Pokemon Fight Back


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This fanfic contains violence, graphic descriptions, course language, etc, etc, etc (I'm tired of doing this every fanfic, but it's necessary, so T.S. if you don't like it).

Chapter 7: Jerry?!? (bet you didn't see that one coming)

Eric woke up with a kink in his neck. He got up and stretched his legs, rotating his neck in circular motions. Looking down at the pillow, he noticed that it had a large lump underneath it. Upon whapping the pillow to the side, he noticed a swirly, round fossil sitting where his pillow used to be (ie: helix fossil).

"What the...", stammered Eric when he was cut off by Jane.

"SURPRISE!", shouted Jane. "Since I got two fossils yesterday, I figured I'd share them with you and give you one of them."

"Wow!", exclaimed Eric." You didn't have to do that, but thanks a lot! What's it a fossil of?"

"I dunno.", replied Jane. "Mine is smooth and roundish. I chose it because it looked nicer." *

"So... you know where we make these suckers normal Pokemon offhand?", asked Eric.

"Well...", began Jane, "I asked the person at the pokecenter healing area, and they said it was supposed to be on some island far to the south of here."

"Hmm.... Well, that looks a little impossible right now.", said Eric. "We'd have to skip a pile of badges in order to get there sooner. I'm wanting to work with my current Pokemon a little longer before I introduce anyone strange and ancient to the pack."

"That, and it's on an island as I said, therefore making it more difficult to reach without some form of floating object.", added Jane sarcastically.

"Oh yeah... that too.", finished Eric.

They wandered downstairs and grabbed a quick bite to eat. After consuming their meal consisting of an apple and some cold, leftover fried potatoes from their meal last night, they picked out the Pokemon they wanted to stay with them.

"I'm going to keep Florin and Pikachu for sure.", thought Eric. "Marissa's supposed to have a mess of water Pokemon."

He knew that what Pikachu couldn't shock the piss out of, Florin would be able to vine whip into kingdom come. He wanted to save as much room as possible for if he managed to capture any other Pokemon along the way.

"For the love of GOD Eric, decide already!", said Jane impatiently.

"I've got them, I've got them.", said Eric, jogging to the door.

"Only two?", asked Jane. "You sure those things are fully healed? You'll need it if you think your gonna beat the gym with only them."

"Don't worry. I healed them all last night. They're ready to rock.", replied Eric.

"Excellent. Let's move. I'm wanting to find a way to the island fast now.", finished Jane as she walked outside. About ten feet from the pokecenter, they heard a voice behind them.

"Eric... that you?", asked the person.

Eric turned around, staring into what appeared to be Jerry's face.

"What the FUCK?!?!", exclaimed Eric, thoroughly startled.

"I'm Kris, Jerry's cousin. I just moved back to Pallet town to live with Uncle Gene. He described you to me so that I may talk to you if I ever see you, and here you are." **

"Uhh, Gene who?", asked Eric.

"Professor Pine.... Eugene Pine."

"Oh, right, right.", said Eric, somewhat happier now that he was sure he hadn't seen a ghost.

"Anyway.", continued Kris, "I've decided to take up where Jerry left off in his goal for becoming the greatest Pokemon trainer."

"That sounds very noble of you.", said Eric.

"Uhhh...", interrupted Jane, "aren't you going to introduce me?"

"Oh, sorry.", stammered Eric. "This is Jane. She's helping me train for Indigo Plateau."

"Ah.", said Kris. "I've got to go it on my own. All I have right now is a Ratatta, and he's only at level eight. Otherwise I'd challenge you."

"Understandable.", said Eric. "Now, if..." was all he got out before Jane interrupted.

"I'll take you on!", said Jane. "Go Inferno!"

"Jesus Christ Jane.", said Eric angrily. "Don't be a bitch. He's nowhere close to our Pokemon." ***

"I just want to get some experience for Inferno.", said Jane.

"Well fuck, go find some shit in the bushes to attack. Leave the kid alone.", said Eric.

"Alright already.", said Jane, giving up. "Back Inferno."

