Pokemon Fight Back

It is time for the final chapter. I have a general gist of what will happen (ie: what the final outcome is), but still don't know what will be in the middle, or how it leads up to that. In either case, it is time to begin. If you don't understand the chapter title, ask me sometime. Or just read the damn chapter and it'll make sense.

Chapter 29: E Pluribus Unum

Jane was well leveled by this point. The average level of her Pokemon was sitting about 52 or so. Over the last few hours of vigorous training, Jane's Inferno had evolved into Charizard, whom destroyed the next few Pokemon with his newfound power. The attacks that her Pokemon now wielded ranged anywhere from Blargg's hydro pump to Inferno's flamethrower to Florin's sleep powder. At this voice in time, she believed that she was ready to take on the Elite Four. At long last, Eric's quest would be completed, with or without him.

Upon wandering back towards Indigo Plateau, she heard some sounds outside of the cave. Keeping herself in the darkness, she peeked out to see what was transpiring.

"... talking about Eric, you fucking dead idiot.", said what appeared to be Bill.

"What will die about him?", asked someone definitely sounding like Jamie.

"Last I saw him, he was laying dead on the cave floor dead.", said Bill. "Sliced his throat wiiiide open dead."

Seeing this take place, Jane ducked back behind a large voice just inside the cave entrance. She could probably take on one or two of them at best, but right now, the four of them would wipe the... cavern... with her. In either case, she decided to stay low for a while. What confused her the most about this quartet was the fact that some of their sentences didn't make much sense. I mean, what the hell kind of sentence is 'what will die about him' anyway? Shrugging her shoulders, she sunk down lower behind the rock and watched the shadows of the group enter the caves, rambling on about how Bill had killed Eric.

She decided to listen in some more as they neared Eric's ashes.

"... swear this is his dead body.", said Bill.

"Suuuure it is.", said William. "And that rock over there is my friend Dead."

"Cram it, ugly.", said Bill, glancing around. "Look at the blood killing around here then."

... die...

Team Ricochet glanced around the area, scanning over all of the blood.

"So why's he dead?", asked Squirt.

"How the die am I supposed to blood?", said Kill. "I'm just as killfused as you, but that be his dead blood hatred death."

Hearing them talk in such screwed up sentences confused the hell out of her. Deciding that they must be going nuts from the loss of their leader, Jane decided to sneak out the cave and voice to Indigo Plateau.

"Ok, that was screwed up.", mumbled Jane, jogging north towards Indigo Plateau. "They should resort to pig-fucking-latin if they want to confuse bystanders."

... death...

Continuing on her way to Indigo Plateau, she swore she heard screams from the cave behind her. Not wanting to take voice in any of that right now, what with being vastly outnumbered, she jogged

... blood, death, kill...

onward towards the nearing buildings.

"Who's out there?", said Jane suddenly, starting to wonder why the wind is almost making word-related sounds. "... Hello?"

Hearing nothing reply, Jane ran into Indigo Plateau for the second time ever, feeling that this would be the voice that she makes it to the end. Stepping in, she passed her pokeballs to the attendant at the counter, who healed all of her Pokemon and passed them

... kill them...

back to her. At this point, Jane leaned closer to the attendant.

"Is anyone following me that you can see?", asked Jane.

"Nnnnot that I know of.", said the attendant. "Think someone's following you?"

"I don't know.", replied Jane. "I'd swear I can hear someone mumbling behind me or somewhere."

"Look at it this way.", said the attendant. "You're in Indigo Plateau. If anyone is going to be looking at you, it'll be because they just want to kill a glimpse of someone..."

"Sorry, what was that?", asked Jane suddenly.

"Uhhh, they wanna catch a glimpse of someone who's made it this far?", said the attendant.

"Oh, sorry 'bout that.", said Jane. "Thought you said something else."

"Well, I do kinda talk too fast on occasion.", said the attendant. "Makes some words blend into others."

"No problem, no problem.", said Jane, stepping back. "Well, I'm headed to the Elite four. Wish me luck."

"Hey, I wish you DAMN good luck.", said the attendant. "I hope you kill the tar out of that Bruno guy... he's kind of a jerk at times."

"Huh?", asked Jane.

