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Well, it's high time I get off my lazy ass and write Chapter 1/2... "The Origin of Pokemon". So, without further ado, let's get started. Not as much violence in this chapter, what with it being a story about how Pokemon came to exist. However, to start off, I'm putting some lyrics to specific songs at the beginning and end of the fanfic, to emphasize the feeling that is running through the main character. I find that this really adds to the story... if ya don't like it, just skip over it. I'm a-keeping it here, so T.S.

Chapter 1/2: The origin of Pokemon

<Psycho Man>

The midnight hour approaches

The killing chill takes over him

His victims will not know when he appears

The lust of Death's possession

Will over take his psycho mind

He won't be happy 'till he smells their fear

He's the Angel of Death

Psycho Man

Psycho Man

Looking for a victim wherever he can

Psycho Man

Psycho Man

He's a killer

Addicted to their madness

The taste of death that lives within

He loves it when he tastes their final breath

Stalking gives him pleasure

Killing is the final act

He takes no pity with his lust for death

He's the Angel of Death

Psycho Man

Psycho Man

Looking for a victim wherever he can

Psycho Man

Psycho Man

He's a killer

<End of Clip>

Dr. Geoffrey Hayward looked at his creation in awe, believing that it may one day change the face of the earth for the better. What Dr. Hayward had created was no less that a miracle. The year was 1983, and he alone had created the first genetically cloned mouse. * Not only this, but he had discovered a method of implanting genetic DNA from another animal into the mouse when it was still an embryo. With this knowledge, he could create the ultimate pet or guard animal, or anything else for that matter. **

Before releasing this information to the world however, he had to create a prototype of the types of animals that he would plan on manufacturing. He eventually decided upon a guard-type of animal that was ferocious and fierce, but would obey the owner's every command without question (gee... wonder where this is leading to). He decided that his first experiment would be an anaconda, the world's largest snake, and implant the genetic DNA of an armadillo for protection, and include the DNA of a labrador, which he found obeyed a human's command obediently. ***

He would name his genetic anomaly the Onix. It was a name that commanded authority. After seven months of feeding and growing the Onix, he decided to teach it some commands. Seeing as stood approximately eight feet tall, and was covered in a hard, stone-like skin, he decided to teach it to slam its body into the intruder. Taking a man-sized dummy, he demonstrated to Onix that if he rammed his head into the intruder, he would be knocked down. Onix, following Dr. Hayward's lead, drove his head into the dummy. The dummy flew back with an amazing force against the wall, tearing the arms off of the torso and splitting the seams of it across the chest and sides. Dr. Hayward looked at the shattered dummy with awe. He had created the first of his powerful beings. Geoffrey Hayward lived in a secluded area of land next to a forest, which allowed him to let Onix live outside without anyone discovering his creation. He grew Onix for several months, teaching it more things and letting it grow stronger eating the shrubs and tree leaves for nutrience. Eventually, he decided that it was time to announce Onix's existence to the world.

Renting a U-haul moving van, he got Onix to enter the back so that he couldn't be seen, so as to surprise the Science Association of America (SAA). **** Upon arriving at the headquarters in New York, he greeted the head of the department of Genetics, Dr. McGowan.

"Hello Dr. Hayward. It's good to see that you have finally arrived.", said Dr. McGowan.

"It was a long drive.", replied Geoffrey. "I have an animal that you may be interested in seeing."

"It had better be good.", said Dr. McGowan.

"Don't worry.", said Geoffrey. "Onix, come out of there."

At that, the giant snake burst through the back doors of the U-haul van and slithered alongside Geoffrey.

"Good God!", said Dr. McGowan in surprise. "What in the world is this thing?"

"This.", began Geoffrey. "This is my creation. The ultimate animal. He has the strength of an anaconda, the protection of an armadillo, and the obedience of a labrador. He is known as Onix."

"Are you sure that he won't attack random people?", asked Dr. McGowan, staring at the large beast.

"Positive. Watch.", said Geoffrey. "Onix, lie down."