Charmander flew back into his pokeball, slightly annoyed from the lack of battle. At this point, Kris cut in, somewhat pissed off at Jane.

"Hey, I'd love to have my Ratatta wasted by your Charmander, but I've got to go try to beat the first gym. Uncle Gene gave me some TM's that might help me start out."

"Really?", said Eric, suddenly interested. "Whaddya got for TM's?"

"Well, he gave me 'skull bash' and 'counter'. I think they'll help me a lot.", replied Kris.

"Sounds good.", said Eric. "But I'm wanting to head off. I'm gonna do this gym today."

"Ok, bye.", said Kris, walking off back towards the pokecenter.

Eric turned to Jane with a somewhat bewildered look.

"What the hell was that about before. It's like your not thinking sometimes. What's your fucking problem?", said Eric, ranting about the way she acted earlier.

"You have no idea.", mumbled Jane quietly.

"What's that?", said Eric.

"I said I have an idea.", said Jane, speaking up suddenly. "How's about we go see what the situation looks like in Marissa's gym, then I'll take off and scout out where the fastest way to get to the next town is."

"Hmm.", murmured Eric, forgetting about Jane for the minute as he pondered that thought. "That actually sounds like a pretty damn good idea."

After about ten minutes of searching the town for the gym, Jane called to Eric, who was looking at buildings about a block down the road.

"Hey, Eric, I think I found it.", yelled Jane.

"Yeah?", asked Eric. "How can you be so damned sure?"

"Well, on this sign in front of the building, it says 'MARISSA'S GYM'.", replied Jane, just as Eric caught up.

Eric looked at the sign. "Hmm. I wonder if Marissa is in there, in that gym-looking building, with the sign, that sign in front of the building?", said Eric sarcastically.

"Don't be a moron.", said Jane, cuffing Eric upside the head. "It's too early."

"Bah. Let's just go in there and beat the tar outta Marissa.", said Eric. "Pikachu's got some zapping to do."

As they opened the door, they suddenly inhaled the moist, humid air from inside the building. The gym was made up of one giant pool, with docks stretching across the water towards the gym leader. Several others were in the water watching them closely.

"Aw crap. Just my luck.", said Jane. "I woke up with a bit of a headache, and now this stupid wet air will make it go nuts."

"Don't worry. I can nail this place six ways from Sunday (it's an expression). How about you take off and find where the next town is while I fight here?", replied Eric.

"I like the sounds of it already.", said Jane, turning around.

"Good luck.", said Eric as Jane walked out the door again.

"You too.", said Jane.

"Hah. I doubt I'll even need it.", said Eric as Jane closed the door.

As Jane began to leave the gym, she heard Eric shout 'Go Pikachu!' from around the corner. "Yeah.", thought Jane. "He's gonna slaughter Marissa and her hench-women."

"This should go well.", called Eric. "If I'm not there in an hour... wait longer." he finished sarcastically.

"Yeah, I'll be there.", said Jane.

As Jane started to walk away, he could already hear Eric call out Florin as well and prepare him for the battles ahead. She wandered around town a bit, and saw that it was fenced all around with high iron fencing. A massive pile of shrubs blocked the exit to town.

"Just my fucking luck to be unable to find a way outta town.", mumbled Jane, starting to turn back."

As she turned around, she heard a loud bang inside of a house down the road. Wondering what the heck was happening, she ran into the house with dust and smoke pouring from the front door. Cautiously looking inside, she saw an old man slumped across the back wall, seeming to be unable to walk. To the right of him, a large, gaping hole in the back wall let light filter through the dust into the room. She ran up to him, confused about what just happened.

"What blew up in here?", asked Jane hurriedly.

"Someone from Team Ricochet busted down my front door and...", said the man as Jane cut him off.

"Team Ricochet?!?", shouted Jane. She clenched her fist in anger.

"Yeah.", continued the man. "He came in and demanded that I give him my Pokemon. Naturally I declined, but then he threw a chair at me, breaking my leg. As I was rolling around on the ground in pain, he grabbed my pokeballs and somehow blew out the back of my fucking house."

