Pokemon Fight Back


Well, I've kept you on your toes for long enough (ok, so I wrote this one about 5 hours after chapter 11, so there's not much time to be on your toes... nonetheless), so it is now time to write chapter 12. Let's see how this one turns out. I've got some good mind-altering gore in mind for this chapter. Hey, Eric's in the hospital for a tad, so what's Jane going to do all alone and filled with murderous rage? Take a guess genius.

Chapter 12: The recovery

Jane woke up in a cold sweat. She had several terrible dreams, in which she saw herself stabbing Eric repeatedly, even though she knew that that was impossible. Shivering in fear, she looked at the clock on the wall.

"Four O' fucking clock?", she stammered. "Damnit."

She knew that she'd never get to sleep now. She wandered out of her room and downstairs. The night attendant at the counter watched her walk in.

"Your up a little early.", she said. "What woke ya up?"

"Bad dream.", mumbled Jane, flopping down onto a chair. "Either way, I'm heading out for the day."

"See ya later.", said the attendant as Jane walked out the door.

Jane walked over to the hospital. As she walked in, the working nurse recognized her from yesterday.

"You must be Eric's friend.", said the nurse. "If you want to see him, he's in room 3A."

"Thanks.", said Jane, walking down the hallway with the 'Section A' sign over it. Upon arriving at Eric's room, she noticed that he too was awake.

"How ya doing there Eric?", she asked.

"The doctor gived me some... stuff to make the pain stop for the pain.", mumbled Eric, who was currently facing the other direction.

"Well, they doped you up.", said Jane smirking. "I'll assume that you're going to be fine then."

"They taked me out of critical condition and made me better than critical condition.", said Eric, rolling towards her.

Jane let out a gasp. Eric's face was covered with stitches where the slash marks once were. The blue thread was hanging all over his face, covering the drying blood that the nurse hadn't yet cleaned away. His hair was shaved around the spot where the blade had sliced into his scalp, and stitching was put over that too.

"What do I look like?", asked Eric, his eyes wandering over the room.

"Uhh.", stammered Jane. "Just get better first. You've been through a lot."

"I'm doing good right now.", said Eric, trying to shake some of the drowsiness away. "The chest kinda hurts though. The doctor said he didn't want me poking at my chest said the doctor."

"That's understandable.", said Jane. "Do you even know what happened to you?"

"I remember his cutting my face twice, then I saw you run away, and then I felt a burning pain in my chest.", began Eric. "After that I felt dizzy and I woke up in here."

"Well...", started Jane. "I might as well tell you since your nice and happy now, and you probably won't remember this later. Bill, the gym leader, stabbed you after cutting your face."

"He stabbeded me?", mumbled Eric said clearing his throat.

"That's right.", answered Jane. "But you're going to be ok."

"Uhhggg.", stammered Eric, trying to sit up. "I'm going to fucking stab him in the head when I find him."

"Lie down.", said Jane. "You probably shouldn't sit up."

"Bah.", said Eric, flopping back down onto the bed. "All I can say is I'm going to kill him in cold blood in an act of self-defense."

"Just rest for now.", said Jane, placing her hand on his chest.

"FUCKING DAMNIT!", screamed Eric, pulling away from Jane. "WATCH THE FUCKING CHEST YOU DUMB CUNT!"

"Sorry, sorry, sorry.", said Jane, quickly withdrawing her hand. "Take it easy. I'll get the doctor to squirt some more morphine into ya."

"Uh huh.", said Eric, calming down. "Morphine is my friend."

"Back in a minute.", said Jane, jogging out of the room.

When Jane returned, Eric was groaning in pain. The nurse that accompanied Jane took out a syringe of morphine and slowly injected it into Eric's system.

"That's the true definition of good.", said Eric, feeling the pain subside.

"I'll bet.", said Jane.

"He's pretty lucky, Eric there.", said the nurse.

"How's that?", asked Jane, wondering how this could be good.