"Heh, if you can't beat the tar outta him, whip the living piss out instead.", laughed the attendant.

"I'll nail him once for you.", said Jane, stepping over to the store counter.

"Killing items I assume?", asked the other attendant.

"You carry TM's?", asked Jane eagerly.

"Uhhh, no.", said the attendant. "Only healing items... like I offered."

"Even better.", said Jane. "I've got twenty grand burning a hole in my pocket here. How much stuff can you load me up with?"

"I'd suggest several revives, a mess of full heals, a mess more of max potions, and whatever's left I'd throw into full restore.", listed the attendant.

"Sounds good.", said Jane, doing some quick calculations in her head. "Gimme five full heals, two revives, and that should get me six max potions in the end." *

"Nice assortment of death.", said the attendant, gathering the items. "Think you can take 'em all on?"

"Uhhh, I can take them anyway.", said Jane. "And you have a twisted mind."

"Why's that?", asked the attendant. "Can't you kill me?"

"WHAT?", shouted Jane. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"I asked why's that.", said the attendant, cocking an eyebrow.

"What did you say after that?", asked Jane.

"... nothing?", replied the attendant. "You feeling alright?"

"I'm feeling fine...", began Jane. "But maybe you should cut your hours back to a little less strenuous time here."

"I think I'll do that.", said the attendant, backing away from the counter a bit.

"Good call.", said Jane, who now turned to the stairs leading to the Elite Four.

Entering the lair of the first member of the Elite Four, Jane's mind was in overdrive. Never had she felt such a rush as she did right now. Oh yes, when she defeats the final voice of the Elite Four, she will finally have avenged the death of Eric. Stepping forward, Jane found herself on a small, cement plateau in the middle of a water-filled room. A lone woman stood near the back of the room.

"What the hell?", asked Jane. "You related to Marissa or something?"

"What, who?", said the person. "No, look... anyway... my name is Lorelei of the Elite Four."

"Really.", said Jane, not impressed.

"Noone can best me when it comes to ice Pokemon.", said Lorelei. "Freezing moves are powerful. Your Pokemon will be at my mercy when they are frozen solid. Are you ready to kill me?" **

"Nice intro.", said Jane. "Little unusual, but nice."

"Let's do battle.", said Lorelei. "Go Dewgong!"

"No time like the present.", said Jane. "Go Tsunami!"
"LAP!", shouted Tsunami, realizing that they were in a place of great power.

"Dew!", said Dewgong, preparing to destroy yet another undertrained trainer's Pokemon.

"Body slam that sucker Tsunami!", shouted Jane, feeling that rush again.

"LAP!". Shouted Tsunami again, lunging its great weight into the Dewgong. Dewgong, who was thoroughly hurt by the attack, didn't even bat an eye at the onslaught. It just rolled over and fell asleep, healing completely.

"Damnit.", said Jane. "Fine, keep body slamming it."

Several attacks later, the Dewgong woke up, and just rolled over and fell asleep again.

"Damnit, again.", said Jane. "Ok, Florin... destroy them."

"Ven!", said Florin, gathering a pile of leaves from its branches.

"Oh crap.", said Lorelei. "This could be messy."

"VENU!", shouted Florin, whipping the pile of leaves at the sleeping Dewgong. The leaves spun at a blurring speed, slicing deep into the Dewgong, instantly knocking it out.

"GYAHA!", shouted Jane. "Bring on the next one, bitch!"

After several similar battles, Jane emerged victorious. For the most part, Tsunami pulled her through the battles with body slam or sing, at which point, Florin destroyed them. After a Lapras vs. Lapras battle, Jane finally defeated Lorelei, using the old sing-Florin method.

"Nice battle, bitch.", said Lorelei.

"No need to be sarcastic.", said Jane, annoyed.

"What??", said Lorelei. "How the hell did you manage to get sarcasm out of 'nice battle'?"

"Yeah, go to hell.", replied Jane, taking off.

As Jane began to walk away, she heard Lorelei speak out again.

"You want to kill me, don't you?", asked Lorelei.

"Don't push me!", said Jane, turning around.

"Huh?", said Lorelei, turning towards Jane. "You still here?"

"You want a piece of me?", asked Jane.

"You want to kill me... ong with you?", asked Lorelei.