"Damn.", said Jane, enraged. "I'll see to it that he doesn't get too far. If he's gonna break your leg, I'm gonna break him a new 'A'.", continued Jane, beginning to run towards the hole in the wall. "C'mon Pinsir. We've got some decapitating to do here."

"De-who-what?", asked the man. "Can I get some help here. I can't really go to the police station now." But it was too late. Jane had already run through the hole in the man's house and began to chase the figure in blue through the fields.

"THANKS A BUNCH!", shouted the man angrily. "Fucking bitch.", muttered the man, starting to drag his way towards the door.

In the meantime, Eric had already polished off Marissa's friend's Pokemon, and was walking up to her.

"You like it damp in here or something?", said Eric wryly.

"You'll find that the wet air actually helps your lungs.", said Marissa. "If you want to stay here for a couple of minutes, you'll find that your lungs will feel revitalized and refreshed when you..."

"Ok, that's enough now.", said Eric, tapping his foot. "Let's do this thing. If you like the wet, stay here. I likes it dry, and that's how I likes it."

Eric pulled a pokeball from his backpack. He nonchalantly tossed the pokeball to the ground, and Pikachu happily popped out.

"Pika-pika.", said Pikachu.

"Go Starmi", said Marissa, tossing her pokeball in front of Pikachu.

"Oh yeah.", said Eric, almost laughing. "Pikachu, thunderbolt that Pokemon."

Pikachu gathered electricity for a second, then shot it directly at the Starmi.

"STAR!", screeched Starmi as he was thrown back, unconscious.

"How sweet it is.", said Eric.

"Uhhhh, lessee here.....", said Marissa, getting another pokeball. "Ok, go Lapras!" ****

Without hesitating for Eric's command, Pikachu shot yet another bolt of electricity at the Lapras. It flew back about five feet and staggered to it's feet.

"Nice one.", said Eric. "Ok, let's let Florin get some experience here. Back Pikachu, and go Florin."

In one continuous motion, Pikachu flew back into his pokeball at the same time that Florin landed in front of Lapras.

"Iv-ivysaur.", said Florin.

"That was stupid.", said Marissa, smiling. "Lapras, ice beam that plant."

"Aw damn!", said Eric, moments before Florin was covered with ice.

Florin slowly stood up again and shook off the frost, shaking his leaves to get all of the ice off of them. "Iv-iv-ivy.", said Florin, looking hurt.

"Ok, a minor setback.", said Eric. "Vine whip that thing."

Florin gathered his vines and slung them towards Lapras. They struck its side, searing the skin as it absorbed any moisture that was once there.

"Lap-lap-lapras!", shouted Lapras as he fell to the ground, unable to get back up.

"Nice one Florin. Back you go now.", said Eric, gathering Florin back into his pokeball.

"Bah. Wish that woulda missed once.", said Marissa. "Then I could have taken at least one of your Pokemon out."

"Yeah, well life sucks, doesn't it?", said Eric. "Nice battle though. That ice attack did some big damage."

"It's pretty nice. It has its moments.", said Marissa, taking Lapras back into his pokeball.

"Anyway, I'll take that badge of yours now. I've got places to go.", said Eric, holding out his hand.

"Oh, yeah.", said Marissa, tossing him the badge. "Here, you can have this TM too. Water gun. Might be useful if you have a water Pokemon."

"Not right now, but we'll see.", said Eric as he began to walk out.

He decided that since it took him about half an hour to destroy that gym, he might as well sit in the pokecenter and heal his Pokemon in the meantime.

Jane had in the meantime begun to chase after the member of Team Rocket. Jane had completely stopped caring about the man's condition when she had heard the words 'Team' and 'Ricochet' in the same sentence. Her fury was fueling here running as she began to catch up to the figure. As they ran around the corner, Jane noticed the man heading for a path heading south. She screamed at the top of her lungs.

"HOLD IT SHIT FOR BRAINS!", screamed Jane.

"Wha?", said the man slowing and turning around. During this time, Jane got close enough to dive for the man and tackle him to the ground. She quickly decked him and gave him a cheap shot to the kidneys before he rolled away in pain.

