Pokemon Fight Back

Despite the fact that noone has screamed 'more... more... MORE' yet, I will still write the next chapter. Of course, it might be kind of hard to scream that, seeing as chapter 24 hasn't been posted on the net as of writing this. Nonetheless, noone has screamed such a phrase after chapter 23. Not that I mind that much, but it makes for something to read. The best part is, once this 'Pokemon Fight Back' is complete, I'm already planning on a Metroid fanfic. That's right. You can't go wrong with a hot chick blasting Metroids. Oh yes... Uhh, getting back to THIS fanfic, here's the next chapter.

Chapter 25: The Memory Remains

Jane awoke this morning easily. Last night had provided her with unusual dreams for some reason. Not that she minded that ropes were involved in various ways, but it was unusual nonetheless, and interrupted her usual black, dreamless night. Sliding out of bed, she got dressed and headed to the main floor. Upon arriving that the main floor, she noted that the sun was fairly bright already. Glancing at her watch, she realized that the time was already 11:00.

"Damn.", said Jane to herself. "I've GOTTA be rested after that."

Sitting at a random table, she heard the unmistakable sound of Eric falling out of bed from the general direction of his room, followed by his voice yelling 'Damn bedpost!' Minutes later, Eric wandered towards her table.

"Sounds like you woke up happy as usual.", said Jane.

"Clipped my head on the damn bed.", said Eric. "Teach me not to try and roll out of bed. That post threw my landing all off."

"I'll bet.", said Jane. "You ready to waste some gym?"

"Food first.", said Eric.

At that, Eric ordered his usual pancakes slathered in syrup, while Jane ordered a large salad.

"What the hell kinda breakfast is that?", asked Eric.

"It's called a cheap one.", replied Jane.

"And you need money for...", asked Eric.

"Money is good to have around. Keep in mind your ultraballs.", replied Jane

"Oh yeah, THOSE damn things.", pondered Eric. "That, and those stat-increasing things."

"Yeah, whatever.", said Jane, going back to her salad.

After finishing breakfast, they started to wander around the island, since they didn't bother to look around last time they were there. To their surprise, there appeared to be Pokemon Lab nearby.

"DAMN!", said Eric. "I forgot about this place."

"Me too.", said Jane. "Isn't this the place that turns those fossil things into living Pokemon."

"I think so.", said Eric, turning around. "I crammed mine into the computer a long time ago."

"Me too.", said Jane. "Let's suck those babies outta that computer and make us some Pokemon."

After a quick jog, they returned to the pokecenter, where Eric withdrew his helix-shaped fossil and Jane her round, smooth one. Jogging back, they ran inside and had no clue what to do at that point. Wandering around the rooms, they found many people who wanted to trade random Pokemon. Passing on all counts (what with them working so hard on the ones they have now), they eventually found the right room. After giving the fossils to the professor in charge, they headed back out to kill time while they were resurrected.

"So...", began Jane. "Whaddya wanna do?"

"Silly girl", said Eric. "There's a gym to be wasted."

"I had to ask.", said Jane. "Fine, let's waste this gym."

"A wasting we will go... a wasting we will go...", hummed Eric as they walked towards the gym. As Eric grabbed the handle and pushed inward, he slammed into the door, with Jane walking into the back of him.

"Ouch.", said Jane. "Why'd you stop?"

"You say ouch?", said Eric. "I got sandwiched between a door and a fast-moving object"

"Me being the object?", asked Jane.

"Never mind.", said Eric. "The damn thing's got a big-assed padlock on it."

"Who would lock a gym?", wondered Jane.

Suddenly, an old man approached from behind.

"ACK!", said Jane, not noticing him approach. "What do you want?"

"I just come to tell you kids why this place is locked.", said the old man.

"Why's that?", asked Eric.

"Because the leader inside got tired of pesky brats running around in there.", said the old man, who then pointed towards a large structure. "He hid the key in that big building over there"

"Oh great.", said Eric. "Just what we need. How's he get out though?"

"He has a hatch on the roof, or something like that.", replied the old man. "One of his Pokemon can jump through it with him on it's back. He likes the quiet in there or something." *

"That's gotta suck.", said Jane. "There anything in that building?"

"It's dangerous in there.", said the old man."

"Nuts to danger.", said Eric, walking towards the building.

At that, Eric and Jane wandered over to the large building. Wandering inside, they noticed several Koffings floating around, eyeing them suspiciously.

"Well, time for a mess of annoying battles.", said Jane.

"Not today.", said Eric, pulling out Florin's pokeball. Releasing him, he gave the orders.

"Florin. If anything comes near us, whip it as hard as you can with them vines of yours.", said Eric.

"Ven.", said Florin, immediately unraveling his vines. Seconds later, a Koffing neared them, but Florin whipped its side before it got too close. Yelping in pain, it took off. The others seemed to keep their distance after that. **

"Sweet.", said Eric. "Now to find our way around here."

