Pokemon Fight Back

Well, another two days off of work have arrived... it's late, I'm kinda tired, and the fucking alternator on my car decided to die today. As you can probably assume, these particular pieces of equipment aren't that cheap. Therefore, you can safely assume that I'm pissed. And I repaired that damn thing three months and 10 days ago (for $150). Guess how long the warrantee is? Wait... what's that... that's right... three fucking months. To top it off, I have a car payment coming up to boot. Nonetheless, right now I'm in the mood to vent some of this anger on either one of two things. Number one is write this. Number two is shoot some animals of some sort with the .308. Since it's currently night, I'm stuck with the former. So, to rid you of this abnormally long intro, on with the chapter.

Chapter 26: Banished

Evening was starting to arrive. Eric and Jane had sat the entire day inside of the pokecenter. They had checked back at the lab several times, but had found that it was not yet completed. After a while of waiting, they decided to walk around the island for a while. Glancing every so often at the gym, they continued to see no movement from that area. Upon wandering to the east side of the island, they began to wade into the waters. At this point, a young child ran up to them.

"STOP!", shouted the kid.

"AH!", shouted Eric, almost falling in. "What the hell do you want?"

"There's monsters in that water.", said the kid, obviously scared.

"It's called a Tentacool.", said Eric. "Just don't step on one and you'll be fine."

"Unless he's talking about the Tentacruel.", said Jane. "Those things are pretty big."

"No!", said the kid, interrupting. "It's a big, blurry-looking, flat Pokemon known to destroy people merely by looking at it."

"You're thinking of Medusa.", said Eric. "Number one, that's mythical, number two, it's not big, number three, it's not blurry, and number four, it's not flat."

"Fine, be that way.", said the kid, walking away. "I hope you get eaten alive."

"Don't make us drown you.", shouted Jane as the kid walked around a corner.

"Well, that was unexpected.", said Eric. "What the hell is blurry, big, flat, and eats people?"

"Hmm...", thought Jane. "The closest I can think of is some form of massive Jellyfish, which died and drifted near shore, flattening out upon getting to shallow water, and it'll still sting if you touch it."

"Possibly.", said Eric. "But nonetheless, I'm going back to check on the lab. 'I'll only be half an hour' they said. Yeah right."

Upon returning to the lab, the Scientist had completed one of the Pokemon, and was working on the other. As they walked up to see which had been finished, they saw what appeared to be a really big snail sliding across the tabletop. Its shell was indeed helix-like, and Eric naturally assumed it was his.

"SWEET!", shouted Eric. "I've got me a giant snail!"

"That's unusual looking.", said Jane. "The question is... what can it do?"

"Let's find out.", said Eric enthusiastically, pointing the Omanyte towards a nearby chair. "Attack that thing."

"Oman.", said the Omanyte as it squirted a stream of water at the chair, getting it fairly wet, but doing no other real damage.

"... what the hell was that?", said Eric. "I could do more damage by pissing on that chair."

"Here's the other one.", said the Scientist, interjecting. The scientist then placed a flat shell, about two feet long, on the table.

"Aw damn.", said Jane. "I think mine didn't make it."

"Kabuto?", said the Kabuto, pushing its small claw-like legs out from it's shell and walked towards Jane.

"Niiiiiice.", said Jane, petting the Kabuto. "Let's see what this thing can do. Go after that chair against the wall."

"Kab!", said the Kabuto, skittering over to the chair (a fairly quick skitter I might add). It suddenly retracted it's feet slightly, then lunged upwards towards the chair. As it flew at the chair, it scratched all of its feet across the seat, tearing the vinyl covering.

"Damn.", said Jane. "Wasn't expecting that to happen."

"What did you expect?", asked Eric.

"I expected it to squirt water or something too.", said Jane. "However, I have a feeling that he'll be doing a lot more when he evolves. If he can scratch like that now, imagine what he'll do when he gets bigger."

"True, true.", said Eric. "You gonna name him?"

"Damn straight.", said Jane, picking up the pokeball. "Let's name you... Blargg."

"Blargg!?!", said Eric in astonishment. "What the fuck is a 'Blargg'?"

"What the hell is a Florin?", replied Jane. "Besides... look at him for God sake! Does he not look like a Blargg?" *

"Damnit...", said Eric. "That's about the only word to describe something like that that attacks like that."

"Kabu.", said Blargg, looking up in approval.

"You naming yours?", asked Jane.

"Nah, not right now.", said Eric. "If I find out this guy is capable of some serious damage, I'll rename him something suitable for the attack."

"Like 'dampness' or 'mild annoyance'", said Jane, laughing.

