... well, I DO quite hate Metroids. This almost sounds like it has some vague form of potential somewhere.
Metroids are jerks.
*sigh*... We know Kraid, we know.
But that still doesn't explain why you crammed them into MY room, of all places.
I couldn't risk my pogs with Metroids... OBVIOUSLY!
...When I get booze again, you're paying triple the price for a month.

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