Samus' lucky day

Yeah, Kabutroid knew what would happen when minions try to go up to Samus. Poor, poor messengers.

Bah, whatever you're thinking, it's too late to do anything now. My plan has been set in motion, and it's only a matter of time before everything you know comes crumbling down around you.
Yes, yes, quite crumbly, my heart is broken. I'm in utter fear of the outcome of this plan in question.
Well... you should be... so keep staying in fear.
Hey Samus, I have a mes-
*jump* *bwam* *bwam *bwam*
Man, it must be national minion suicide day today or something. That's like... the tenth minion in the past few minutes who's just come right at me. I hope this keeps up for a while.

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