Pokemon Fight Back

Well, I've sat long enough. Yeah, I'm sure noone even reads this any more, or failing that, virtually noone (thus far, I believe that the one known as "Keleri" is the only person that has, in the past 12 or so chapters, acknowledged that this fanfic exists). Irregardless, I continue on, at whatever pace I go at, purely because I want to finish. Hell, even I don't know exactly how this is going to end. Alls I know is that I'll be picturing it in my head whilst writing it, and I'll write what the pictures do (as I always do). Sure, life has been pretty good lately, hence why it's been quite some time since the last chapter. However, the little problems have been building up a hell of a force to be reckoned with lately, and it's time to let the little buggers go nuts.

Therefore, it is time for you to read (some people at work might actually be reading this entire thing soon... and trust me... it's best if you read it from the start and go all the way through. After this long, you've by now forgotten the details of the first 3/4 of the fanfic.)

Damn this is a long intro. Ok, fuck this, it's time to write:

Chapter 28: Carnage

Eric woke up at about 4:00 am, shivering uncontrollably. The temperature was still warm outside, and Inferno was putting out a fair amount of heat as well, but he just felt so... cold. Upon putting his hand down to help him up, he heard a slight splash, followed by feeling a wet hand. Getting up, he looked at his hand, which was now painted red. * Taking a step forward, he felt that the entire left side of him was wet as well. Looking down, through the glow of Inferno's tail, a large puddle of blood was pooled underneath where he had slept. It hadn't gotten far however, and Omanyte hungrily, yet quietly, slurped up the blood under Eric. Stepping closer to Inferno, Eric began to warm up a bit as he moved around more. Stripping naked, Eric whipped his clothes outside the entrance of the cave into a patch of bushes, out of sight. Clenching his arm over the wound, Eric walked back through the darkness and grabbed his backpack. The wound itself was bleeding significantly less, which was a great relief to Eric.

Stepping out of the cave again, Eric walked over to the ponds of water which they had swam through getting to the caves. Upon stepping in, the cold water instantly sent jolts of pain up Eric's side as water began to lick against the open wound. Covering the wound as best he could, Eric stepped further in, washing the blood from his body. Quake stood nearby, chasing off any Pokemon that were attracted to the blood. After about twenty excruciating minutes of cleaning, Eric stepped out and dried himself off with an old shirt. Balling up the old shirt, Eric wrapped it around his waist, compressing the bulk of it onto the wound. Getting dressed completely, Eric stumbled back to the caves to sit beside Inferno until Jane awoke.

Several hours later, Jane awoke to see a half-asleep Eric, leaning against Inferno, who was waving his tail over Eric to spread the warmth more fully over him.

"Interesting.", whispered Jane to herself. "Why the hell didn't I think of that?"

"Huh, whazzat?", mumbled Eric, coming out of his light doze.

"Just thinking of how smart it was to use Inferno to stay warm.", said Jane.

"Yeah...", said Eric, patting Inferno on the side. "Thanks Inferno ol' buddy."

"Char.", said Inferno, feeling that he was very appreciated at that time.

"Ready to take off?", asked Jane.

"Just a minute.", said Eric, turning to the side and glancing at his shirt. To his pleasure, it was still clean. The wound had been temporarily stopped. Pretending to check his backpack to cover for his turning around, Eric turned back and put the backpack on. "Shall we?"

"Indeed.", said Jane, gathering her stuff. "... Hey Eric..."

"Yeah?", asked Eric curiously.

"Can I see your pokedex?", asked Jane.

"... Why?", asked Eric, more curiously.

"You've seen a helluva lot more Pokemon than I have.", began Jane. "I'm thinking that while we're walking, I could look at some of the data on the Pokemon I've never seen before."

"I suppose.", said Eric, pulling out the pokedex. "But you know my policy."

"What's that?", asked Jane.

"'Pretty to look at, pretty to hold, but if you break it, I'll see to it that you never walk again!", answered Eric.

"I seem to remember that quote as being a bit different...", said Jane.

"Yeah, well maybe I don't WANNA sell it.", said Eric, passing the pokedex over.

"Can't I just pay for it or something?", said Jane, taking the pokedex.

"You will pay for it.", laughed Eric. "By having your legs broken... then I'll steal your money... then I'll leave you for dead."