After MUCH searching, and finding several looters, of whom Jane threatened with torture unless they coughed up their loot, they came across several sheets of paper. These several sheets made mention of an extremely rare Pokemon that lived in the forests. Apparently someone tried to clone it, but fucked up big time. Not paying much mind, they continued their search. Several hours later, a very pissed of Eric and a pissed off, yet richer, Jane left the building with a mess of tired Pokemon, and one miserable key. ***

"QUAKE!", shouted Eric, truly pissed off. "Kick a hole in that wall!"

"NID!", shouted Quake, also pissed of at the confusion caused by the switches in that building. Kicking several times, he knocked several large holes in the wall. Stampede decided to join in and bashed the front doors in with his head. After causing as much mindless destruction as they could, they headed back to the pokecenter to heal up a bit. After healing, they returned to the gym. Unlocking the door, Eric burst in.


"You'll have to get by me first before you get to Blaine.", said one of the trainers.

"Fuck that.", said Eric, kicking the trainer in the groin.

"AGH", stammered the trainer, dropping into a fetal position. "Why..."

"Because... that's why.", said Eric, stepping on the trainer's wrist, hearing a slight cracking sound under his foot.

"OUCH!", shouted the trainer. "You fucking FREAK!"

"I'm too pissed off to play games.", said Eric, kicking the back of the man's elbow with his other foot as hard as he could. The elbow bent sharply to the side, causing a sickening snapping sound. Some whitish bone protruded through the skin slightly above the elbow.

"ARRGGHHH!", shouted the man, obviously in extreme pain.

"Crab up.", said Eric, stomping on the trainer's throat with his foot. The throat caved inwards, and the screaming sound turned into a slight squeaking noise.

"I SAID ENOUGH!", shouted Eric again, stomping harder this time. The force of Eric's stomp burst the man's neck at the side. Blood squirted out to the side several feet through the jugular vein. The blood spurted several more times before beginning to squirt less and less far with each pump of the trainer's heart. Blood now not only pooled around the man's elbow, but around his neck, and in a long puddle about five feet to the left of the man's neck as well. Stepping over the puddle inbetween squirts, Eric wandered inwards. Jane merely hung back for now, thinking that it might not be that smart to get between Eric and the gym leader at this time. She was content just watching at a distance.

"Who the fuck is next?", mumbled Eric, walking forwards. Several trainers ran for the door, but Jane had blocked off their escape. Seeing her guard the door, they walked over alongside a wall. One trainer however, decided to give Eric a go.

"Get out of the way.", said Eric, not slowing down.

"Not likely.", said the trainer, standing in a position known well in the art of kung fu.

"I said get out.", said Eric, pulling a pokeball from his backpack and releasing it. Upon opening, a still angered Stampede emerged (and you don't want to see an angered Tauros. Not a pretty picture). Snorting loudly, Stampede thundered towards the trainer. The trainer dodged to the side and faced Eric again.

"That the best you got?", said the trainer, tensing up.

"No... but that is.", said Eric.

"Wha...", started the trainer. However, before he could continue, Stampede smashed his head into the trainer's back. Flying forwards like a ragdoll, the trainer slammed into a wall some ten feet away. Falling back to the ground, the trainer was left nearly unconscious.

"My legs.", said the trainer. "My God, I can't feel my legs."

Eric walked over to him. "This hurt?", said Eric, stepping on the trainer's knee, hearing the kneecap snap in half.

"N...no.", stammered the trainer. "I can't feel anything."

"Really?", said Eric, perking up. "Then you won't mind if Stampede gets his protein for the day?" ****

"Oh God no.", said the trainer, watching as Stampede walked over and dipped his head towards the trainer's legs. "Oh GOD NO!", he screamed.

Covering his eyes with his hands, the trainer could feel nothing except the occasional tug away from the wall, felt only by the skin at his torso pulling tight. All he could hear was a crunching sound, followed by gulping sounds, and the sound of something wet splashing onto concrete. Several moments later, he began to feel lightheaded. Opening his eyes, he saw the Tauros look up at him, and go back to biting into the other leg. He saw as Stampede's teeth shattered his femur, while strips of tendon hung from his jaws. As Stampede pulled back and ripped that tendon in half, the trainer could feel the same pulling on his skin that he had felt with his eyes covered. Instantly vomiting from the sight, he tried to scream, but was so lost in shock and lack of blood, he couldn't make a sound.

"That's enough boy.", said Eric, calling back Stampede. "You've had your fill for the day."

The trainer only gasped, and tried to drag what was left of his body away. However, he only got a few feet before his hands slipped in the blood that had streamed towards the wall. His face falling to the floor, he did not get back up.

Eric then turned to face Blaine, who was now feeling more scared than usual. Not only was a complete psychopath running amok in his gym, but his accomplice had been guarding the only exit. Why the fuck did he get a gym with such solid doors and walls. And why the hell didn't he put windows in this place? Moments later, Eric approached Blaine.

