Pokemon Fight Back


Well, now that I've retooled chapter 7 to my utmost likings, I think I should scrawl chapter 8 onto paper (or monitor anyway) before most of the pseudo-ideas start to leave my head. This chapter's gonna be kinda small, so I'm going to toss chapter 9 on the same page as well. And now that I've managed to finally get the server that my webpage is on to upload my fanfic files, I can return to this. I don't know why I keep saying this, but there's violence aplenty in this fanfic, as well as much swearing, ranting, raving, insanity, chaos, etc., etc.

Yeah. Since I rewrote (for the most part) chapter 7 yesterday, chapter 8 and 9 should flow from my brain quite nicely. So, here we go:

Chapter 8: A cruising we will go, a cruising we will go...

As Eric and Jane walked into the long tunnel, a slight gust of wind hit them. The underground tunnel was longer than they could see. Wind was blowing from the unseen other side of the tunnel, causing a deep whistling sound to be constantly echoing across the walls.

"Oh joy.", said Eric perturbed. "Maybe if we're lucky, we'll get mugged too."

"It's not that bad.", said Jane, trying to make the situation not look so dreary. "It could be worse... there could be no lights in here either.

"I suppose that's true.", said Eric. "I'd hate to have to just run as fast as I can into the darkness, stopping only when my face smashes into the end of the tunnel."

"That's the spirit!", said Jane sarcastically. "Now, let's get a move on and get this over with as soon as possible."

"The sooner, the better.", finished Eric.

And with that, they both started to walk towards into the tunnel, glancing about. After about forty minutes, they decided to have a short break. As they sat down to lean against the damp wall, they let their Pokemon out for a short jog. As Eric's Pikachu hopped out, and with it's feet touching the damp ground, his static electricity shocked both Jane and Eric.

"Ouch.", said Eric. "That tingled."

"That was strange.", finished Jane as she watched her Inferno start to heat up some puddles and make the water steam away.

"Good boy Inferno.", said Jane enthusiastically.

As Jane released the rest of her Pokemon, she suddenly realized that she had just tossed down the pokeball for the Pokemon she had stolen from the Team Ricochet member. As it popped open, an Abra flew from the pokeball.

"Cool, where'd you get that one?", asked Eric.

"I, uh, got it while you were beating Marissa.", answered Jane after a moment of thought. It wasn't a complete lie, she thought. She DID acquire it while Eric was beating the gym.

At this point, the Abra began to teleport around the cave from place to place, trying to scare the other Pokemon.

"He seems to be getting along quite well.", said Jane, relieved.

"Yeah. Although he seems to be ignoring you for the most part. You sure that thing's wild?", asked Eric.

"I didn't say I caught it.", said Jane, thinking up an alibi. "I found some guy who said he'd give it to anyone who gave him a Spearow, and I found one in the grass a little later and managed to catch it. I traded it with him on my way back to the pokecenter." *

"Oh wow, cool.", exclaimed Eric. "And since your not the original owner of this little guy, he'll level up a lot faster than usual."

"Hey, your right.", said Jane happily. "But all he seems to know how to do is teleport. I'll see if I can find him a TM later."

"Well, I put all my TM's into the computer at the pokecenter, so I can't help you there.", said Eric.

"It's no problem.", said Jane. "I just won't battle with him for now."

"Yeah.", said Eric, leaning back against the wall.

Jane had managed to dodge that bullet quite nicely. She was only worried that one time she will slip up and Eric might turn her into the police. She decided to forget about that for now, since Eric seemed pleased with all of the answers she gave.

Meanwhile, Florin was crouching next to the ground absorbing what water he could. Pidgey was trying to playfully peck Pikachu for that shock he gave everyone. After about ten minutes of some much needed R and R, they started to head out once more.

"I dunno about you, but I'm keeping my Pokemon out. They could use some fresh air.", said Eric, dumping the empty pokeballs into his backpack.

"Yeah, I'm with you.", said Jane. "I'm going to get Inferno to walk ahead of me and boil away whatever puddles are in front of me."

