Knowledge is power

Isn't getting answers to long unanswered questions rewarding?

NO! No I do NOT! Seriously! You're the SINGLE only business on the PLANET, and you demand this money of which you can't POSSIBLY use, since it's ONLY purpose is in here! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU DO WITH ALL THAT MONEY ANYWAY?!?
Yeah, that IS a good question. I'm not gonna argue it, y'know... since everyone gives me those pog centers and all... but I always HAVE wondered what you do with the outer rings.
You really want to know?
YES! If it ends an endless curiosity, PLEASE tell us!
What I do with that money... is give people food and drinks after I get it, and you ain't getting it any other way, so STOP TRYING TO GET OUT OF PAYING, YA CHEAP BASTARDS!
Well, there ya go Samus, problem solved. WOOH!
WHAT?!? No, that doesn't answer ANYTHING! I mean literally... ANYTHING! Aren't you cur...

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