"Oonnnnn.", said Onix in a deep voice as he promptly layed down on the ground, coiling his tail underneath himself.

"Remarkable.", said Dr. McGowan. "What else can it do?"

"I've taught it to attack what I tell it to.", said Geoffrey. "Do you have a dummy or couch or something that you don't want anymore?"

"There's an old couch in the dumpster down the street.", said Dr. McGowan.

"Excellent.", said Geoffrey. "Let's go find it."

After walking down the street, they promptly found the couch, still sitting in the back alley beside the dumpster. Geoffrey stood it on its side in the center of the alley. Onix slithered forward next to Geoffrey awaiting his command.

"Onix, smash that couch.", said Geoffrey, awaiting the action.

Onix swung his head around into the front of the couch, throwing it with a devastating power against the back of the alley. The couch snapped in two, throwing wood shards across the alley. Onix merely yawned and layed down again.

"Wow.", was all that Dr. McGowan could say, looking back and forth at the remains of the couch and the Onix lying on the ground.

"As you can see, if a person raises an Onix from a baby, it would be sought after as a protection animal.", said Geoffrey.

"Outta curiosity, what the hell does this thing eat a day?", asked Dr. McGowan.

"I expected him to eat meat, but the armadillo DNA seems to have produced an animal that eats only plantlife.", said Geoffrey. "For the most part, he will eat the leaves off of the trees or munch on the grass. It's probably best if the person lives in a wooded area or has an alfalfa field or something."

"And you can recreate more of these creatures easily?", asked Dr. McGowan.

"I have all of the materials at home.", said Geoffrey. "However, I'm thinking that people might shy away from snakes, so I may start with another animal."

"Excellent. Contact me when you complete your next experiment.", said Dr. McGowan.

"Of course.", finished Geoffrey, getting back into the U-haul van. Onix crawled into the back of the van, coiling up for a long sleep.

After several more hours of driving, they arrived back at his laboratory. He unloaded Onix and let him roam freely in the back yard while he contemplated his next animal. He decided that he would want one that is as smart as a human, yet was powerful. He decided to start with the famous Kimoto Dragon and implant the genetic DNA of a human being into it. He knew that he may have been crossing the borders of allowable experiments, but decided to continue. Drawing some of his own blood, he found the section of DNA that led to the growth of the brain when born. ***** Deciding that this would create an animal that could communicate freely with humans, he was satisfied that it would be a huge success. After many unsuccessful attempts at growing the embryo of a Kimoto Dragon after implanting the section of DNA, one sample managed to live and grow inside of an incubator. Eight months later, he was left with a strange creature that, although being unable to speak, seemed capable of learning the english language. This creature he would call the Dragonite. #

He decided that he should grow the animal several years old before taking him to Dr. McGowan so that he could teach it several things beforehand. After fifteen more months, he was able to teach Dragonite to recognize daily things such as doors, desks, beds, and anything he had around the lab. Dragonite especially enjoyed watching Geoffrey when he was working in his lab, usually attempting to map the Dragonite's entire DNA strand. After several more months, Geoffrey decided to attempt to teach it to read or write. He didn't expect much, but Dragonite was already capable of solving simple arithmetic problems, such as addition or subtraction. He discovered this when he had four test tubes lined up on the counter, when Dragonite stomped on the ground four times. Taking away one of them, the Dragonite stomped three times. Creating what was essentially a giant typewriter, with the buttons large enough for Dragonite's foot to press, he began to teach Dragonite the alphabet. After only a month of teaching, Dragonite was capable of typing simple, understandable sentences, such as 'I am hungry' or 'The chair is red'. ##

By this time, Geoffrey had completely forgotten about Dr. McGowan, concentrating only on teaching the Dragonite more information. After several years, Dr. McGowan merely assumed that Geoffrey Hayward had given up his venture. Geoffrey, however, had used those several years to teach Dragonite to solve complex calculus equations and write legible essays. He conversed daily with Dragonite over the typewriter. Giving Dragonite a C.A.T. scan every six months led him to some startling discoveries. For one, the total brain mass of Dragonite was significantly more than that of a human. At the age of five, Dragonite had an IQ of 187, and could duplicate the experiments in Geoffrey's laboratory. Geoffrey rigged up special gloves that acted much like a human's hands for Dragonite. When Dragonite moved his stubby fingers inside of the glove, it in turn moved one of the thin, slender fingers of the glove. This allowed Dragonite to help Geoffrey in the lab.