"Heh. Not sure if that'll work.", said Eric. "But if it does, I'm going to get Florin to absorb any moisture in front of me."

Another twenty minutes of walking went by before they caught a glimpse of the end of the tunnel. Putting their Pokemon away, they began to jog towards the end, wanting to get to town after over an hour of walking through a damp tunnel. As they reached the end and began to go up the stairs, a flood of natural sunlight swept overtop of them.

"How sweet it is.", said Eric.

"Indeed.", finished Jane, pointing her face towards the sunlight.

"Well, I say we head out to the pokecenter before doing anything else today.", said Eric. "The sun will be setting soon."

"Yeah. I'm bushed from all that walking.", agreed Jane.

As they glanced about, they saw a large cruise ship docked at the bay. Wandering in that direction in search of a pokecenter, they asked someone on the dock what was going on.

"It's a cruise ship for Pokemon trainers", said the man. "But you'll need tickets to get on."

"Aw nuts.", said Eric, depressed.

"Wait!", said Jane suddenly. "I got some tickets back in Cerulean. Some guy... gave them to me."

"WHAT?", said Eric surprised. "Why the hell didn't you mention you had those things?"

"It must have slipped my mind.", answered Jane, giving one of the tickets to Eric. As Eric looked at the ticket, he found himself a little confused.

"Do these tickets look a little pink coloured?", asked Eric.

"Must be the type of paper they're putting them on.", said Jane quickly.

"Whatever.", said Eric, giving the ticket to the attendant standing in front of the ship. "Tell me next time you've got a bag full of fancy surprises."

"Look, you wanted to go on the fucking ship, so I'm fucking letting you be able to get on the fucking ship.", said Jane very angrily. "If you don't want to go, you can just give me back the damn ticket and split, ok?"

"Damn, fine, sure.", said Eric, surprised at Jane's sudden burst of anger. "Let's get on the ship and have a good time here."

"Sounds better.", said Jane.

Eric walked up the dock and gave his ticket to the attendant standing near the entrance. Jane followed him up the dock and gave the attendant her ticket as well. The attendant ripped them in half and gave them their ticket stubs.

"First floor, third door on the left.", said the attendant, showing them into the boat.

As they walked to their room, the ship rocked slightly from the waves outside. When they opened their door, they tossed their backpacks on the beds.

"What'd you have to do to get these tickets?", asked Eric, looking around the room.

"Uh, he said he wasn't able to make it, so he gave the tickets to me.", said Jane hesitantly. "So, here we are then."

"Pretty skimpy on the details there Jane.", said Eric. "Why'd he give them to YOU though?"

"Look.", answered Jane angrily. "All I did was walk by and he gave me the damn tickets. I don't know why he couldn't make it, but I guess I was just the one passing by at the time he wanted to get rid of them."

"Ok, Jeze, don't blow a gasket.", said Eric. "Thanks for sharing them."

"No prob.", said Jane, looking out the porthole. "Just drop it for today. I'm tired as hell right now and don't feel like thinking."

"Me to.", said Eric. "Either way, the sun's beginning to set and we did a shitload of walking today. I call right bed."

"Yeah, whatever.", said Jane, dropping herself onto the leftmost bed. Soon after they had layed down, they were fast asleep with the waves gently rocking the boat.

* : It's also about time someone got a Pokemon that would level up faster than usual. And who better to level up than Abra? I mean, to evolve him to Alakazam, Eric and Jane can just pass him back and fourth in about ten seconds. Works out perfectly.


Chapter 9: The discovery (sounds good, eh? Try reading it before reaching conclusions.)

After a somewhat restless sleep, Eric woke up. Immediately, he jogged out the room to the side of the ship where he promptly vomited over the edge. Feeling the waves rock him back and fourth all night are not his idea of pleasant. After washing his mouth out with some water, he returned to his room, where he found Jane slowly starting to wake up.

"Ugh.", said Eric, groaning. "I've slept on a waterbed before, but this ocean thing just doesn't work out with my stomach."

"I don't see what's so bad about it.", replied Jane. "I slept well.... lots of fresh air and relaxing motions..."

"Stop that!", said Eric. "Don't use the word 'motion' in front of me."