"... and a happy new year...", sung Jane sarcastically. "Yeah, yeah, I won't even scratch your damn pokedex."
"Ok, this joke's dead.", said Eric. "Into the cavernous caverns!"

"Aye, aye!", replied Jane, following him.

After gathering their Pokemon, the duo walked on for an hour or so, wandering through the caves. Early in their wanderings, they came upon several large boulders. Upon teaching the "strength" ability to a Geodude that Jane had caught on a spur of the moment, he easily shoved aside the large rocks. Several more hours passed. During this time, Jane had managed to level Blargg several more times, after which he finally evolved into the majestic Kabutops. For obvious reasons, Jane was ecstatic as the evolution took place.

For the next half-hour, Jane specifically looked for fights to pick with other Pokemon, just to see what Blargg was capable of. To her enjoyment, Blargg was capable of mowing down opponents with his scythe-like hands. ** After several more battles, Blargg was fairly worn down, and Jane decided to put him away for the time being. After another ten minutes of wandering (during which Jane noticed Eric getting winded again), they neared the exit. Upon seeing a glimmer of light in the distance, they knew they had found their way out.

Wandering onward, Jane heard a slight shuffle to her left. Out of the dark darted a human-like shape.

"YOU'RE MINE!", screamed Bill, lunging towards Eric with the scalpel that he had kept from Team Ricochet. Eric, not prepared for this, took the attack full-on. The scalpel sliced deep into Eric's neck. Blood flew from his Jugular vein and arced across the room, splattering over Bill's arm in the process.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGG!!!", screamed Eric, dropping to the floor. Having lost nearly half his blood overnight, it took only a few seconds for Eric to drop to the floor unconscious. His oxygen-starved brain began to malfunction, shutting down his major organs, and finally his heart. The attack from start to finish took only thirty seconds, but what was done was done. Bill had turned around to take another swipe at Eric, but upon seeing him crumpled on the ground, turned and ran out of the cave, while a small trickle of blood running off of his arm followed him.

Jane merely stood there as the blood from Eric's body lapped against her shoes. Staring in disbelief, Jane stood motionless for several minutes. Her look of shock slowly turned to one of rage. Rage that she had never felt before. Not even when she swore a vengeance against team Ricochet. Jane realized what she had to do before she even took another step. Walking over to Eric, Jane removed all of his gym badges, as well as his backpack. Hefting his backpack over her other shoulder, she dug into her own. Taking Inferno from her backpack, she silently released him.

"Char?", said Inferno, tapping at Eric's side, trying to wake him up.

"Burn him.", said Jane.

"Char.", said Inferno, blasting a massive amount of heat onto the body. Moments later, all that was left was ash. *** He had never disobeyed a direct order from Jane yet, and he wasn't planning on starting to now. Upon recalling Inferno, Jane headed out again.

"... isn't over, it isn't over, it isn't over....", mumbled Jane over and over.

Jane repeated this phrase over and over for the next half-hour, at which time she finally exited the caves. Upon stepping into the light, she stopped mumbling and looked up at the sky. It was mainly clear, but there were a few voices covering the sun. More clouds were over near the horizon, and it looked as though rain were coming. Walking forward, Jane saw a sign that pointed the direction of Indigo Plateau to the north. Turning to the north, Jane saw a large building in the distance. Taking a needed breath of fresh air, she headed towards Indigo Plateau.

Several minutes later, Jane arrived. At this point, she decided to do inventory of everything that she had in her backpack. The packs were getting heavy, and she wanted to lighten them as much as possible. To do this, she sat at a table in the corner and dumped the entire contents of the backpacks onto it.

She decided to split the load into several piles. Pile one would be the empty pokeballs and Pokemon. Voice two would be the TM's and HM's. Finally, pile three would be the rest of the items. Several minutes later, she had sorted through the mess. Keeping all of the major healing items out, such as full heal, revive, and the like, she deposited the rest into the computer. As for the large assortment of clothes on the table, Jane threw out anything of Eric's. Problem solved.

Next were the attacks. Seeing as there were many TM's available to her, she decided it easiest to deposit all of these as well.