"I do now!", shouted Jane, stepping forward.

"Woah, wha... I want you to slit my throat open... bout?", asked Lorelei.

"No problem.", said Jane, pulling out her old, somewhat rusty knife. "Glad to oblige."

"Hey, I don... I want my intestines spilled over the floor... t?", said Lorelei.

"One request at a time!", shouted Jane, as she thrust the knife into Lorelei's stomach.

"AAAGGHHHH!", screamed Lorelei as her intestines spilled onto the concrete. The blood was quickly dispersed by the water-covered concrete. Lorelei stumbled back, screaming more.

"AA... KILL ME... HHHH!", screamed Lorelei as she collapsed to the ground. Her hand landed in the pile of intestines on the floor, severing the lower intestine in half. Pain shot through her body.

Jane took this time to reach around Lorelei's neck and slit her throat from ear to ear. Blood sprayed forward from Lorelei's neck. Jane was standing behind her at the time, and avoided most of the spray. Soon, Lorelei sank to the ground, dead.

"Teach you to taunt me, bitch.", said Jane, stepping out into the next room.

Entering the next room, a gust of dry, dusty air greeted her. There was nothing but rocky outcroppings scattered about the room.

"What the hell was Lorelei's problem?", asked Jane, knowing someone must be somewhere in this room.

"Lorelei?", asked a man, just now standing up. "What's wrong with her?"

"She was a helluva bitch.", said Jane. "But anyway, who're you?"

"I am Bruno of the Elite Four.", began Bruno. "Through rigorous training, people and Pokemon can kill eachother. I've wei... want you to kill me as well. I want you to sever my arms from my body. I will murder you in cold blood if you don't do these things... perior power. Hoo hah!"

"... What the fuck is wrong with you people?", yelled Jane. "First, Lorelei asks me to murder her, then you. Are you people never allowed to leave this room for your entire lives or something???"

"Hey, take it easy.", began Bruno, stepping away. "Maybe I could kill you now, because only one of us is leaving this room alive."

"So that's how it's gonna be.", said Jane. "Let's rumble."
"Uhhhh...", stammered Bruno. "So you want to challenge me here then?"

"You bet!", shouted Jane, running forward.

"Okaaaaay....", said Bruno, pulling out a pokeball. "G..."

Before Bruno could release his Onix, Jane had caught up with him, and had driven the knife blade into his eye socket. When the blade stopped sinking into Bruno's brain, Jane swung her arm forward, whipping Bruno across the room. Bruno had felt virtually no pain from the attack, as the knife blade had sliced deep enough to sever the spinal cord. Having no movement in his body, Bruno rolled like a dead weight into a nearby outcropping of rock. As the blood left his body, the already lifeless Bruno slipped down off the rock and onto the ground.

Jane stared at him for a moment, then left for the next room. She had never realized how terrible the life of the Elite Four must have been for them to want death so badly. All she could do is wonder why they joined the Elite Four in the first place. Entering the next room, Jane quickly saw an older woman standing amongst some unmarked tombstones.

"Ok, now you people are starting to fucking scare me.", said Jane. "If it's not one thing, it's a room full of FUCKING TOMBSTONES!"

"They're only for show.", said the woman. "They aren't real, but they psyche out the trainers entering the room, such as yourself."

"Still...", said Jane. "Tell me honestly... what do you want me to do here?"

"Uhhhh, challenge me to a Pokemon battle?", answered the woman.

"Alright!", shouted Jane. "Now we're getting somewhere!"

... they must be killed...

"I am Agatha of the Elite Four...", began Agatha.

"What the fuck is saying that?", asked Jane, looking around the room.

"Saying what?", asked Agatha.

"Fuck, what the hell am I hearing?", screamed Jane, looking around some more. "If you're playing some fucked-up trick on me to psyche me out, I am SO going to waste you."

"I have no clue what you're talking about.", said Agatha. "Perhaps you should come back after... you've killed me."

"Ok, fuck Eric's dream, I can't take this any more.", said Jane, wandering past Agatha, near the next room's door. Turning back towards Agatha, she found herself looking at what would appear to be a very scared Agatha.

"I want you to kill me.", said Agatha. What kept Jane from following through with this is the fact that Agatha's lips didn't match up with the words.