"It seems that Eric was stabbed in, well, about the best place to get stabbed.", replied the nurse. "It missed all of his vital organs, and only severed an artery, which the doctors have already sewn up completely."

"Lucky me.", said Eric sarcastically. "Maybe if I'm lucky, a truck will hit me when I leave and it'll only break half of my bones instead of all of them."

"If he's like this, he's better already.", said Jane laughing.

"So how long before you can break me outta here?", asked Eric.

"Since there's high demand for hospital beds these days, we're shipping you out in about 6 days.", replied the nurse. *

"SIX DAYS?", said Jane quickly. "He got friggin' stabbed!"

"But remember.", began the nurse. "It was a lucky stab."

"As long as my Florin protects me, I'll be able to go after Bill.", answered Eric.

"I kinda doubt you'll find Bill anytime soon.", said Jane. "He's long gone."

"Fucking coward.", said Eric. "And can you do me a favor?", asked Eric.

"What's that?", replied Jane.

"Get me a gun, and then bring Bill here, so I can shoot his legs off.", said Eric, laughing.

"Uhh, I'll do my best.", said Jane, rolling her eyes.

Jane decided to sit there for the rest of the day. They chatted about random things, and Eric was actually allowed to eat solid food by the end of the day. This was mainly due to the hospital's Chansey with the softboiled skill. ** Jane spent the next couple days visiting Eric, who was constantly getting better thanks to Chansey. On the fourth day, two days before Eric was released, Jane decided to go back to the gym and ask if Bill had come around. As she walked in, she heard a strange voice come from outside, behind her.

"Is your name Jane?", asked the man.

"Huh?", said Jane, turning towards him. "Yeah, why?"

"I have a present from Team Ricochet, care of Joseph.", said the man.

"Team Ricochet again?", said Jane, instantly enraged. "What the fuck does Joseph wanna give me?"

"A FUCKING KNIFE IN THE SHOULDER!", screamed the man, lunging towards Jane with a bowie knife.

"JESUS!", shouted Jane, dodging to the side, narrowly missing the blade.

They stood there for a second, waiting to see what Jane would do next. Jane hadn't taken her backpack with her today, as she only planned to visit the hospital. She didn't have Pinsir's pokeball, or any pokeball for that matter. She backed herself towards one of the walls.

"Uh oh.", said Jane, feeling the wall against her back.

"Heh heh heh.", said the man. "Nowhere to run bitch."

"Look.", said Jane, trying to stall him. "Why don't you let Joseph fight his own god-damned battles?"

"Because you fucking injured him!", shouted them man. "He was a good friend, and one of the head members of Team Ricochet!"

At this point, Joseph began to move forward. As Jane slid her back across the wall towards the corner, she felt something large in her pocket. Just then, she remembered that she still had the knife that Bill used to stab Eric with. She swung it out and held it in front of her in an attacking stance.

"Woah... bitch has the knife.", said the man. "But can you use it?"

"I gashed open Joseph, didn't I?", said Jane, smiling.

"THAT'S IT SLUT! YOUR GOING DOWN!", shouted the man, now also enraged.

The man jumped towards Jane with his knife, but missed as Jane ran to the side. Jane swung her knife around towards him, but only nicked his sleeve.

"I'm going to shred you so bad your own mother will look away in disgust.", shouted the man, lunging once again towards Jane. This time, his bowie caught some of Jane's sweater, ripping a large hole across the front. Jane had pulled away from the knife as it sliced through the shirt, avoiding injury. One of her breasts was showing through the opening.

"Nice rack whore!", shouted the man, laughing. This only made Jane angrier, and she lunged downward towards the man's leg. The man, distracted by Jane's breast, didn't have time to move away. The hunting knife, still covered in dried blood, dug through the man's ankle as the tip chipped into the ground.

"AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!", screamed the man in excruciating pain. He dropped instantly to the floor on his side, trying to grab at Jane's knife which was still embedded in his ankle. The knife, however, was serrated, and stuck tight in-between the bones. Blood poured slowly from around the sides of the knife as bits of bone floated out with it.

