The sorghum

And we gots to scorps the ground and takes out the bad plants from that area because they soak up the energy and we needs *taters* and there's a bug lets pick him off.


Yorp, da fields. Looks like yor gonna get a little taste of this girl's backstory.

Let's hill some potatoes ^_^

Oohh, also there's an alternate ending to this comic, check it out :D


Life was idyllic and slow, and you spent your afternoons counting clouds and chasing bumblebees.
The onions? Man, the onions were to heaven!
The onion soup, man, that onion soup!!!
The kale? Oh, the kale came up good.
Salad for DAYS!
That sorghum, the stalks are as strong as iron I tell you.
We've been farming for one yera, we know all of this.
Shore do.
So didja hear? Ridley got a record yield from the cattle!
Oh my goodness, the fresh buttered bread will be amazing!
Done weeding the sorghum too. Darn, it's been a pretty good week.

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