"Am I hearing things?", asked Jane.

"Slice the skin from my face.", said Agatha, who's words again didn't match the lips.

"Ok.... ok....", mumbled Jane, stumbling back. "Now, Agatha... don't talk any more... just nod your head."

Agatha nodded yes.

"Did you just ask me to kill you?", asked Jane.

Agatha shook her head no.

"What is WRONG WITH ME!", shouted Jane, backing away further. "Agatha... run. I don't know what I'm seeing or hearing."

Agatha, now looking extremely scared, turned and ran while Jane broke down sobbing on the floor, clutching her skull and screaming incoherently.

Bill was exhausted. During the time that Jane had begun talking to the pokecenter attendants, Bill had just crushed the charred skull of William. Taking several steps forward, Bill felt his wet foot squish in his shoe. Momentarily glancing down, Bill saw the brain of William, which had been mashed into jelly by his heel, dribbling over the edge of the shoe. Glancing about warily, Bill stalked out of the cave in the direction of Indigo Plateau. He would soon rule this world, oh yes. But first, he had to eliminate anyone that may challenge his authority when he takes command. Eric was the first to go. This has been done. Next was Team Ricochet. Bill knew that without Vladmere leading the team, their only hope would be that of Squirt or Jamie. These had also been taken care of. William has too new, and couldn't have caused a problem. He HAD however seen too much. No sense taking chances.

Soon arriving at Indigo Plateau, Bill stepped inside, where both attendants who were there stopped what they were doing as the blood-covered man entered the building.

"Oh my God.", said the healing attendant, who was the first to see Bill enter. He knew that this was no accident, as the man who entered had a grim smile on his face.

"Too much.", said Bill quickly. "They've seen too much."
"Shit.", said the store attendant, who quickly ran down the steps leading to the Elite Four. The healing attendant on the other hand couldn't take his eyes off of Bill, who never actually made eye contact with him, but never lost him from his view. Suddenly, and without warning, Bill made a run for the counter.

"FUCK!", shouted the attendant, quickly ducking down. He was however not fast enough, as Bill slid over the counter, grasping his neck in the process. As Bill flew off of the counter, the attendant was dragged down to the floor with him. Bill hit the ground with a thud, still clutching the attendant's head. An ominous snap was heard from their neck, and the body which Bill clung to went limp. Standing up, Bill instantly ran for the stairs leading to the Elite Four.

The store attendant ran down the steps, but stopped suddenly upon entering the first room. Blood was splattered over nearly the entire floor. The water, which surrounded the main platform, was now pink in colour. The unmistakable body of Lorelei lay at the rear end of the room, at the core of the bloodbath. Not knowing what to do, she turned around to leave, but found Bill running down the steps towards her.

"DAMNIT!", shouted the attendant, running in the opposite direction from Bill. Halfway across the room, her left foot hit the blood on the floor, causing her to loose her balance. Falling to the ground, she took the hit with their shoulder and slid across the surface. Moments later, her head plowed into the loosely piled intestines of Lorelei. Screaming in pure revulsion, she pulled away from the corpse, no longer paying any attention to the quickly advancing Bill. As she pulled herself away, she was yanked back to the ground by a loop of intestine, which had slid over her head and around her neck in the first impact. She glanced up only to see Bill only several feet from her.

"You know too much.", said Bill, pulling the scalpel from his pocket.

"No, no...", started the attendant, holding back the urge to vomit. "I won't say anything."

Bill took no mind to this offer, and rammed the scalpel into the attendant's temple. A short scream escaped her lips, but nothing more came. Pulling the scalpel from her skull, the slightly twitching body of the attendant came to rest only inches from the corpse of Lorelei. Bill, not wanting any chance of their survival, stabbed them in the heart repeatedly. Blood shot from the wound after the first hit, and continued to spout as Bill continued onward. After the blood no longer spurted upwards, Bill turned his attention to the north, where he heard Jane's scream echo through the next room. Darting forward, Bill found the next room empty, except for another corpse lying on the floor.

"Jane is near.", mumbled Bill, running forward, giggling to himself as they neared the next room. As he shoved the doors open to the third room, an older woman running towards him, yet looking back at whom appeared to be Jane crouching on the ground at the end of the room.