Finally came the Pokemon. Sorting these by type, she decided to keep Florin, Blargg, Quake, Inferno, Blade and Tsunami out. Anything that she wished to catch could just be sent to the computer. Dumping all of the empty pokeballs into her backpack (which was quite a few now), she deposited the rest of the Pokemon (who weren't very well leveled anyway... that damn Pikachu basically did nothing, and neither did the Pidgey), and hefted her backpack back on and stood. She hadn't fought many a battle, and figured she would need more practice with regular voices if she planned to take on Indigo Plateau. Healing her Pokemon at the counter, she headed back to the caves.

Stepping past the pile of ashes that remained of Eric, Jane didn't take a second voice and continued on, scanning the darkness for movement. Seeing something move in the ........ corner, Jane wandered upon a Machoke, happily eating some vegetation.

"GO BLARGG!", shouted Jane. "Waste that bastard!"

"Choke?", said the Machoke, looking up startled.

"Kabu!", shouted the now released Blargg, instantly taking a swipe at the Machoke, severing his arm.

"MACHOKE!", shouted the Machoke, instantly turning and trying to run away.

"Kab.", said Blargg, hooking his claw around Machoke's neck and yanking back quickly. With a quick 'snnk' sound, Machoke's head fell to the floor. Blood spurted upwards from Machoke's neck. Moments later, the body collapsed to the ground, knocking the head to the side in the process.

"I see you've been learning from the other Pokemon.", said Jane.

"Kabu.", said Blargg, whipping the blood from his claw.

"Ok.", began Jane. "Next time, less blood, more battering"

"Kabuto.", said Blargg in comprehension.

For the next several hours, Jane continued to battle and level her various Pokemon. In the meantime however, Team Ricochet had wandered out the exit of the cave, far from where Jane was now.

"Damn, that's a screwed up cave.", said Squirt.

"Why's that?", asked Jamie.

"I'd swear it smelled like bacon or something.", said Squirt.

"Rumour has it that Moltres lives in there though.", said Jamie. "If that thing is burning crap all over the place, that'd explain a helluva lot."

"True, true.", said Squirt. "But what if..."

"Shut the hell up already!", said William.

"What's wrong?", asked Jamie.

"You two haven't shut the fuck up since we started out yesterday!", replied William. "For the love of God, you piss me off."

"You're in a good mood.", said Squirt.

"Fuck, maybe I'm still outta it.", said William. "Hearing of Vladmere's death kinda hit me pretty hard. Hell, seeing his body gave me the willies."

"Heh.", said Squirt. "That's kinda funny."

"What is?", asked William.

"The willies.", said Squirt. "... and you're William."

"Shut the fuck up.", said William. "The last thing I need is to realize that I'm making shitty puns without trying." ****

"HOLD IT!", shouted someone from the side.

"I know that voice.", said Squirt. "BILL!"

"That's right asshole.", said Bill, stepping out of the bushes.

"It's time to die.", said Jamie, reaching into her backpack for a pokeball.

"Not so fast.", said Bill calmly. "I know something you don't know."

"What's that?", asked William.

"It's about an old friend of yours.", replied Eric.

"Vladmere?", said Squirt.

"NO!", shouted Bill. "I was being sarcastic about the friend part!"

"... Jerry?", said Squirt, recalling old memories.

"God you're stupid.", said Bill. "I'm talking about Eric, you fucking idiot."

"What about him?", asked Jamie.

"Last I saw him, he was laying dead on the cave floor.", said Bill. "Sliced his throat wiiiide open."

"You lie.", said William. "We just came outta that cave."

"Fine, I'll show you.", said Bill, stepping into the cave.

Several minutes of searching later, Bill came upon the pile of ashes.

"Damnit, I swear this is him.", said Bill.

"Suuuure it is.", said William. "And that rock over there is my friend Ted."

"Cram it, ugly.", said Bill, glancing around. "Look at the blood around here then."

Glancing around, the trio found themselves realizing that this very well may be the final resting place of Eric.

"So why's he burned?", asked Squirt.

"How the fuck am I supposed to know?", said Bill. "I'm just as confused as you, but that be his blood."

"The pile of ash DOES look very human-like.", said Jamie. "So assuming this is true, why'd you tell us?"

"Because I want you to join me.", said Bill. "We can form a gang of bloodthirsty murderers."

"I didn't murder anyone.", said Jamie.

"You tried to.", said Bill. "And together, we will OWN this continent through brutality and fear!"

"Damn, I'm with you man!", said William, stepping beside Bill.