At the age of six, Dragonite was startled one day to find Onix lying in the back yard, unable to stand. Onix was getting on in years, and was finding it hard to reach the leaves at the tops of trees. One month later, Onix passed away, leaving a shaken Dragonite friendless, except for his master. Feeling extreme anger inside of himself, feeling that he may have been able to save Onix somehow, he turned against his master and father, Geoffrey. He went into his room in the middle of the night and grabbed Dr. Hayward with his large hands. He then took Geoffrey and threw him into the television, shattering the screen and causing several lacerations across Geoffrey's back, who was knocked unconscious from the blow. Dragging the limp body of Dr. Hayward into the closet, he locked the door and set out to create a new friend. He had done this kind of work with Geoffrey for approximately a year, and felt he was fully capable of creating more genetic anomalies like himself. He first began by working with a fish embryo he had obtained from a goldfish in Dr. Hayward's fish tank., and inserting the DNA of a shark in hopes of getting a strong, freshwater shark that would grow to no more than a foot long. He took six embryos in hopes of growing a family of his creation.

In the meantime, Dr. Geoffrey Hayward was forced to live in the closet for several months, eating what foods were shoved through a hole that Dragonite had punched in the door. Dragonite had stripped the closet of anything that may aid Geoffrey's escape, therefore leaving him prisoner in his own home. After growing the fish that he called the Magikarp, he discovered that it was basically a useless fish that knew no more than how to eat algae. Distraught, he released the Magikarps into the nearby lake, letting them swim free, to the oceans if they wished. He attempted many more cross-bred animals, dubbing all of his creations to be called 'Pokemon', each a genetic monstrosity that he didn't find fit to replace Onix as his friend. He continued his experiments, releasing the animals into the wild when he found them undesirable. He found himself unable to kill his master who left him without a mate or a friend. Dragonite found himself merely able to continue to feed Geoffrey every day, leaving him in the 6 x 6 foot closet.

During this time, Geoffrey had not completely given up his chances of escape. After several months, he had found a discarded razor blade that had somehow slipped into a thin slit between the wall and the carpet. He spent his days when he knew that Dragonite wasn't around trying to slowly slice through the wall into the adjoining room. He figured that if he tried to slice through the door, Dragonite may see the marks on the outside of the door and kill him. He couldn't cut too fast, since the razor was fairly rusty and dull. None the less, every day he painstakingly tried to cut through the drywall and wood planks behind it. After nearly a year, he was growing very atrophic from rarely using his muscles. Still, every day, he would cut small slivers of wood away from the planks and hide them in a corner near the door where Dragonite couldn't see them. ###

Dragonite was completely oblivious to this, working on trying to create a mate for himself. Geoffrey had refused to tell him what animals were used to create the Dragonite, so he had to test via trial-and-error until he found an embryo that appeared to be his genetic equal. He did hundreds of tests, crossing thousands of animals, and finding that each one was nowhere close to looking like him. Releasing them all into the wild afterwards, he began to notice that his creations had begun to breed amongst themselves, as he tried to create about five samples of a specific Pokemon at a time in case some didn't live. As Dragonite took a short break from his experiments one day, he had walked outside and noticed something strange. He could find virtually no signs of life other than his Pokemon wandering around. He noticed a lone sparrow sitting on a branch of a tree. Suddenly, one of his creations, which he had named 'Pidgey', lunged down at the sparrow, digging it's claws into the sparrow's back. Blood spurted from the sparrow's back as it let out a shriek. The Pidgey drove its beak deep into the sparrow's neck, causing it's head to be sprayed with blood. The sparrow suddenly went limp and drooped over the branch. The Pidgey grabbed the sparrow in it's claws and flew the corpse into the distance. He learned that the Pokemon were destroying all living creatures that weren't creations of Dragonite. The Pokemon were breeding and spreading further from the laboratory. He walked further and discovered that he only found the next non-Pokemon seven miles from the building. He suddenly realized that the Pokemon had taken control of the area.