While he was agonizing on the ground, Jane picked up the bowie knife which the man had dropped. Jane clenched it in glee, turning back towards the man. As she turned around, she saw through the corner of her eye that the man had managed to pull her knife from his ankle. He grabbed the blood-coated blade and threw it towards her as hard as he could.

"EAT COLD HARD STEEL AND DIE!", shouted the man as he released the knife. The knife spun through the air directly towards Jane. In fear, she turned to the side, attempting to spin away from the advancing knife. She felt something hit the side of her leg, but didn't feel any specific pain. As she looked back, she saw the only the knife's handle had hit her leg, which then spun off to the side of the room.

"DAMNIT!", shouted the man, getting a look of fear in his eyes.

"Nice throw, Mister 'a hunting knife has good fucking balance for throwing'", taunted Jane. "Maybe after I jam this one into you, you can pull it out and throw it at me as well."

"NO!", shouted the man as Jane swung the knife down. It bit deep into the man's upper right chest, piercing his lung. As he breathed in, the wound made a sickly sucking sound. Blood began to be pulled into his lungs, and he would soon suffocate from lack of oxygen.

"This is for Eric!", shouted Jane, slashing the bowie knife across his face, slicing open his eye, blinding him. Blood poured from the wound, mixing with the thin, clear liquid that was pouring from his eye.

"But... I... di... didn't d...do any...", gasped the man, attempting to breath. His face was beginning to turn blue underneath the blood.

"ENOUGH!", screamed Jane, focusing only on destroying another member of Team Ricochet. She swung the knife across his face again, creating a narrow X pattern with the other wound. Blood began to pour from the new wound as well."

"Uhh...", stammered the man as he passed out from lack of air. His face was now becoming pale as well from the lack of blood. His chest wound was continuing making sucking sounds as it pulled more blood into this lungs.

"TAKE THIS, AND THIS, AND THIS!", screamed Jane in a maddening frenzy. She drove the bowie knife deep into his chest repeatedly, becoming virtually covered in blood as she pulled the knife from the man's chest each time. By now, the man's heart rate had completely stopped, as Jane had stabbed him in the heart during her attack. Still, she swung the knife down once again, piercing a new part of his chest.

"DIE, DIE, DIE!", she screamed at the top of her lungs. The final blow came after she stabbed him in the neck four times, nearly severing his head from his body.

She suddenly dropped to the ground, panting, releasing the knife which was still driven through the man's neck. As she looked around, she noticed that her arms were completely soaked in blood, her torn shirt drenched red. She gathered herself to her feet and began to get a grip on reality once again. As she looked down at the corpse, she no longer cared that she had killed him relentlessly. Dazed, she walked over to the hunting knife which was lying near the wall. Picking it up, she walked past the corpse, stepping in the large pool of blood that was growing around the man. She leaned against the far wall and began to catch her breath, putting the hunting knife back into her pocket.

As she looked at the devastation she had left, she suddenly realized that she couldn't leave the gym looking the way she did. She was covered from head to toe in blood. She didn't have her backpack with her either, so she was stuck. Knowing that the police would be along shortly, she felt that she had to escape as soon as possible. Paying no attention to the dead member of Team Ricochet, she stepped past him, swinging her foot through the puddle of blood. The blood splashed against the wall as she stepped towards the door. She suddenly turned around and looked at the knife still embedded in the man's neck. She stepped over to it, looking at the perfect fingerprints she had left on it. Getting worried suddenly, she yanked the knife from his neck and cleaned it as best she could with her shirt, wiping the blade and handle of her prints. Holding the bowie knife between the folds of her shirt, she tossed it back onto the man's chest, where it bounced off and landed on the ground beside. Continuing towards the door, she peered her head out and saw some kids playing cards on a street bench to her left. Their backs were turned away from her, but she didn't know if she could risk it.

"Fuck.", she muttered, wondering what to do. "If I get out of this alive, I think I'll deserve a massive steak."