"WHAT?", shouted Jamie. "You'd turn away from Team Ricochet?!?"
"Look...", said William. "Team Ricochet is dead. Without Vladmere's brains, that 'team' is going to completely die within the next few years."

"TRAITOR!", shouted Jamie, tears rolling down her eyes. "How can you betray us?"

"Should I assume you're not with us?", asked Bill.

"I'd never join with you freaks. Ever.", said Jamie.

Bill and William glanced at eachother.

"William?", asked Bill.

"Let's do it.", replied William, stepping back towards Jamie.

"Y-you mean you're coming back?", sniffed Jamie.

"Yeah...", said William. "For THIS!"

At that, William gouged his index and middle fingers into Jamie's left eye socket. The warm blood spurted between his fingers, soaking his shirt.

"AAAGGGGGGGG!!", shouted Jamie, pulling away from William.

William, unfamiliar with these kinds of attacks, pulled back as well, expecting Jamie to fall to the ground or something. To his surprise, Jamie, amidst the shock that she was now feeling, had managed to pull a pokeball from her backpack. Blood was running down her face out from where her eye once rested, dripping onto the ground below.

"YOU FUCKING DIE NOW!", shouted Jane. "Go Poliwrath! Rip his arms off!"

"Poli!", said Poliwrath, emerging from his pokeball.

"When mules fly!", said William, pulling out the pokeball previously belonging to Joseph. "Magmar... destroy!" *****

"Magma!", shouted Magmar, instantly blasting flame directly at the Poliwrath.

"This is fucked up.", said Squirt, amidst his watching the battle unfold. "I'm getting the fuck outta here."

"Not yet, you're not.", said Bill, running up and kicking Squirt directly into a bush. Squirt, being small and light, got caught up in the branches, which were painfully poking through the arm and leg holes in his shell. Struggling further only made the pain worse. At this, Bill turned back to the fight already in progress. The Magmar had blasted fire at the Poliwrath, but did little to no damage. However, the water that Poliwrath had sprayed onto Magmar had dropped him to the ground in pain. At this, the Poliwrath began to repeatedly douse Magmar with water until the flame was completely extinguished. Magmar now lay dead on the ground, smoldering.

"YOU'RE FUCKING NEXT!", shouted Jamie, looking at William. "POLIWRATH, TEAR HIS THROAT OUT!"

"POLI!", shouted Poliwrath, lunging towards the defenseless William.

At this point, Bill was now standing several feet to the side of Poliwrath. Bringing his scalpel up once more, he swung his arm forward and buried the blade deep into Poliwrath's skull.

"POL!", shouted Poliwrath as he suddenly stopped, no longer able to feel his legs. Dropping to the ground, Bill jumped on top of him and swirled the scalpel around in his skull, stirring his brain about randomly. Moments later, Poliwrath simply lay still, his brain thoroughly pithed. Bill, now getting quite covered in blood, not only from Eric, but now from Poliwrath, stood up.

"Now it's your turn.", Bill. "William, will you assist me?"

"Can do.", said William, who had now run behind Jamie. Quickly putting Jamie into a full nelson, William shoved forwards, causing Jane to plunge to the ground with William holding her down.

"NO!", shouted Jamie, not being entirely sure of what was happening. Having no ability to see depth, Jamie didn't know what was coming towards her or when.

"Oh yes.", said Bill, stepping forwards. "Now it is time to reinvent your world as that of living pain."

"YOU CAN'T DO THIS!", shouted Jamie, struggling under Williams weight. However, the blood loss had taken its toll on her, and she was weakening greatly.

Bill kneeled down in front of her, lifting her face off the ground. Her remaining eye was trained on his.

"Such a pretty face.", said Bill. "Too bad you have to die."

"NO!", shouted Jamie. "I'll join you! I promise!"

William just shook his head, still holding Jamie still.

"This will hurt you more than it will hurt me.", said Bill. "Don't worry, once I'm done, your mother will CRY when she sees what I've done to you!"

"Oh God no.", said Jamie, already feeling light-headed.

"Don't go passing out on me yet.", said Bill, slicing off her top eyelid. Thin rivulets of blood streamed overtop the eye.

"AHHHH!", shouted Jamie, now seeing everything around her in a pinkish hue.

