You are what you eat

I had turkey for dinner today :P

But c'mon man... who could have EVER seen this coming. You invented... ICE-CREAM!
*zzzzzzz* *drool*
So... how did you make this "cream". The "ice" I understand... but I'm not familiar with "cream".
I dunno, it just sounded good. But it's pretty much only got one ingredient, and I just kinda processed it to this.
It was a little cold for me, but it still tasted good. Almost... familiar somehow. What's it made of?
Funny you should ask that. On a completely random note though... were you at all related to those three Metroids I brought in a bit ago?
Y... y'mean... I... I...
I'm a tad confused though. I kinda thought it was self-explanatory that I made it from the Metroids.
If someone came in and said they had a yummy treat, would the first thing that comes to YOUR mind be that it might be made from your children?

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