"Good point.", said Eric. "You know what, I'm gonna cram some surf into this thing."

"Nice call.", said Jane, watching Eric retrieve Omanyte. Eric then followed up by pulling out his HM surf and clamping it onto Omanyte's pokeball. The pokeball glowed briefly, and the HM popped off of the side."

"Done and done.", said Eric, dropping the HM back into his bag.

"I'll assume that you like the turnout.", said the scientist.

"Well, thanks Mr. Scientist-like guy.", said Eric, walking out.

"No problem.", said the scientist, watching them leave.

As they began to walk to the pokecenter, they looked at the sun hanging low in the sky.

"Well, I'm thinking we take off tomorrow.", said Eric. "I'd think those damned Tentacool come out more in the night than the day, and I don't want to deal with that."

"Good point.", said Jane, stepping into the pokecenter.

As they walked in, one of Professor Pine's aides was standing in there waiting for them.

"You've come back at last.", said the aide.

"Yeah, what's up?", said Eric.

"I've come with a word from Professor Pine.", started the aide. "He said that he directly blames you for what happened to Kris."

"This sounds bad.", said Jane.

"Secondly...", said the aide. "He has no way of proving that you have actually done what Kris claims you have done. For that reason, and that reason alone, he had decided not to call the police. However, Professor Pine had decreed that you are no longer allowed to enter the town of Pallet. If you do so, the local authorities will be alerted to remove you from the town."

"That's definitely not good.", said Eric. "What about me?"

"Professor Pine thought long and hard about your situation.", said the aide. "However, seeing that you have not yet gone to the local authorities, knowing what you must already know about Jane, so you must therefore be banished as well, under suspicion that you are not safe to have around town."

"Oh, that's super.", said Eric. "Where the fuck am I supposed to go?"

"Anywhere but Pallet town.", said the aide, leaving the building.

Eric and Jane stood motionless for a moment, trying to figure out what just happened.

"Now what the fuck do we do here.", said Jane.

"I'll tell you what we do.", said Eric. "We're going to sleep now, we're going to wake up at about 2:00 in the morning, and then we're going into Pallet town."

"What if we're caught?", asked Jane

"HEY!", shouted Eric. "I didn't fucking deserve this rap, and since I've got it, I damn well plan to earn it."

"Don't wanna know.", said Jane. "But if it gets us past Pallet town towards the last gym, whatever works."

With that, they headed to their rooms, and set their alarms for about 1:30 am. After a short night's sleep, they woke up and headed out. Taking the handlebars and pedals off of their bikes, they tied up their items into a flatish package. Eric pulled out his Omanyte and released next to the water's edge. Tying the package of bike parts and their backpacks to the underside of Omanyte, Eric waded in and grabbed hold of Omanyte's shell. As Jane began to pull out Tsunami, Eric motioned her not to. He then whispered quietly to Jane 'we have to keep as small and unnoticed as possible. That guy's too big'. As Omanyte swam out several yards, Eric once again grabbed hold of his shell. Jane then grabbed hold around Eric's shoulders. As Omanyte pulled them out to sea, only their heads bobbed above the water. The sea was surprisingly calm, and luckily for them, Omanyte was a very silent swimmer. Their motion was nearly undetectable.

"Damnit I'm cold.", grumbled Jane quietly.

"Tough.", whispered Eric back. "I didn't come this far to have to turn around and completely bypass Pallet town."

About half an hour later, a somewhat tired Omanyte pulled his way onto the shoreline of Pallet town. Nothing could be seen or heard. Putting their bikes quickly back together, Eric recalled Omanyte and stepped over to Jane.

"You go through town and wait for me in Viridian.", said Eric. "I'll be along in a bit."

"Should I ask what you're doing?", asked Jane.

"You don't ask what I'm doing, and I don't ask what you did to Kris.", replied Eric.

"Fair enough.", said Jane, silently biking north. Turning back one more time to see what Eric was doing, all she saw was Eric heading into some nearby bushes to temporarily hide his belongings. Biking north again, she could only wonder what he had planned. She arrived at Viridian without incident, and waited for Eric's return at the pokecenter.