"GYAHAHAHAHA!", shouted Bill, getting more into his mutilation. At this, he ran the blade up beside Jane's eyeball and carved around it, finally prying the scalpel back, popping the eye out of Jamie's socket. At this, Bill ripped the optical nerve running to the back of the eye off and rammed it down Jamie's throat to shut her up. Instantly, Jamie began to choke as her own eyeball got lodged in her esophagus. Bill decided to end her life by slowly severing her head. Blood streamed out of the initial slit, slathering over Bill's hand. Moments later, blood began to spray out, soaking both Bill and William at the same time. Several deep slices later, Jamie's head rolled to the side, both empty eye sockets staring emptily towards the sun.

Both standing up, Bill now turned his attention to Squirt, who was still struggling in the bushes.

"What do you want to do with him?", asked Bill.

"I'm hungry, how about you?", replied William.

"I like the way you think.", said Bill. "What to do."

"FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I'LL KILL YOU ALL!", shouted Squirt, suddenly struggling harder, despite the pain.

"Get some wood.", said William. "It be stew time."

Several minutes later, Bill had gathered a large supply of dry wood from the nearby trees. William had in the meantime ran to the pokecenter after changing clothes and brought back a large pot he had borrowed from the kitchen area. Filling it with water, William now propped it up over the flame that was currently burning away. William then stuffed his old, bloody shirt into Squirt's mouth, to stop the incessant yelling.

"Remove the rag.", said Bill.

"What, why?", asked William.

"I want to hear him scream when he hits the water.", replied Bill.

"Mmphh...", said Squirt, as William yanked the shirt from his mouth. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!"

"Oh, yes we can!", said Bill, testing the water, pulling back as it began to boil. "Toss him in!"

"NOOOOOOO!", shouted Squirt, being dumped into the boiling pondwater. "GYAAAAAAAAA!!!!"

"Damn he's loud.", said William, but Bill only continued to stare at the floundering Squirt.

Squirt, realizing that he would die unless he could escape, tried to climb from the pot. Reaching his paw over the side, he slid back down as the skin peeled from his hand, hanging over the edge of the pot. The uncooked muscle and meat strung down from the loose flap of skin. At this, his skin began to blister and pop. All that Squirt could hear was the boiling of the water and the sickening pop of his own flesh, sliding off of his frame. Minutes later, he felt nothing, as his skull exploded from the pressure that had built up inside.

"It's over.", said William.

"Not yet.", said Bill, knocking William down. William landed with his hands on the edge of the fire.

"AAAHHH!", shouted William, trying to pull his hand back. Bill however had reached forward and forced his hand under the white-hot coals of the fire. As the skin burned on his hand, William went into a state of shock. Bill took this opportunity to shove his face into the coals as well, thereby thrusting his entire arm through the ashes. Kneeling on William's back, Bill held him in the fire until he finally stopped struggling. Dragging William's corpse from the fire, Bill stomped on the side of his head, easily crushing through the horribly charred remains of William's facial bones. Blood and brain matter spilled over and into Bill's shoe. Bill seemed not to notice, but only looked back to Indigo Plateau.

"Oh yes... I will rule this continent!", shouted Bill. "Through brutality, fear, and deception! GYAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!"

* : No, I'm not going to do the shitty line "... painted red... blood red." I mean, that's a terrible line at best, and horribly reeks of crappiness. Hence, you ain't gonna see it.

** : Yeah, well I didn't know if I should call them hands or paws or whatever.

*** : No, this isn't a shitty pun regarding the actual Pokemon series. I only realized this after I read the chapter over.

**** : It's true... I didn't see that shitty-ass pun until a couple lines down when I scanned over that line.

***** : Remember near the beginning of the entire fanfic? Jamie had caught a Poliwhirl while Joseph had stolen a Magmar. Well, they've had a helluva long time to level the buggers... and all Poliwhirl needs is a frickin' water stone anyway.

Will Bill kill Jane? Will Jane beat the Elite Four? Will Team Ricochet survive? Will Jane's Pokemon turn on her? What is Bill's next move? Why are Gameboy Advance games so expensive? What will be the final outcome of this fanfic? Will Jane catch Moltres? How will it finally end?

Answers to most of these, except for the obvious question that relates somehow to me, in the next chapter. That's right... next chapter is the final chapter in this ongoing saga.


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