Oh hey, it's you!

How's tricks?


What's this, a comic on schedule? Aw yus it is! I've got like the next 5 comics in this here notepad, and I plans to keep on sketching down comics inside of there. Expect weekly updates, weekend-ish, as I have fairly random days off, but in that area!

In other updates, I've bound several more D&D books, thank you once again DriveThruRPG, we have Volo's Guide to Waterdeep (and the 5e Enchiridion), and also NASA has put out a free RPG of their own called The Lost Universe, go check it out!

And that's about it at the moment here, still unpacking/sorting, figuring things out, it'll all come together here. I'll keep you posted, every week! :D


Yes, I must gloat over these cow- *hurk* cowering fools.
Further back
...and he's teething too! Gotta strenthen those new chompers!
Awwww, let's get him some food!
*thump* *thump* *thump*
Muahahahaha, it is I who have nearly crushed you! I have returned!!!
What? Oh hey! You were gone?
Oh hey, yeah! It's been a while. How you been?

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