As Jane pedaled off, Eric walked over to a nearby bush and slid his bike underneath it. Looking around, Eric quickly spotted Professor Pine's lab. Walking up to it, he turned the doorknob, only find that it was locked. Walking away, he spotted Professor Pine's house. Stepping next to it, he released Omanyte and quietly gave him the orders. Eric then picked up Omanyte and turned the doorknob. The door silently swung open. Stepping inside, Eric closed the door part-way. Eric had been in this house before, and walked up to the room on the left. Opening the door, he found Professor Pine's daughter sleeping peacefully inside. Silently walking in, he stepped up to the bedside. Placing his hands mere inches above her throat, she suddenly rolled over in her sleep. Eric's hands darted away from her, and he nearly fell backwards. Catching his balance, Eric once again held his hands near her throat. Without hesitating, he suddenly grasped her neck and pushed his thumbs as hard as he could against her larynx. The daughter's eyes instantly widened in terror, her mouth opened in an attempt to scream. Eric could feel the air trying to escape through her larynx. He followed this feeling by pressing even harder against her throat. At this point, she began to thrash around in the bed. Eric quickly hopped onto the bed, pinning her arms and legs down under the covers underneath his weight. After about 30 seconds of violent struggling, her throes became slower and weaker. Eric merely stared into her eyes, smiling evilly as he watched the life drain from her body. Another 30 seconds later, it was all over. Professor Pine's daughter lay unmoving in her bed. Eric decided to hold his grip for another minute or so, just to make sure that the job had been completed.

Stepping off of the bed silently, he once again picked up Omanyte and repeated his orders very quietly. Stepping over to Professor Pine's room, Eric opened the door about a foot and set Omanyte down. At that point, Eric stepped behind the wall out of sight of anything in the room and crossed his fingers.

Omanyte slid into the room, knowing that Eric wanted him to remain silent. He then looked upwards, seeing the edge of the bed above him. Suctioning onto the corner post, he began to climb to the top of the bedpost. Upon looking down on the bed, he saw two people. Omanyte distinctly remembered his master Eric pointing out which person he wanted to leave alone. Turning towards the female in the bed, Omanyte took note of her exact position and dropped to the ground. He then slithered several feet away and squirted a small bit of water onto where the female's head laid. As he sat and waited for anything to happen, the creature suddenly moved from its position on the bed. It sat up a bit and tried to wipe the water off of its face. It then looked around and spotted him. At this point, the person smiled warmly and began to quietly slide out of bed.

Mrs. Pine woke up abruptly to the feel of something wet on her head. Opening her eyes, she put her had to her face. Yup, it was indeed wet. Sitting up a bit, she began to wipe the water out of her eyes. Looking around the room, she quickly spotted the Omanyte sitting on the ground, seeming to be watching her. She smiled, realizing that it was only a Pokemon. Her husband had brought many, MANY Pokemon into the house, and she was used to seeing strange Pokemon wandering the house at night. She slid quietly out of bed, not wanting to wake Eugene. ** As she slid out of bed, she quietly picked up Omanyte and stepped out of the room, preparing to put the little guy outside. She didn't exactly know how it got inside, but with the strange things that Eugene had told her Pokemon were capable of, she wasn't very surprised. As she stepped down the hall, she saw through the darkness what appeared to be something straight zip past her vision. Moments later, she found that she couldn't breath, and was pulled backwards and onto the ground. ***

After releasing Omanyte, Eric had ducked behind the wall. He sat there for several minutes, wondering what was happening. Suddenly, he heard the bed creak, and the sounds of footsteps coming towards the door. Eric pulled from his backpack the drawstring that was around the top of the bag. Wrapping it around each hand, he had about two feet of slack hanging inbetween. Leaning against the wall as best he could, the footsteps seemed to stop in the room for a moment, then begin again towards the door. He had specifically told Omanyte to squirt water on the person with long hair, on the near side of the bed. Knowing that Professor Pine's wife must be quite used to Pokemon, he hoped that this strange-looking Pokemon wouldn't scare her. But this was all he could really use. He wanted a completely silent Pokemon that wouldn't do much. He had instructed specifically for Omanyte to use water gun and NOT surf. Now as the steps neared the door, he knew that his plan had seemed to worked. He could only hope that Omanyte had picked the correct person. As he saw a figure walk from the door, he saw that this person had long hair and a nightgown. Unless Professor Pine was hiding something, this was what he wanted. He quietly stepped behind Mrs. Pine after letting her get a little bit down the hallway. At this, he swung the rope over her head and around her neck. Pulling it as tight as he humanly could, he dragged her backwards, pulling her to the ground and at the same time wrapping the rope about her neck twice over. At this point, Mrs. Pine was in too much shock to really do much. Several minutes later, She completely stopped moving as well.