"What word? Motion?", teased Jane. "As in to rock back and fourth in a steady motion, moving constantly, being in motion? Motion? Motion, motion?"

Eric closed his eyes and steadied himself on the bedpost. "I'll be alright as soon I wake up a little more. I just need to get used

to this."

After about ten minutes of staring at the floor, Eric felt his stomach begin to settle down. He found that Jane had gotten tired of watching him breath heavily and had left the room. Feeling hungry, he decided to look for Jane at the breakfast area. The tickets that Jane had found included free meals for the entire trip, and he'd be damned if those perks would go to waste. Walking towards the smell of food, he saw Jane sitting at a table, ordering various waiters to bring her different food items.

"Getting your use out of those free meal things, are ya?", asked Eric with a smirk.

"Damned straight.", said Jane. "If they want their 37 cent tip, they're going to work like dogs for me.", replied Jane.

"Uhh, going a little skimpy on the tip there?", asked Eric.

"I left my wallet in the room.", said Jane. "They get what change I found in my pockets."

"For pete sake.", said Eric, annoyed. "Lemme get something to eat and I'll cough up the tip. Consider it payment for the tickets."

"Sounds like a plan.", said Jane. "I'm surprised your eating at all."

"I said I'd be fine after I get used to it.", said Eric. "So you'll have to kick me in the gut if you want to see me throw up some more."

"That almost sounds like an offer.", said Jane, smiling.

"Figure of speech.", said Eric. "You try it and I'll dump you overboard."

"Ok, that's enough empty threats for now.", said Jane. "I'm starved."

"Me too.", said Eric. "Waiter! Can I get the soup of the day?"

After Jane ate her scrambled eggs au gratin and Eric finished his beef soup, they decided to find some other trainers to practice up against. Showing their ticket stubs to the cashier, they were allowed to pass for a moment, until they were called back.

"Can I see those things for another second?", asked the cashier.

"Uhh, ok.", said Jane, hesitantly passing over the ticket stub.

The cashier looked at it for a moment and started to speak. "Well, it's got the holographic spot in the corner, so they're real, but what caught my eye was the fact that they're kinda pinkish. What's with that?"

"I knew they looked kinda pink.", said Eric.

"Look, then the guy I got them from musta done something to them.", said Jane, annoyed at the disturbance. "If they're real, they're real. Case closed."

"You're right.", said the cashier. "I'm sorry for interrupting you.", and muttered 'jackass' under their breath.

Jane pretended to ignore that, as she had felt humiliated enough as is. After walking off, she began to rant and rave about how that cashier made a fool of her.

"How the hell can they do that?", muttered Jane. "I'll get their asses fired before the trip is over. I'll have them walk the plank."

"Well.", began Eric. "For one, I don't think this cruise ship has a plank, and two, the tickets DID look a little strange."

"Who asked for your opinion?", said Jane angrily. "Just let me be happy in my misery."

"Uhh, ok then.", said Eric, rolling his eyes. "How about we beat the tar out of some other Pokemon trainers for now."

"Yeah.", agreed Jane. "That'll ease the old tensions."

Without further ado, they walked up to the top of the deck and began to challenge trainers. * Eric began by having his Florin beat the tar out of some guy's Goldeen and Tentacruel. In the next battle, his Florin was narrowly beaten by a Ninetails with flamethrower, but Pikachu was able to clean up what was left of him.

"Poor little Florin.", said Eric sadly. "He didn't stand a chance when that flame charred his poor little leaves."

"It's not that bad.", said Jane. "Besides, your Pikachu managed to zap what little life was left out of his Ninetails."

"I suppose.", said Eric.

"Besides, there's a healing counter on the other side of the deck.", continued Jane. "Take a break for now while Inferno does

some heavy-duty damage."

"There's a healing place now?", said Eric, cheering up immensely. "Sweet."

"Yeah, just let me get Inferno some experience here first.", replied Jane, walking to someone who had just beat another trainer with some bug Pokemon.

"You up for some Pokemon battling here?", asked Jane, already grabbing Inferno's pokeball.

