The secret gathering spot

Well... so much for the easy way out. I guess I'll have to do things the old-fashioned way... harassing minions until I find one that knows where she is, or is willing to do the leg work for me.
At which point... let's go find some minions to harass. Stupid things tend to stay away from the bar now. Pfft, 'too many killings' my ass... I was culling the herd. I hope I find where those killable buggers have been hiding lately.
Maybe I should kill one or two of 'em too, just to be safe... show 'em I still mean business.
Seconds later
*swoop* *fly* *whoosh* *swoop*
Coast is clear, guys!
Man, she NEVER thinks to look on top of the bar.
And I TOTALLY know where Metroid-thingy hangs out, too!
Baaahahaha... awesome.

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