Stirring up some shit

Note: Smash Bros. did NOT talk about pogs... the actual image from the game is here.

*sigh* We are. But ANYWAY... what's the deal with Kraid getting a present of some sort?
Well... like I was saying, I was playing "Smash Bros.", and I figured I'd get Kraid something nice like a poster of one of the screenshots from it.
Well, that doesn't sound so bad... which CLEARLY means that you're hiding something. What is it?
Oh, it's nothing really. It's just... y'see... in the game, you can play as "Zero Suit Samus"...
Oh god... what have you done?
It's not as bad as it sounds... but y'know... I figured there's ONE specific screenshot that's bound to stir up some shit around this place.
Oh, beautiful, thanks. That's EXACTLY what I need. What kinda screenshot?
Don't worry, it's completely innocent.
-Pogs are sexy-

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