"Who the fuck are you?", asked the man, holding his jaw and side.

"I'm your worst fucking nightmare, you fucking son of a fuck.", shouted Jane. "I saw what you did to that man's house, and I know you work for Team Ricochet, so I'm going to make sure that never happens again."

"You wanna battle, eh?", said the man. "Ok, let me get my..." was all he could say before a pokeball was throw by his feet.

"GO PINSIR!", shouted Jane. "SLICE HIM TO SHREDS!"

"Pin-pin.", said Pinsir, popping out of his pokeball and looked at the man standing in front of him. He quickly swiped at the man's leg, nicking it and causing blood to start to spout from the wound.

"Fuck!", screamed the man. "What the fuck did you do that for?!?"

"AGAIN PINSIR!", shouted Jane, delighted by the sight of the man's blood.

"Pin-pinsir.", said Pinsir, taking another swipe at the man now lying on the ground, holding his ankle. His claw sliced clear through the man's leg at the lower thigh, slicing off the man's left thumb in the process. Blood suddenly spouted from the gaping wound on the man's leg as well as from his hand. His clothes were instantly soaked in blood, which was slowly pooling around his body.

"AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!", screamed the man in excruciating pain. "Wh-what did I ever do t-to you?", asked the man as he began to feel faint from the loss of blood.

"You were born.", said Jane with a vengeance in her eyes. "More Pinsir, More!"

Pinsir took another swipe at the heavily bleeding man. He was aiming for the head, but missed slightly and got his claw stuck in the man's clavicle. ***** Jerking his small body backwards, he yanked his claw free from the man's body.

"Sweet mother of Jesus! I.. I'm g..goin..g to d..die.....", said the man, coughing up blood and mucus with each word.

"Damned straight.", said Jane. "Team Ricochet is going to be annihilated. When you get to hell, tell them Jane sent you. #

"W...well, tech....technically Pinsir's... the one....", stammered the man, who was beginning to feel faint.

"You just don't know when to keep your fucking mouth shut, do you?", screamed Jane, furious at the nearly dead man. "Pinsir, the head!", she shouted.

Splinters of bone accompanied by spouts of blood sprayed over Pinsir and the surrounding area as he nicked the man's neck. Jane was careful to step to the side so as not to be covered in blood. She would have some explaining to do if Eric saw her matted in blood.

"Finish him Pinsir. Do what you do best.", said Jane, absolutely glorified by the growing pool of blood caused by the Team Ricochet member.

Pinsir looked at her as she spoke her final command, and proceeded to turn to the nearly dead man. The blood was already beginning to coagulate and become a thicker, dense red fluid on the trail. Pinsir swiped at the man's right arm, severing it from his torso. It flew about five feet near some bushes. He swung around the other way and slices the man's head vertically in two, leaving the two parts of the skull still attached to his body. His brain matter spilt onto the ground, adding to the mess. Pinsir finally ended the brutal battle by slicing the man in two across the stomach area, severing ribs as well as many vital organs. The man's guts quickly poured from his body, laying in a quivering heap on the ground. His body parts was now strewn about the area, covered in blood. He was now virtually unrecognizable. Pinsir was now gouging out the dead corpses eyes with his claws. A thin fluid was draining from the eye sockets onto the ground.

"Pinsir!", said Jane. "Stop making more mess out of that..... mess. Back. Your job here is done. Done well indeed."

Pinsir flew back into his pokeball. Jane decided it may be best if she tried to hide the body in the bushes and lure Eric around the other side when they headed South. However, before she moved the body, she began to check it's bloody pockets for any possible valuables. Upon reaching his jacket's pockets, she found several tickets to some kind of cruise ship. ###

"Hello, what have we got here?", she mumbled, brushing the blood off as best she could.

She then continued by dragging the man's main torso into the bushes by its left arm, followed by the bottom of his torso with his remaining leg. She dragged his body is such a way that it dragged with it most of the guts and entrails on the ground. She then picked up the severed leg and threw it in the bushes afterward. As she reached for the arm lying to the side, she noticed that it had begun to twitch, revealing that its clenched fist contained a pokeball.

