Pokemon Fight Back


Well, it's about high time I slap chapter 13 on paper. Kinda got out of the writing groove there for a bit, what with course-related crap squirming into my path of chaotic ideas. Nonetheless, I am here, at the computer, attempting to finish yet another chapter in my twisted tale. I've heard a lot of good things about my story so far, so I'm going to keep this going as long as I can.

When Gold/Silver come out in America, perhaps I'll eventually meld that with this. Either way, time to cram some ideas on... screen. This chapter'll be pretty gore-less, seeing as I'm once again setting up for chapter 14. Also, it's setting up some various plots, so read on... chapter 14 is in the same file.


Chapter 13: The Preparation

Jane woke up with a large backache. She had overexerted herself the previous day from swimming like there was no tomorrow (and if she got caught... there probably wouldn't have been a tomorrow, what with the death penalty being abound). Not only that, but she had fallen asleep in a chair near Eric's bed, and sleeping upright was not for the faint of heart.

"Cripes that hurts.", muttered Jane, kinking her back.

"Hey, hey, your finally awake.", said Eric, sitting up in his bed.

"You seem pretty active.", said Jane.

"I'm a heading out today.", started Eric. "Their Chansey softboiled me to completion last night. They just wanted to keep me for observation."

"Pretty sweet.", said Jane. "So when can ya leave?"

"They're last check is in about... 12 minutes.", replied Eric.

"Axcellent.", finished Jane. "Then we can figure out where to go next."

"I already asked some of the people wandering around here.", said Eric quickly. "They said something about a cave of Digletts or something. A cave nonetheless."

"Sounds like a plan.", said Jane. "I think I saw some kinda cave when I was wandering (fleeing) around before."

With that, they decided to relax until the doctors gave Eric one last checkup. Thinking it would be ten minutes from their conversation, they were slightly annoyed when it turned out to be closer to forty minutes instead. After the doctor gave Eric the O.K. to head out, they headed back to the Pokecenter.

"Kinda anxious to see what I look like here.", said Eric, almost jogging towards the Pokecenter.

"What, they didn't show you a mirror?", asked Jane.

"Nope. Bastards didn't have any in the washrooms or anything.", said Eric angrily. "Although, it feels like I have some good scarring action happening here."

"Don't know if you can define it as 'good'", replied Jane.

"Friggin' Chansey can't clear up scars apparently.", said Eric. "Why the hell couldn't they train an Alakazam or something to just spell it away?"

"Beats me.", said Jane as they got to the entrance to the pokecenter.

"Prepare for doom."

"Or leave the room."

"Oh for the love of fuck.", said Eric, extremely pissed off at this point. "As if I didn't have enough fucking delays as is."

"If you don't like it, leave.", said Jamie.

"Sounds like a plan.", said Eric, continuing into the pokecenter, Jane following closely. She didn't want to get caught up with Team Ricochet right now, with Eric right beside her.

"Hey, stop that... we have some battling to do here.", said Jamie.

"And I've got a hunch you know something about that other Team Ricochet member there Jane.", said Joseph, glaring at Jane.

"Yeah, yeah.", said Eric, closing the door behind him and Jane.

Team Ricochet stood there for a second, not completely sure what to do.

"...To unite evil in...", started Joseph hesitantly.

"Stuff a sock in it.", shouted Squirt, perplexed by the situation. "I don't particularly want to fight them inside the pokecenter right now."

"Why's that?", asked Jamie.

"That healing chick.", answered Squirt. "She'd call the cops in a minute."

"...So then what do we do?", asked Joseph.

"Then we wait.", said Squirt, sitting down on the curb.

"Ok then.", said Jamie and Joseph together, sitting down as well.

In the meantime, Eric had wandered up to his room. Looking in the mirror, his eye began to twitch. Tears began to stream down his scarred face. "I'm a freak.", said Eric angrily. "A FUCKING FREAK!"

"It's not that bad.", said Jane cautiously. "At least your alive."

"But is it worth it?", said Eric, running his fingers over the lines on his face. "I'll be stared at by everyone as they gasp and run away in fear."

"So what will we do now?", asked Jane hesitantly.

"I don't know about you, but I need some time to think.", said Eric, looking around the room. "And where'd my backpack go?"

"Oh, it's over there.", said Jane, pointing to a bloody backpack sitting in the corner.

"Ech... time to go shopping.", said Eric, beginning to walk out.

"New backpack I'm guessing?", asked Jane.

"New backpack.", stated Eric.

