Not even remotely

Dat last frame.


Oohhhhh, two new comics, and the stuff section is coming along. Most of the new sections don't have any working content just yet, but I've been laying down the groundwork, adding html files, adding links to them, deciding how to organise things, that type of thing. Image-adding and text should be the next step down that front.

I do have the next comic partway made tho, so I'll probably slide that in when the stuff section comes up :D


Been a good year too there eh? Brought all the crops in, the Metroids are still at bay.
Yeah, no real complaints, it's been good.
Yep, a relaxing end to a relaxing-
OH MY GOD GUYS you are not even going to REMOTELY believe what someone just saw!
Croc-boy got his glitch thing to do a trick!!!
Oh no way!
Little skitters is getting better!
We gotta go check this out.
What do you MEAN they destroyed the heart?
Yah, ate it like a birthday cake.

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