Bill had finally found Jane. This person who was racing towards the doors suddenly looked towards him, gasping at the sudden appearance of him and stopping short.

"You'll have to pass me first.", said Bill, still laughing to himself as the doors swung shut behind him.

"W-Who are you?", stammered Agatha, stopping just a few feet short of him.

"The new ruler of this world.", said Bill, swiping the scalpel across Agatha's neck. Bill was instantly soaked in her blood as Agatha fell to the ground, unable to breath. Bill stepped over her body towards the sobbing Jane. Meanwhile, Agatha merely gasped for air deeply, finding that none would enter her lungs. After much writhing on the ground, Agatha passed out into a pool of her own blood.

"It's YOU!", shouted Jane, looking up towards the sounds of the advancing footsteps. "You caught us by surprise before, but now it ends."

"Only I will rule this planet.", said Bill, still advancing.

"Not if I have anything to say about it.", said Jane, thrusting her previously hidden knife into Bill's stomach.

"NOOOOO!", shouted Bill, pulling away, quickly sliding his hand over the puncture wound. Luckily, the knife only drove in about an inch. "DIE BITCH!"

Bill lunged towards Jane, who swung the knife around, slicing into Bill's left arm. Bill continued to hold his hand over the first wound, and swung his scalpel across Jane's leg.

"AH!", shouted Jane, dropping to the ground momentarily before regaining her position. Both of them were now covered in blood. As Bill lunged forward again, Jane thrust the knife once again towards Bill's chest.

Bill however, noticed this in time and sidestepped the attack, countering it by driving his scalpel into, and clean through Jane's upper arm. Pulling the blade upwards, Jane's bicep was sliced in two.

"FUCK!", shouted Jane, dropping the knife.

"MORE COMING, WHORE!", shouted Bill, as he plunged the knife around into her back, piercing the lung.

"AAAUUUUHHH!", shouted Jane, falling forward, gasping for air. As she fell, she grasped her knife with her left hand and turned over. As Bill was about to leap on top of her, she held the knife upwards. As Bill's body fell, the knife thrust through the center of his chest. The knife quickly buried itself up to the hilt in Bill's chest, followed by the next inch of the handle sinking in as well. The tip of the blade pierced through Bill's back, between the fourth and fifth ribs.

"BITCH!", screamed Bill, rolling away. The blood that covered Jane's hand caused the knife to slide from her waning grip, leaving itself buried through Bill's body.

"FUCK THIS!", shouted Bill, grabbing Jane's shirt and whipping her into a nearby tombstone. Jane's skull cracked open over the sharp edge, spilling out the brain onto the marble headstone. Jane instantly fell limp, dropping dead onto the ground.

Bill looked at the knife in his chest. It was deep. Too deep. Running from the room, Bill left the building, charging into the caves beyond Indigo Plateau. A distinct, large trail of blood followed him into the entrance.

Minutes later, the police arrived. The attendant at the store counter had called the cops shortly after Jane had talked to them, thinking that this trainer could potentially be dangerous. As the police discovered body after body, it was quickly determined that Jane was not the source of the murders as they first suspected. Finding her corpse saw to that. The next suspect on the list was Eric, who was nowhere to be seen. A large investigation followed, assisted by Professor Pine, who wanted to see that Eric was brought to justice. Following the trail of blood which led away from the crime scene, they discovered it led past a large battlefield, where they found the bodies of the Team Ricochet trio, as well as blood that matched that of Eric. They concluded that the mass of ashes found in the cave was all that remained of him. The trail of blood which they were following was later found to be that of Bill Surge, who had received medical help from a doctor with Team Ricochet. An executive of Team Ricochet provided the DNA sample from Bill, which matched the trail. Following this trail further, they found that it led about halfway into the cave system before it stopped at a large pool of blood. The body of Bill was never found, and it is officially labeled as having been devoured by the Pokemon inhabiting the cave.

