The wrengling song

Just hum it to the tune of the Dreidel song. If you don't know what that is... go check youtube for South Park dreidel song. That's where I got it from, anyway.

♫Wrangle, wrangle, wrangle... wrangle all the way. Wrangle, wrangle, wrangle... with Mother I will play.♫
*hop* Hey uhh... is anyone else getting a little disturbed by Croc-boy lately?
A LITTLE?!? Dude man, where the hell have you been? I'm SEVERELY disturbed by Croc-boy lately. He just keeps singing that damn song!
Well, it IS catchy, you know.
♫Wrangle, wrangle, wrangle, I wrangle...♫
Ugh, don't remind me... that damn tune is going to be stuck in my head all day... which in actuality will probably be the rest of my life.
♫ all day. Wrangle, wrangle, wrangle, it's mother's time to play.♫
Well hey, look on the bright side. At least the current situation can't get much worse.
♫Wrangle wrangle wrangle, a wrangle of a day...♫

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