"I never turn down a fight.", said the man. "Call me Carl. That way, you'll know who beat you."

"Little confident, are ya?", replied Jane. "Let's change that. GO INFERNO!"

"Ch-char!", said Inferno, appearing in front of Jane.

"Aw cripes.", said Carl. "Go Beedrill. Let's see what you can do to that Charmander."

"Bee-beedrill.", said Beedrill, appearing next to Carl.

"Inferno, ember attack.", said Jane confidently.

Inferno grew brighter and blew some flame underneath the Beedrill, who quickly jumped up in pain.

"Sweet.", said Jane.

"Damn that hurt him.", said Carl. "Ok, last ditch effort here. Beedrill, use toxic on him."

"Bee.", said Beedrill, spraying some kind of fluid at Inferno. Inferno suddenly looked very sick, and staggered back.

"Oohh, that's going to cause some pain.", said Jane. "Just do something that'll polish that bug off Inferno."

"Charmand!", said Inferno, suddenly glowing very red and blowing fire directly at the Beedrill, who in turn yelped in pain and dropped to the ground unconscious.

"Well.", said Carl. "That wasn't good."

"That's a plus.", said Jane. "I haven't used Inferno that much, and now he's finally learning flamethrower." **

"Well, I've got a Vulpix in here. He'll just take your hits until that toxic works it's way through his system.", said Carl, somewhat confident of his ability to regain the upper hand.

"We'll see about that.", said Jane. "Inferno, back. Pidgey, take that thing out."

In one fluid motion, her Charmander returned to his pokeball, while the Pidgey appeared where Inferno stood. She was careful not to use Pinsir, as she wasn't sure if he knew not to kill other Pokemon.

"Pidgey, get some sand happening in that thing's eyes, then work some peck into him.", said Jane, laying out the series of instructions.

"Pid-pidge.", said Pidgey, whirling some sand into the Vulpix's eyes. The Vulpix circled around confused, and only embered the ground next to him. The Pidgey followed up by repeatedly pecking at the Vulpix until Carl called him back in defeat.

"Good battle.", said Carl. "I'll see you later."

"Probably not.", said Jane. "But either way, I'm gonna heal up my guys before that toxic completely finishes Inferno off."

"Whatever.", said Carl, walking away, depressed.

"Nice battle.", said Eric, who had been watching the entire fight.

"Thanks.", said Jane. "I knew I had him when.... what the hell?!?"

Jane suddenly stopped her sentence as she felt Inferno's pokeball begin to glow and jiggle around in her hand.

"What the hell is happening in there?", wondered Jane. "Go Inferno... let's see what's wrong with you."

As she released Inferno, he began to glow very brightly, casting off much warmth. Jane, backing away for her own safety, looked on in awe as Inferno evolved into a Charmeleon.

"Woah. Didn't see that one coming.", said Jane, surprised. "Nice going Inferno. You're going to have some kick-ass stats soon."

"Yeah.", said Eric. "When they evolve, they start to try to do stuff a helluva lot harder."

"I know, but he's not going to do much right now.", said Jane. "He's still looking pretty sick from that poison he's got."

"Good plan. Let's go heal these guys.", finished Eric, wandering back towards the healing counter. ***

After healing their Pokemon, they decided to head back to their room for now. Eric was eager to get some more sleep, since he was tossing and turning (and bouncing, and rocking, and rolling.... and whatever the waves did) all night. Jane decided to let him sleep for a couple hours, and wandered around the ship for a while.

After about ten minutes, she had wandered into what looked to be a storage room. Looking about, there were boxes full of plastic forks, life preservers, and other random things. Suddenly, she heard a voice behind her.

"What are you looking for?", said the voice.

"DAH!", said Jane, surprised. "I was just wandering around, and ended up in here."

As she turned around, she saw that it was the cashier who humiliated her before.

"Well, if it isn't 'Miss Pink Ticket'. I still don't trust that completely.", said the cashier.

"Noone asked if you trust it, bitch.", said Jane, thoroughly annoyed.

"Either way, I'm going to have to ask you to leave this room.", said the cashier, walking towards Jane.

