Hypothetical occurances

Hypothetically, of course.

Ok well, head injuries that might explain a lot about you aside... you're here, and that's what matters. Out of blind chance, do you have any idea where Daemona might... y'know... wander off to if she wanted to avoid say... large, important gatherings?
Huh? Whaddya mean?
Oh, I dunno... let's say hypothetically, she were to run away from getting married or something... hypothetically of course. Where would she go? Hypothetically, remember. Totally hypothetical.
Eh, doesn't matter. It'd never happen.
Yyyyeah... let's say it did... hypothetically happen?
*clap* *clap*
*fall* *thud*
I'd do THAT, for starters.
Oh, right... Kabutroid... powers... yeah.
OUCH! Jerk.
Sorry honey... had to prove a oint there.
So wait... I'm confused.

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