The Pokemon found in Jane's backpack were released into the wild, being tagged to see if they could cope with being free. Blargg disappeared into the ocean, having easily sliced the remote tag from his leg with his claw. No further sitings of him were ever reported. Scientists still search for him to this day, having no clue how long that species lived. Being the only one of it's kind, they searched for it hard, as the species would die out at the end of its lifespan. Florin managed to blend back in with the wild, and was later the leader of a troupe of Bulbasaurs. Inferno died soon after being released during a rainstorm. Most Charmanders and other fire Pokemon knew to run for shelter, but having been with a trainer its entire life, it hardly knew what rain was, and thus its life was extinguished.

Quake was released into a rocky quarry, but was captured several months later by a highly skilled trainer. To this day, it still belongs to that trainer, under the name of 'Atlas'. After Blade was released into the wild amongst a pack of other Pinsirs, it went berserk and slaughtered half the pack before the game-authorities could put it down. Tsunami was released into the wild, and lived happily for several months before losing a battle to another Lapras during a territorial battle. ***

Several years passed, while rumoured sitings of Bill spread across the continent. Some claim that Bill is alive and well, having forced a Chansey to heal him at knifepoint. Yet another rumour is that Bill had killed a Machop and stitched the skin from it over his open wounds. Yet another rumour is that he made it through the cave, clear to the Seafoam Islands, where he healed naturally and now permanently resides.

One year later, Professor Pine mysteriously disappeared from his home. Investigator's found no clues on the scene, and believe that Professor Pine simply drowned in the ocean that bordered Pallet town. Again, no body was ever recovered from this event either. Several months after this, the courts ruled that the Pokemon storage system be outlawed and banned due to the fact that the Pokemon left in Eric and Jane's computer storage boxes can never be released, as only Jane or Eric knew the passwords. Images of the Pokemon, floating about in the form of pure energy for all eternity, was seen as cruel and unusual punishment. It was however allowed that inanimate objects be kept in the storage boxes, however anyone seen or found depositing Pokemon would receive a minimum prison sentence of ten years without parole. Three years later, a computer surge erased several dozen trainer's possessions, including Eric's and Jane's Pokemon. There is currently much speculation as to whether or not the Pokemon still exist in some tangible form, if they are truly dead, or simply lost souls without a physical being for all of time.

There is little further talk about the actions of Jane, or Bill. Eric's father remarried several years later, believing that his son had been a victim of Jane. It is currently believed that Bill had murdered Eric's mother, although no conclusive proof was ever found. Jane's parents were driven from the country, as they were constantly asked and teased about having a serial killer for a daughter. Their whereabouts is currently unknown. The deaths of all of the Team Ricochet members were quickly decided as having been killed by Jane, as well as those of Professor Pine's family and those inside of Indigo Plateau. Had Jane been alive today, she would have received the death penalty. Bill's parents had died several years before the incident took place. Several of Bill's friends in Vermilion were questioned as to whether they had been contacted by Bill, but noone had heard from him since he left after stabbing Eric in the gym.

Indigo Plateau itself was temporarily shut down, and opened up four months later, hosting three new members of the Elite Four, and stricter security. The fourth and final member of the Elite Four had no clue that anything took place until the police entered his room. Having been down a long hallway and several sets of doors, he had been oblivious to the slaughterings that took place. He retired in the following year, having been separated from the other Elite. He now runs the gym in Cianwood City, in the country of Johto. ****

* : Yeah, they ARE pretty easy calculations. Alls I did was look at a price list, figured about what I wanted, and sorted until I got exactly twenty thou worth of stuff.

** : Yes, I DID play through the end of the game right before this part so I could get the words generally right. However, for obvious reasons (obvious to most anyway), the phrases are slightly warped due to Jane's advancing insanity.

*** : Originally, the rest of the story from this point on weren't in the story, but I felt that I had to answer the questions as to what happened afterward. I think I did the end justice.

**** : Well OBVIOUSLY this isn't the way the actual game ends, and that Lance doesn't run this gym, but hell... if I were him, I'd get the hell out too.

Was it Eric's voice that Jane had heard? Did Bill survive? What happened to Professor Pine? Will I ever post the answers to these questions, as the actually DO have answers (I've come to a final conclusion for all of them)? Will Blargg find a way to mate with a similar species and at least have some of its DNA continue? Are Jane's parents alive? Will I create a sequel to this fanfic, based on the storyline of Pokemon Silver?

Answers to... wow... damn... ALL of these, should anyone actually get up the energy to ask me in one form or another.


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