"The hell I'm going to take any more shit from you.", said Jane, fully enraged by now. "Pinsir will take you apart. Go Pinsir!"

"I'm sorry.", said the cashier. "But I don't have any Pokemon to battle with."

"That's the least of your worries!", shouted Jane. "Pinsir, gut that bitch!"

"Pin-pin!", said Pinsir, ready for some more damp, sticky action. He hopped up and swung his claws into the cashier's

stomach. By this time, Jane had run around the battle and slammed the room's door shut. She didn't want extra noise escaping the room.

"AAAAHHHHH!", screamed the woman as her entrails where spilling from her gut, causing a large pile of blood and bodily fluids to pool on the ground.

"THIS'LL TEACH YOU TO HUMILIATE ME, WHORE!", screamed Jane. "Pinsir, slice her apart!"

"Pin!", shouted Pinsir as he began to swing his claws back and fourth across the cashier's legs, severing them several times before they hit the ground.

"M-my legs...", stammered the cashier. "I'm go-going t-to-to die here, ar-arent I?"

"Damn fucking straight!", shouted Jane. "Pinsir, cause them some more pain."

Pinsir nodded in agreement and started to slice her arms up. As the cashier began to scream violently loud, Pinsir decided to put a stop to it by crushing her throat with his leg. The cashier's neck collapsed under Pinsir's weight, and she began to gasp for air. As the cashier finally passed out, Pinsir sliced open her ribcage and shredded the internal organs. He didn't even wait for any more of Jane's commands before he sliced the cashier's head off, watching it roll to the side.

Jane just sat back and smiled, watching Pinsir disembowel this woman. As she called Pinsir back to his pokeball, she suddenlyrealized what had just taken place. She had just murdered a woman in cold blood, and realized that there was no influence from Team Ricochet in any way here. Scared by her own actions, she burst out of the room, running away from the scene of the crime as fast as she could. She ran into the bathroom and began to wash away any blood that had spattered onto her. When she felt that she was clean, she returned to the room, where she found Eric just waking up. ****

"Uhhnnnngggg.", muttered Eric, rolling over in bed away from the light of the window. "That you Jane?"

Jane didn't say a word. She just sat on her bed and stared at the wall, wondering what she would do when the body was found. She had left in the storage room, which would probably be used quite often, and probably has already been opened.

"Jane?", asked Eric once more.

"Yeah, I'm here Eric.", said Jane, trying to slow her heartbeat.

"Well, I'm pretty refreshed.", said Eric, crawling out of bed, trying to adjust to the light. "Finally got some good sleep. Waves didn't even bother me this time."

"That's good.", said Jane, still panting.

"What's with you?", asked Eric, confused.

"Just... went for a jog... thought I could get some exercise.", stammered Jane.

"Bah.", said Eric. "Exercise is for the weak."

"Alrighty then.", said Jane, a little confused.

"Anyway, I'm up for lunch. How about you?", asked Eric.

"Actually, I'm not that hungry right now.", said Jane.

"Well, I'm heading to get some food. Come with. We can discuss the next plan of action for getting more badges.", continued Eric.

"Sure, sure.", said Jane, following Eric out the door.

They walked over to the food tables and sat down. Eric began by ordering a Club sandwich, extra mayo. Jane decided to get something to calm her down a little more. Thinking this, she ordered a Paralyzer. *****

"Little early to be drinking. Come to think of it... I don't think I've ever seen you drink.", said Eric.

"We never were able to order alcohol at pokecenters before.", replied Jane.

"Touché .", said Eric, biting into his sandwich.

About five minutes into Eric's sandwich, they heard a bloodcurdling scream come from on the deck. Eric grabbed his sandwich (damn yummy... he's not going to leave that thing behind) and ran towards the source of the scream. Jane hesitantly followed him, wanting to blend into the crowd. She was pretty sure what had caused the scream.

"What the fuck was that?", asked Eric, swallowing another bite of his sandwich.

"I'm not sure.", said Jane.

As they ran to the deck, they saw a woman crying and screaming on the ground, pointing through a door. As Eric glanced inside, he saw a large, bloody mess that appeared to be a heavily-dismembered body.

"JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! WHAT KIND OF SADISTIC BASTARD COULD DO SUCH A THING?!?", he yelled, dropping his sandwich on the ground, directly into a small pool of blood that had flowed towards his feet.

"M-maybe it was an accident.", said Jane nervously.

"The fuck it was!", shouted Eric. "Only someone truly demented could slice a living person's body limb from limb."

Just then, they were shoved to the side by a group of paramedics who were trying to restrict the area. Slowly but surely, they began to pick up the many severed parts of the body and place them into a body bag. Eric stepped back as the blood began to flow around his feet. He couldn't help but look at the remains of the body that had been eviscerated here. Jane merely stood off to the side, trying to be as unnoticed as possible. Soon after, the police force specializing in homicide was brought aboard to look at the crime scene.

At this point, the police asked people to return to their rooms until the situation was cleared up. As Eric walked back to the room, he noticed that Jane was still crouching off to the side of the dock, trembling.

"C'mon Jane.", said Eric. "Let's head back to the room until they figure things out."

"Yeah... yeah.", said Jane, slowly getting up and walking behind Eric, glancing in all directions.

"Poor woman.", started Eric. "Looks like she tried to put up a struggle."

"Not much of one.", said Jane.

"How's that?", asked Eric.

"Oh.", said Jane, finding herself at a loss of words. "Women's intuition I guess."

"Well, either way, we might as well hit the sack for today.", finished Eric as they reached the room. "Starting to get dark, and I don't think anyone will want to battle again."

"Speaking of which, I'd better heal my Pokemon first.", said Jane, realizing Pinsir was still covered in blood that would point the murder directly at her.

"Didn't you heal them with me before?", asked Eric, intrigued.

"Yeah, but I did some more battling with them after you went to sleep.", said Jane quickly.

"Oh, ok, sure.", said Eric. "I'll be here."

"Just gimme a minute.", said Jane, running off towards the healing counter.

When she reached the counter, she noticed that noone was inside. A sign taped down to the counter simply said 'Closed until 8:30 am'. She shuddered at the thought of being unable to clean off Pinsir, but was unable to really do anything about it.

Walking back to the room, she tucked Pinsir's pokeball far into the bottom of her backpack so that she wouldn't accidentally grab him if she wanted to battle later. Upon returning, she found Eric already asleep on the bed. As she glanced down at her ticket, she noticed that the cruise would be ending at noon tomorrow. She would still have to look inconspicuous until then. The police would be questioning everyone on the ship, as the murderer would still have to be aboard. All she could do was sit on the bed, unable to sleep, and await the inevitable.

* : Forget going to all of the random rooms. I mean, one doesn't just walk into other people's rooms and ask to fight them. One would go to the place where everyone else wanting to fight would go.

** : I don't know when Charmander learns this, if ever, but Inferno's learning it, because he's a fire guy.... what learns fire things.... and that's a fire thing.

*** : If there's a boat full of trainers, I merely assumed that normally there would be someplace to heal them on there too.

**** : I'd think that the realization of your own insanity would probably be pretty fucking scary. I'm trying to show that she's feeling this particular emotion. Think that'll make her stop killing? Yeah, that'll happen. Then I'd be left with a boring-as-hell story. No, no, there will be chaos. Just read on and see how it works out.

***** : One, I like extra mayo, so he can too.... if you don't like it, tough. Two, this may seem like a bad pun (and it partially is), but a Paralyzer consists of vodka, tequila, and several other happy little varieties of alcohol. After a couple, it's bound to calm you down :}

Will Jane be caught by the police? Will Eric discover the horribly viscous-covered Pinsir? Will Kris return to battle them (gee, I wonder)? Will Team Ricochet snag Pinsir from Jane? Will Jane go on a killing frenzy out of desperation? Why do I always ask these questions? Why did they call Saint Nicholas 'Santa', knowing it can be changed to spell 'Satan'? Why can I never accurately tell what date I'm going to finish the next chapter? Answers to the brunt of these in the coming chapters.


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