Let's feast

Aw dat food.

Also the font changes in like two comics, so I'm pleased with that :D


I couldn't... I couldn't help it. It had to be done.

Side thought, I contemplated making like... multiple endings to this comic, since I had a few good one-liners pop up while making this strip. Still might, not gonna lie. One alternate ending is here, and I might make the others yet, haven't decided.

Go into the source code for spoilers, I put my present ideas there :D

On another note, generally speaking the world is going into lockdown due to the second wave of the pandemic, a week before my flight to see Abby. Soooooo, I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping that I can still get on a plane at that time. See my love for the first time. I'll be bringing sanitizer, masks, disposable hospital gowns, disposable eye shields, I'm doing everything I can here. If they let me on a plane, I'm getting there as safely as I can ♡

And so we wait.

And cross our fingers and knock on wood and all that.


WOOOH, bring it in guys! Just put it on the table.
WOOH, them tomatoes!
Aw yus, the stuffs. This... this is what we got into gardening for.
That bread man, the smell of that bread!
Shall we... dive in?
Kraid man... coul-could you not?
Literally every meal.

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