As they left the pokecenter, they noticed Squirt, Joseph and Jamie sitting on the curb tossing rocks at passing cars. Not wanting to hear their song again, they decided to sneak away behind them. Eric figured he'd hear from them again soon though, seeing as he kind of brushed them off before. No matter, they dodged that bullet for a while. After they wandered over to a strip-mall, they found a place that carried backpacks. Eric looked around and found a large, black backpack. Upon buying it, he headed out towards the pokecenter. In the corner of his eye, he saw the word 'Wise Guys Bar and Grill' plastered across the front of a building. *

"Damn... after all this, I could really go for a drink.", said Eric, heading towards the bar.

"Don't blame you.", said Jane, following him.

Upon entering the bar, they sat down on some stools in front of the


"What can I get... what the fuck happened to you?", said the bartender.

"Never fucking mind.", said Eric, angrily. "Just get me a scotch on the rocks."

"Coming up... and for the lady?", asked the bartender, getting Eric's drink ready.

"Ahh, just get me a coke.", said Jane.

"Can do.", said the bartender, grabbing a can of Coke from the fridge.

After Eric downed his drink, he and Jane began to walk out when someone at the counter grabbed Eric's shirt.

"C...can I borrow a couple b...bucks?", muttered the man, obviously sloshed.

"Sorry old man.", replied Eric. "I don't give handouts."

"Look, I can give you a couple bike vouchers. You can get free bikes in Celadon with these things.", mumbled the man, shaking away some of the drunkenness.

"Hmm...", pondered Eric for a minute. "Ah, hell, how's two bucks sound?"

"Good enough.", said the man. "Beer's only $1.75 here." **

After they exchanged the money for the vouchers, Eric stuffed them in his pocket and headed out. Feeling a little calmer from the drink (seeing as he rarely drank before then), this thing was starting to hit him hard. By the time they got back to the pokecenter, Eric was barely walking straight. Squirt and his crew had realized that they had been ditched some time ago, and had left the scene. Jane noticed the words 'die Eric' scratched into the dirt where Team Ricochet had been sitting, but paid it no attention. Right now, she had to help Eric avoid walking into the door frame.

As Eric stumbled to his room, he was already starting to feel better. After all, he only had one drink. The alcohol couldn't stay in his system too terrible long. He carefully opened his old backpack, watching dry blood crumble off the front of it.

"Damn, I bled like a stuck pig.", said Eric.

"You could say that.", said Jane.

"Ahh, what can ya do?", finished Eric, picking things out of his old backpack and transferring them to his new one. After he had finished, he carefully picked up his old backpack and dropped it in the garbage. Glancing at his watch, he noticed that it was already 5:00 pm.

"Damn... late already. We'll head out tomorrow.", said Eric.

"Fine with me.", said Jane, starting towards her room.

Eric let his Pokemon out of their pokeballs. They all stretched their legs, seeing as they haven't seen the light of day for about a week now. After a couple hours, Eric began to feel sleepy and closed the door. He figured he'd leave his Pokemon out of their pokeballs for the night, and let them get some fresh air. As he laid down, he felt his scars roughly scrub against the pillow.

"Fuck that's going to be annoying.", muttered Eric as he drifted off into sleep. He dreamed he was chasing Bill with a rusty chainsaw, and smiled in his sleep. His dream quickly changed to him chasing a female Nidoran with his rusty chainsaw instead. The rest of the night, he slept soundly, dreaming nothing but blackness.

* : Well, of course there's going to be bars in this Pokemon world... whaddya expect, everyone there is going to stay sober?

** : Yeah, yeah, you don't get the bike vouchers quite this way, but why the hell would some random person just give you practically a free bike for listening to him yammer on? At least Eric found some drunken slob to cough up the vouchers in my version >:}. And secondly, if Jane's here, she'll need a bike too. What otherwise? One bikes ahead and waits for the other? Still slow.


Chapter 14: The Encounter

Eric awoke nicely refreshed. He hopped out of bed quickly, having his foot get caught in the covers again. His head came swinging down towards the ground. Eric attempted to swing his arms in the way of his head in an attempt to soften the blow, but was too tired to move that fast. His head thwocked against the ground with an agonizing thud.

"CHRIST!", shouted Eric, quickly pulling his leg free from the covers and holding his head.

"What, what?", asked Jane, running into the room from the noise.

"I fell.", said Eric painfully. "Yeah, this definitely goes under my definition of 'bad thing'".

"Ouch. Sounded like it hurt.", said Jane, beginning to feel the tiredness seep back into her.

"Well it didn't feel good.", mumbled Eric, getting up. So much for his day starting out good.

"Well... what say we begin to head out?", asked Jane. "We're already awake."

"I suppose.", said Eric. "Time to find some Diglett cave."

By this time, Eric's Pokemon had woken up from all the noise and came crawling out of their sleeping places. Florin was sitting on the windowsill, while Pikachu crawled out from under the bed. The others wandered out from similar hiding places.