"I'll take that, thank you.", said Jane, grabbing the pokeball from the dead arm. Tossing it into the bushes aside the rest of the corpse, she threw the pokeball into her backpack and started back. Upon looking at herself, she noticed that her arms where covered in the man's blood, as were her shoes. She kneeled down and tried to wipe off most of the blood on some crabgrass that was growing off to the side. She walked over to the large mound of grass blocking the entrance to town and ripped leaves off of it to wipe herself down with. She took off her shoes and carefully cleaned all of the blood from them. It had been an hour and twenty minutes since she last saw Eric. He would likely be at the pokecenter by now. She began to jog back to the pokecenter, feeling exhilarated from watching a man die before her very eyes.

Upon returning to the pokecenter, she saw a very happy looking Eric sitting at a table in off to the side of the room. They ordered some food and sat down. They decided to let their Pokemon run around while they were eating, and opened the pokeballs. Florin and Pikachu started to walk around. Eric had just healed them, so they were raring to do anything. As Jane opened her pokeballs, she suddenly realized the mistake she made. Sure enough, Pinsir jumped out of his pokeball, still coated in blood.

"Ack, back Pinsir!", said Jane, getting Pinsir back into the pokeball.

Eric sat for a second. "What the hell happened to Pinsir?", he suddenly said.

Thinking fast again, Jane replied, "Oh, some jackass painting his house red accidentally spilled some paint on Pinsir as we walked by. I haven't had time to wipe it off yet."

"Uh huh...", said Eric, wondering if there even WERE any red houses he'd seen in this town. He decided to drop it for the moment and continued eating.

"I'll get him healed. That should clean him up.", said Jane, taking the pokeball over to the counter.

Soon after, Pinsir was once again released, clean as ever. Jane also released the Pidgey and Inferno that she had with her. She however decided to keep the unknown pokeball from the Team Ricochet member hidden for now. Eric was too happy about his victory over Marissa to care about what happened to Pinsir any more.

"Oh MAN did I whip the tar out of Marissa's gym!", said Eric enthusiastically. "Pikachu shocked any water-related thing that came near him! Usually killed them in one hit, ONE!", he shouted.

"Wow. That's pretty good.", said Jane. "So I assume you have the badge."

"Hell, I should have gotten two for the ass-whipping I did in there.", gloated Eric. "By the way, did you find how to get to the next gym?"

"Huh? Oh yeah.", stammered Jane, thinking of what layed on the path. "There's a mess of bush blocking the exit to town, but if we cut through some guy's house, we can go south. I think there's a path or something over there to get to the next town."

"Beautiful.", said Eric. "Think we can make it today?"

"Hmm.", mumbled Jane. "We might if we leave now."

"Well giddy-up.", said Eric. "Let's go."

With that, they headed out the door towards the man's house. As they entered, Eric looked around at the mess.

"What happened here?", asked Eric.

"Team Ricochet did some damage here.", replied Jane.

"Wow. Did the police find him?", continued Eric.

"Well.", began Jane. "I heard that he got what was coming to him."

"That's a plus.", said Eric, walking towards the hole in the back.

As he wandered towards the hole looking at the wreckage, he saw a strange item on the ground. As he picked it up, he noticed that it was a TM. ##

"Oh, sweet!", said Eric. "First I beat the piss out of Marissa, and now I find a TM. It says on the side that it teaches a Pokemon 'dig'. Luck be with me today."

"Cool.", said Jane. "You gonna use it now?"

"Nah.", answered Eric. "I'm gonna save this thing for a while."

"Sounds good.", said Jane, continuing out the back of the house.

As the two walked South, Jane decided it would be best to lure Eric away from the battle scene as fast as she could. As they neared the fork of the two paths, Jane spoke up.

"Do you see something in that far bush over there?", she asked Eric.

"I don't know, but with my luck, I'm damn well gonna check!", said Eric enthusiastically.

