WOOH! Comic 900. Only a scant 100 more to go until the big 1k.

Six Ophelia-gullet-pointy-things later...
Ow... that REALLY hurt. Wasn't that a little overkill to get my attention? Like seriously... ow! I'm going to have a headache for like... a week here.
You snapped and became a broken record. Since your usual method of bringing someone back from insanity... booze... is gone, I decided to go in a different direction... pain.
Ok, fine, but can you explain THAT?
Uhh, which part... the pile of bricks and pogs, or the broken pog?
How about both... and maybe also why I have an aftertaste of Zeela when I burp.
Well, you were stunned from hearing the Metroids were in your pog room, so we made you eat bricks, pogs, and enemies. I snapped a pog to wake you up, but you snapped again. Seriously... get help.
Well, at least I'll always have a little bit of pog and Samus inside of me.

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