Peering out once again, she watched the kids. Their heads didn't turn, as they were dealing the deck. Jane took this opportunity to run as fast as she could into a nearby bush. She quickly ducked down behind the leaves, looking to see if the kids saw her. One of them turned his head in her general direction, but gave no further care. Panting, Jane made another break to another bush. She was trying to make her way towards the water. If she could swim for a while, it would wash the blood away and she would be free. As she was about to make her move, the kid that had looked earlier looked once again, this time a little longer.

"What the hell?", said the kid, starting to get up. Jane looked back towards the gym, where she noticed that a trail of blood led right up to the bush where she was hiding.

"Son of a bitch!", she said quietly. She crouched down further, hoping the kid would sit back down.

"What's up Joey?", said the second kid, standing up as well.

"I think there's a mess of blood over there.", said the first kid.

"Damn. Looks like it.", said the second. They began to walk, then jog towards the gym.

Jane, feeling instant fear of being caught, bolted from the bush and ran as fast as she could towards the water.

"What the hell?", she could hear the first kid say.

Right then, she dove underwater and swam as hard as she could, trying to swim underneath the docks nearby to try to escape. Her lungs were nearly bursting as she didn't get a very good gulp of air when she dove underwater. When she surfaced underneath the docks, she gasped in air, looking quickly around to where she had entered the water. She heard the two kids scream from somewhere out of sight, assumingly from seeing the dead body. She began to churn about in the water violently, trying to wash all the blood out of her clothes. After several seconds, she was satisfied with the cleaning job. She removed her shirt and wore it backwards to cover her chest. She swam underwater much further down the shoreline towards a public beach. Resurfacing near the side of the beach, she crawled up onto land, lying in the sand. As she got up, she looked around cautiously. Noone had noticed her leave the water, and paid her no attention.

She casually walked back to the pokecenter, where the attendant had his back turned from her, busy tidying up their files. Luck was with Jane, and she took this opportunity to sneak upstairs where she promptly changed into dry clothes. Grabbing her backpack, she headed back towards the hospital, hoping that since the kids only saw the back of her, they wouldn't recognize her. As she walked back downstairs, the attendant gasped.

"Oohh, didn't see you come in.", said the attendant.

"Oh, I was upstairs for a bit.", said Jane quickly.

"You just kinda startled me there.", said the attendant.

"Sorry. Either way, I gotta head out.", said Jane, stepping towards the door.

As she left towards the hospital, she heard police sirens head towards the gym. Walking as calm as she could, she entered the hospital with no problems. The nurse recognized her and nodded their approval for her to enter. She walked into Eric's room, where he was sound asleep, snoring loudly.

"Bah, can't you sleep during the night.", sighed Jane, not wanting to go outside for a while. She knew that the police would be scouring the area, following her trail of blood towards the sea. She had dried her hair as best she could in her room, but it still has that wet kind of glimmer to it. She sat in a nearby chair and started to read the ads that were spread over the wall. Sighing, she hoped that she wouldn't be caught. She had changed clothes completely, and was wearing a backpack, so she thought she wouldn't look too much like what the kids saw. She pulled a scrunchie out of her backpack and put her hair in a ponytail, trying to make her look as different as possible from before. Only time would now tell if she could escape the police.

* : Hey, I've heard of people leaving the hospital in that amount of time after being stabbed or shot or something. This is nothing compared to that. And remember once again... it was a 'lucky stab' >:} .

** : Well hell, it would be stupid for a hospital to not have a source of infinite healing power in there. I'm just thinking it would take a little longer to heal a human than a Pokemon, seeing as we're a tad more complex. Either way, that's how he's healing so fucking fast, so stop complaining about how it's not real.

Will Jane be caught by the police? Will the kids recognize her? What will happen when Eric is released in two days? How close does a fly get to the ceiling before turning over to land? Will Team Ricochet try to kill Jane? Will Eric be addicted to the morphine that's being pumped into him? Will he fully recover? The answers to the brunt of these in the coming chapters.


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