Eric ran past the path where Jane had fought. Most of the blood had soaked into the ground by this time and was barely noticeable. Eric jogged past the trail without giving it a second glance, if he even did give it a first glance. Jane was pleased by this and followed him. Eric was already searching the far bushes and roadside. Unhappy that he found nothing, they continued down the second path towards a small house in the distance. Before they could reach the house, a familiar crew jumped in front of them, startling them.

"Prepare for doom."

"Or leave the room."

"To unite evil in all it's glory."

"To destroy good in some way gory."

"Oh for the love of God.", moaned Eric. "I thought you'd never be back."

"Yeah, well T.S.", said Jamie.

"To steal Pokemon for no good reason."

"To commit ourselves to things like treason."



"Team Ricochet blasts off out of sight."

"Squirt, that's right."

"What the hell do you want now?", asked Jane.

"Actually.", answered Squirt, "I want your Pinsir. I've heard rumors that your Pinsir can do immeasurable damage. As well, he is a significantly rare Pokemon, and therefore, we want him."

Jane, sensing that this little disturbance may give away here murderous vengeance, came up with a plan to temporarily get rid of Squirt and his clan of Team Ricochet partners.

"Not if I can help it.", said Jane. "Go Pidgey! Sand attack!"

The Pidgey flew out of his Pokeball and flapped furiously in front of Team Ricochet. The sand blasted overtop of them and threw sand in their eyes.

"Quick, let's take off before the dust settles.", said Jane, grabbing Eric's arm. "Pidgey, back!"

The Pidgey disappeared back into his pokeball and they ran towards the house, entering inside of it.

When the dust cleared, Squirt looked around, seeing noone.

"Damnit!", said Squirt. "So close to a Pokemon containing such rage needed to murder."

"Murder?", asked Joseph.

"Yes.", continued Squirt. "While you slackers were off trying to level up other Pokemon, I followed Jane earlier and watched her Pinsir in action."

"What happened?", asked Jamie.

"Let's just say that Jane must have as much hatred as that Pinsir to kill a man in cold blood.", answered Squirt. "Don't worry. We'll get that Pinsir. And when we do, that will be the end of trying to steal Pokemon. We will be capable of getting as many as we want, whenever we want."

With that, the trio headed North, not knowing what direction Eric and Jane had taken.

When Eric and Jane entered the house, a young woman came up to them.

"Let me guess... your looking for a way out of Cerulean City.

"Kinda.", replied Eric.

"Well, you can just take that tunnel over there in the corner. The tunnel is pretty well lit and is dead straight, so you'd have to try pretty hard to get lost or anything.", said the woman. "It'll take you straight to Vermilion City. You can go on a nice cruise out there."

"Sounds good.", said Jane.

With that final statement, the duo headed into the tunnel, starting towards Vermilion City.

* : I as well picked the Dome fossil, which led me to my favorite Pokemon... Kabutops. I picked that fossil for basically the same reason, as I didn't know what fossil was what at the time.

** : Well, I gotta have some form of person who is trying to be the best trainer battling against Eric. And if he's somehow related to Jerry, all the better.

*** : Hope that comment didn't offend the religious. Course, those that may be offended by that remark more than likely aren't reading the fanfic anyway :}

**** : I know this isn't what Misty gets in the game, but I gotta make it pseudo-interesting.

***** : For those who don't know, clavicle means shoulder bone.

# : One, I don't want to make the lists of *'s too long, and two, I couldn't help but toss in this happy little quote :}

## : I know you don't get it this way, but the man dragged himself from the room. And I wanted to give it to them somehow.

### : This is OBVIOUSLY not how one usually finds the cruise tickets, but I really didn't want to prattle on about how they would go to that guy's house and talk to him. It would just be about three paragraphs of sheer boredom. I find that this has a little more zing to it :}

Will Jane meet more members of Team Ricochet in the next town? Will Eric figure out why Pinsir was covered in red stuff? Will Eric find out about Jane's murderous past? Why do cats lie on really thin ledges like windowsills? Will Team Ricochet get Jane's Pinsir in one way or another? What Pokemon did Jane find? You may find the answers to these in chapter 8, written shortly after this revised, significantly longer version of chapter 7.


ps: sorry for the delay between fanfics... I had school related crap in the way. read the intro.

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