Just one more hill

Perhaps you might remember that scene from previously. I was just waiting for when to use that room again. It may have taken years... but it has returned.

MAN, I've searched the surface for like... ever, and STILL haven't found a single plant that Ridley wants. I can only hope some of this crap grows underground.
But so far, I've seen even LESS down here. At least there was the occasional tree on teh surface. All that's down here are these scraggly, miserable looking bushes.
Hey, you can ALSO find Zebbo's like me.
Like seriously... the only reason I'm still going is that I'm making like... a fortune down here. But I'm starting to get bored. I might as well go back and tell Ridley that there's no hope of finding anything.
Eh, maybe I'll just check out what's past this one hill, just to appease my curiosity.
-Nothing here-

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