At this point, Eric dragged her corpse into the daughter's room and pulled her onto the bed as well, unwrapping his rope. Eric then pulled a small knife from his backpack and slit down both of their stomachs. Tilting them forward, he spilled their insides onto the floor in a massive tangled mess. As Eric now finished his display by slitting their throats, and finally slicing their heads completely off of their bodies, he heard a quiet sucking sound from the other side of the bed. Looking quickly, he saw nothing. Looking closer to the bottom of the bed, he saw that Omanyte had slid over and was now slowly devouring the insides that were laid on the floor.

'Damn that guy's quiet', thought Eric as he placed the heads side-by-side atop the mound of guts lying on the floor. At this point, he recalled Omanyte and stepped out of the room, closing he door behind him. Silently leaving the house, he closed that door as well and smiled at a job well done. He only wishes he could see Professor Pine's face when he wakes up in the morning. He wanted to ban Eric from town? He would now have to live with the consequences.

At this point, he pulled out his house key and walked over to his house. He figured he might as well retrieve all of his belongings if he were to be banished anyway. Opening the door quietly, he stepped inside. Strangely, the house smelled like old meat... or something like that. Looking around, he noticed what would appear to be the figure of a fully-grown person bent over into the kitchen sink. Stepping in, he saw some slight movement from the corner of his eye. Turning his head, he saw he unmistakable body of Bill, rolling over in his sleep, lying against the wall in the corner of the kitchen. Looking back towards the sink, he now recognized the clothing in this corpse to be his mother's. Rage seethed into Eric, but he did not scream. After what Eric had seen travelling with Jane, this sight was nothing compared to the Saffron City guard. But the fact remained... Bill had murdered his mother. Yet Eric could do nothing about this. If Eric tried to go near Bill, and Bill woke up, that would probably cause enough noise to wake up the rest of the town. At this point, Eric could not afford that to happen. He could only wait until he met Bill again to settle this matter. Walking over to the counter, he got a piece of scrap paper and a pen.

'Bill. You know who this is. Go to Indigo Plateau to finish this matter.', wrote Eric on the paper. At this, Eric propped the paper up against the wall opposite to Bill. At that, he stepped out and returned to his bike. Heading north of town, he eventually arrived in Viridian. The time was now 3:30 am. Eric supposed he should get some sleep soon. Entering the pokecenter, Jane awoke from her light sleep and looked up.

"What happened?", asked Jane.

"Nothing.", said Eric. "And remember the deal? You don't ask, I don't ask."
"Oh, right, right.", said Jane, rubbing her eyes. "What's the next plan of action?"

"Tomorrow, we take the gym.", said Eric. "Then we go to Indigo Plateau. I have to meet someone there soon."

"Who's that?", asked Jane.

"Our old friend Bill.", replied Eric. "In a couple hours, he's going to be damn pissed off that his plan didn't work, so he'll probably be in Indigo Plateau long before us."

"Why will he go there?", asked Jane.

"Because I saw him and left him a note.", replied Eric.

"YOU SAW HIM!?!", asked Jane in astonishment. "What happened there?"

"Nothing. That's why I'm meeting him at Indigo.", said Eric. "And what the heck did you do during this time?"

"I've been training Blargg.", said Jane. "Got him up to level 28 already. I tells ya, those Ratattas try to attack him, he hardly feels it. I went through tons of the damn things."

"Sounds good.", said Eric. "He learn anything new?"

"Nah, not yet.", said Jane. "But I did some checking up, and this thing's supposed to evolve into a massive guy with scythes for hands"

"Damn.", said Eric. "Can't go wrong with that."

"Yeah.", said Jane. "But that may be a while, and right about now, I need sleep again."

"Me too.", said Eric. "It's been tiring doing... nothing... all night."

"I'll bet.", said Jane, walking upstairs. "See you in the morning."

"Yeah... night.", replied Eric, walking towards another room.

* : I likes that name. He was my favorite enemy in Super Mario Land. And you look at the picture of that thing... doesn't that name just seem to fit somehow? Hey... at least be glad I didn't name him Kabutroid like I did in my game at home. That would just have looked bad here.

** : Remember? That's his name.

*** : DAMN, I like the way this story seems to be switching from one person's perspective to another's.

Has Eric gone completely insane? Will Eric kill Jane? Will Bill kill Eric? Will Team Ricochet hear of this latest slaying? Will Team Ricochet hear of the new, rare Pokemon? If you project a beam of light the same wavelength of sunlight, but half a wavelength off, will you project darkness? Will Omanyte develop a love of devouring the insides of people? Will Blargg turn against Jane?

Answers to much of these in the coming chapters... I'm thinking about 2 more of them right about now... possibly 3 tops. At that point, I'll move onto the Metroid fanfic. In either case, I'll continue to work on my darkness projector, and in the meantime keep writing when I have time.


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