"Oh, right, forgot about you little fellas.", said Eric. "Back ya go."

With that, Eric pulled each Pokemon into their pokeballs one by one. Having gathered them up, he wandered downstairs with Jane close behind. After a short breakfast of bacon and eggs, they headed out. After looking around for a couple seconds, they wandered east towards the hilly end of town.

"You'd think a cave would be easy to find.", muttered Eric.

"One would think.", said Jane. "Ohh, ooh, I think I see the cave entrance sign up ahead."

"Axcellent.", said Eric, peering ahead, seeing the sign as well. "And off we go."

As they entered the cave, Eric pulled a flashlight out of his backpack and turned it on. Looking around, they noticed that the cave went in a relatively straight path to one side. Starting out, they heard a seemingly strange voice from behind them.

"Hi, my name Is Agumon. Can you help me find my way home?", said the voice.

Eric and Jane turned around, startled by the voice. *

"JESUS CHRIST, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?", screamed Eric, looking at a small, two to three foot dinosaur in front of him.

"Damn, that's one ugly kid.", said Jane. "I mean, I've seen ugly, but... damn!"

"I'm a Digimon.", said Agumon. "I'm from the digiworld."

"Ok Jane.", started Eric. "You'd better slap me on the back of the head damn hard, because something's fucked up in them thar hills."

"No, no.", continued Jane. "I think I'm seeing the same thing."

"That fucked up little dinosaur thingy?", asked Eric, puzzled. "Kinda orange...?"

"Yeah, yeah, that's the one.", said Jane, also puzzled.

"Will someone please talk to me?", asked Agumon impatiently.

"HAH!", shouted Eric. "Looka that... my hallucination's talking to me. What shit did I eat recently?"

"Coulda been those eggs this morning, I suppose.", answered Jane.

"I suppose.", repeated Eric. "But what the fuck do I do since I'm currently seeing some screwed up things here?"

"Please answer me!", said Agumon a little louder.

"Maybe it's some kind of talking Pokemon.", answered Jane. "Course, the only other talking Pokemon is Squirt, and his body was pretty well fucked with to make him do that."

"I'm not a Pokemon, I'm a Digimon, from the digiverse. ", said Agumon. "I live on the digiworld with hundreds of other Digimon, but somehow appeared here when Devimon opened a portal, and I was separated from the digidestined."

"Stop saying 'digi', ya fucking mirage!", shouted Eric. "I swear, everything associated with you either starts with 'digi' or ends with 'mon'"

"If you don't stop being rude, I'll have to digivolve and attack you.", said Agumon.

"Ok, that's fucking it.", said Eric. "I'm pissed off enough at a mess of our shit starting with 'poke', and I don't need some messed up brain cells working the word 'digi' into my memory too."

"You alright there Eric?", asked Jane, seeing him get very frustrated.

"No fucking way!", shouted Eric, picking up Agumon by the head. "I'll teach you to repeat the same fucking letters over and over to me."

With that, Eric punched Agumon in the stomach, throwing him backwards into the cave wall.

"AGH!", shouted Agumon in extreme pain.

"We've got enough fucked up shit in this world without you screwing with my mind!", shouted Eric, kicking Agumon as hard as he could in the back. He could hear Agumon's spine snap from the force. **

"M...my legs. I can't feel my legs!", shouted Agumon, struggling to turn around.

"Uhhh, Eric...", started Jane.

"Piss off Jane!", shouted Eric. "This is my fucking hallucination, and I can do whatever I damn well want to do to it." Eric continued his rampage by stomping Agumon's head into the ground, crushing his lower jaw against a rock. Blood poured from his mouth onto the ground. Agumon's teeth shattered from the jawbone and scattered across the room.

"AAAAAAAUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!", screamed Agumon in excruciating pain.

"DIE, DIE!", shouted Eric, curb stomping Agumon repeatedly against a rock. Agumon's blood began to splatter over Eric's legs and across the walls of the cave, creating an almost ghostly cave painting. After several other kicks to the head and slamming Agumon's skull into the cave wall, his head finally broke open, spilling his brains onto the dusty ground. With that, Agumon stopped moving, except for the occasional twitch. Blood poured over the ground, pooling in a small crack on the floor of the cave. Several Digletts began to surface near the corpse, nibbling on the carcass, tearing off flesh in small strips.

"Jesus Christ Eric.", began Jane. "Did you have to kill that thing?"

"Hey, fucked up shit like talking dinosaurs don't exist.", started Eric. "We got some mass hallucination happening here, but that corpse on the ground over there doesn't exist, because the thing it used to be didn't exist. It's just that simple."

"I guess.", said Jane, extremely boggled by the situation.