"You will give me your badge.", said Eric simply.

"Your damn right I will.", said Blaine, tossing Eric the badge. "Take the TM too.", finished Blaine, tossing Eric the TM Fire Blast as well. Eric pocketed them and pointed towards the corner where Jane had rounded up the rest of the trainers.

"Go there.", said Eric.

"That's where I'm going alright.", replied Blaine, jogging over to the group. Upon arriving, he whispered to the trainers 'alright guys. This guy's a psycho, so just do what he says, and we should get out of this'.

"We can't let this get out.", said Eric. "Good thing I have the only key to this place."

"So what the fuck are you going to do?", asked Jane.

"Glad you asked.", said Eric. "Everyone, cough up your pokeballs."

"Man, you're as bad as Team Ricochet.", said Jane.

"I don't want to keep them.", said Eric, gathering them one by one. After gathering them all, he once again released Stampede. Placing them all on the ground carefully, so they don't open, Eric turned to Stampede.

"Think your stomp can take care of these?", asked Eric.

"TAUR!", shouted Stampede, crushing the first one into dust. He then proceeded to crush the rest of them one by one, leaving all of the trainers with no Pokemon. Pulling open the door to leave, Eric recalled Stampede and turned back to the group.

"Pretty thick doors you got here.", said Eric. "Almost a foot thick. And the walls are more."

"We liked it quiet.", said Blaine.

"Well, now you can have the rest of your eternity in peaceful quiet.", started Eric. "Although I doubt it will be peaceful."

Walking out with Jane, Eric slammed the door shut. Slapping the padlock back onto the door, Eric proceeded to lock it and break the key off in the lock. He was sure that right before he closed it, several of them ran up to the door and began to pound on it. Right now, he heard nothing. They wanted silence, let's see how quiet it is feasting on eachother.

"Well... that was more unusual than not.", said Jane.

"Why the bloody HELL would he put the key in that god-forsaken place?", asked Eric, shaking his head.

"Ease up man.", said Jane. "Let's go rest in the pokecenter for the rest of the day. Maybe we can even get our resurrected Pokemon back."

"OH YEAH!", said Eric, instantly perking up. "I forgot about that."

Grabbing their bikes from beside the gym, they headed back to the lab. The Pokemon were still not ready yet, so they decided to chill in the pokecenter for the rest of the day. However, while they were defeating the gym, Kris had taken a turn for the worse.

"I CAN STILL SEE THEM!!!", screamed Kris, thrashing around in the bed that Professor Pine had laid him on. "I CAN STILL SEE THE BLOOD!"

"Take it easy Kris.", said Professor Pine soothingly. "I'll see if I can't get something to put you to sleep better."

Walking outside, he suddenly realized that his wife had headed out to Viridian City for the day. Sighing, he headed over to Eric's mother's house. So many things on his mind, and Kris was simply getting worse. Knocking on the door, Professor Pine found that there was no answer. Turning the doorknob, he noticed that it was unlocked. Walking inside, he called out for Eric's mother. With no answer, he shrugged his shoulders and headed back to the lab. Upon returning, he didn't hear Kris screaming any more. Thinking that he had finally gone back to sleep, Professor Pine closed the door to his room and headed to bed himself. If he had looked inside however, he would have found the window inside that room broken. Not only that, but he would have found a long, straight cut along Kris' right hand, followed by a jagged chunk of glass protruding from his neck. As the blood began to soak into the carpeting, several Ratatta smelled the fresh kill and crawled in through the broken window. Slowly, they began to pick at Kris' flesh and drink the blood on the carpet.

After Professor Pine left the house of Eric's mother, a head peeked out from around the corner of the kitchen. Sighing a breath of relief, Bill walked up and locked the door. Walking back, he looked at the kitchen sink, where Eric's mother was bent forward over it, her head submerged in the water. Bill had drowned her last night, and had not bothered to move the body. He wanted Eric to walk into the house with her left like that. Her skin was wrinkled beyond belief from the water, and her skin was a deep blue, and cold to the touch. Bill already had the perfect place to ambush Eric from. He need only wait. Eric would return soon. At that point, he would exact his revenge. *****

* : Well how else would it work, huh? Answer me.

** : It would only make sense that it would work this way. If a cat sees another cat get kicked, the first cat will stay away (not that I've ever kicked a cat. I like cats. However, I have witnessed this occur).

*** : MAN, I hated doing this place. So... many... Koffings. And why do they mention Mew if you can't catch him anyway, huh?

**** : Well, he took the bait in the Safari Zone. This is just some different bait of the same quality.

***** : Bet THAT was unexpected, huh? And I didn't even plan that until I started that paragraph.

Will Eric find his mother? Will Professor Pine find Kris? Will Bill kill Eric? Where is Team Ricochet's territory anyway? Why are Jubejube's greasy? Will Professor Pine tell the police NOW? Will Bill kill Professor Pine?

Answers to... actually... virtually all of them in the coming chapters.


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