"And when we get back to Viridian City, I'M HAVING A C.A.T. SCAN!", shouted Eric. "AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!" ***

"Ok man. Your starting to scare me.", said Jane, backing off.

"Well, you saw the same shit.", said Eric. "Something messed with our mind."

"Let's just try to forget this ever happened.", said Jane, starting off down the cave.

"Yeah, that's probably best.", finished Eric following her, stepping out of Agumon's puddle of blood.

For the next two hours, neither of them said a word. When they began to wander towards the end of the cave, which was slightly more complicated than they had first thought, they began to relax from what had happened.

"Ok, I think I'm better here.", said Eric. "I haven't seen any more messed up things wandering around."

"Neither have I.", said Jane. "That's probably a good thing."

"Definitely falling under my definition of 'good thing'", finished Eric.

Soon after, they reached the end of the tunnel, emerging near some houses that were hidden from the main road. Deciding to knock on a door to find out if they were in the right city, a man in a lab coat answered the door.

"Do you know Professor Pine?", asked the man.

"Uhh, kinda.", answered Eric quickly.

"Good.", said the man. "I'm Professor Pine's aide. If you have captured at least fifteen different Pokemon, you are entitled to get the 'flash' HM."

"Umm, ok then.", said Eric. "Sure... I think I've got fifteen.", not being sure how many he had at the time. He remembered capturing some random Pokemon, but wasn't keeping a firm count going.

"Give me your pokedex.", said the man quickly.

"Bah... couldn't they have named it a catalogue or something?", said Eric, handing over the pokedex.

"Nah, then they would have named it a 'pokelogue' or something.", said Jane humorously.

The man scanned over the pokedex and looked at Eric.

"Sorry, you're a couple short.", said the man.

"Aww fuck.", said Eric. "Jane... gimme a couple of your pokeballs."

"Uh, sure.", said Jane, handing Eric all of her pokeballs.

Eric scanned each of her pokeballs over the pokedex, which made a 'beep' sound every time he passed a new Pokemon over it.

"There.", said Eric, giving his pokedex back to the man. "Ya happy?"

He scanned over Eric's pokedex once again, and handed it back.

"Ok, you're good now.", said Professor Pine's aide, handing Eric a box-like electrical gizmo with wires stringing across it with his pokedex.

"What the hell is this?", asked Eric. ****

"It's the HM flash.", answered the man, beginning to close his door.

"Wait, wait.", said Eric, jamming his foot in the door. "What town are we in?"

"Huh? Oh, Viridian.", said the man, kicking out Eric's foot and slamming the door.

"That was polite.", said Eric sarcastically.

"Well, we did knock on his door without knowing him.", answered Jane.

"Remind me to kick him in the ass later.", said Eric, walking towards the general noise that accompanies a town.

After several minutes of walking, Eric got his Nidoran to cut their way into town and they wandered over to the pokecenter. Looking at the clock on the wall, they noticed that it was already suppertime.

"So... where do we go next?", Eric asked the person at the counter.

"It depends... do you have the HM flash, or are you just starting out?", said the person.

"We got da flash.", said Eric.

"In that case, you'll want to head way back to Vermilion, then wander back to Cerulean, and then East again to the rock tunnel.", said the person.

"WHAT THE FUCK?", shouted Eric. "We had to go back to this town for a fucking HM, and then you send us back halfway across the world???"

"Shout to Professor Pine's aide.", said the person. "He used to live in Cerulean, but moved here about three months ago."

"God damnit that annoying.", said Eric angrily. "Fuck, we might as well stay here for the night. It's gonna be a long day tomorrow."

The attendant gave them each a room key and they wandered upstairs. After dropping off their things, they ate a supper. During this, each one rambled on about how they were screwed into walking an extra twenty miles or so, one way. Eventually, they headed to sleep for the night, preparing themselves for the long walk to come.

* : Note that I am right now bashing Digimon, Pokemon's shitty brother. You can probably see my feelings for the show right about here.

** : Have you figured out yet how I feel about this show?

*** : A C.A.T. scan examines your brain for... abnormalities.

**** : Noone's ever described what an HM or TM look like, so here it is.

Is Eric's brain alright? Did the fight with Bill mess up his brain in ways we can only imagine? Will they meet up with Team Ricochet again? Why does Digimon have such a stupid, useless plot? Why can't they have anything ending without 'mon'? Has Eric gone insane much like Jane? Will Eric kill Bill? Why am I asking so many questions at the end of this chapter? Will I ever stop? Is it due to the fact that it's currently 5:00 am where I am?

Answers to, well... several of these in the coming chapters.


ps: This chapter was mainly to skim past some time in the game, as well as show some happy gore to appease whatever fans I may actually have.

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