Dragonite ran back to laboratory and jumped into Geoffrey's jeep. He had seen Geoffrey use the jeep on several occasions, and quickly learned how to get it to run. He drove into the nearest town where he found that the army was beating back various Pokemon. Still, the Pokemon tried to kill the humans, the only remaining animal in the area that they could not defeat. #### After several hours, the Pokemon stopped attacking the army, having suffered tremendous losses to their population. From then on, the Pokemon tended to stay away from mankind.

Dragonite was shocked beyond hope of recognition. He realized that the Pokemon wouldn't stop here. They would continue to spread over the globe, destroying all other species of animals. Dragonite found himself realizing that he was solely responsible for the complete and utter destruction of earth's natural animals. He couldn't live this way. Dragonite drove back to the lab as fast as he could, his mind swarming with what he had done. As he ran into the lab, he promptly took a razor-sharp scalpel. He couldn't live with the knowledge that he may have destroyed thousands of species of animals. He drove the scalpel deep into his chest, causing blood to spout from the hole. Pulling the scalpel free, the then thrust it into his throat, hitting his jugular vein. Blood sprayed across the walls as Dragonite began to feel weak. He dropped to the ground, becoming saturated in his own blood. His heartbeat slowed, weak from the lack of blood. After about a minute, his heart finally stopped, leaving him lying dead in a pool of his blood.

Geoffrey had by this time become so weak from lack of food and atrophy that he was hardly capable of holding the razor. He had sliced through two of the three planks in the wall, but was unable to continue. He reached his hand through the one foot hole that he had cut, trying to squeeze out. His shoulders would not fit through the hole, and he was left dying of starvation, halfway out of the closet. His corpse was soon devoured by various Pokemon that had entered the building after he died. All that remained was several of his bones and some dried entrails that had been left by the Pokemon.

The Pokemon continued to spread over the planet, destroying all of earth's natural animals except for the humans, who had fended off the attackers with guns and other weapons. After five years of watching the Pokemon continue to spread over the entire land and oceans, mankind eventually accepted it's fate to live with the Pokemon, who had left the human civilizations untouched for several years. Mankind could do no more than watch natural animals die at the hands of the Pokemon. In 1998, the earth was finally cleaned of non-Pokemon animals and mankind. Life would never be the same, but humanity could do nothing but live with it.

<The Unforgiven>

They dedicate their lives

To running all of his

He tries to please them all

This bitter man he is

Throughout his life the same

He's battled constantly

This fight he cannot win

A tired man they see no longer cares

The old man then prepares

To die regretfully

That old man here is me

What I've felt

What I've known

Never shined through in what I've shown

Never be

Never see

Won't see what might have been

What I've felt

What I've known

Never shined through in what I've shown

Never free

Never me

So I dub the unforgiven

You labeled me

I'll label you

So I dub the unforgiven

<End of Clip>

* : This person never existed, nor was a mouse ever cloned at this point... that we know of (ooohhhh, spooky). Anyway, he fits in with the storyline... I mean, the world isn't the same in this "pokeland" as it is in real life... just bear with me... it'll make sense.

** : This IS possible. My brother is working on his Master's doing a mess of gene-splicing and that type of stuff, so I somewhat know what I'm talking about. One time, he actually got a frog to grow extra legs out of its head and eyes on its back and junk like that... it's pretty freaky stuff.

*** : Yeah, ok, this is a little far-fetched, but think... this is an unreal land. Besides, it's mostly true anyway. How do you think they got a donkey? Horse and mule cross... they're different species, and they were crossed.

**** : I don't know if this organization even exists, but hey, it sounds authentic.

***** : I'm pretty sure they've mapped a lot of a human's DNA strands. I'm just saying that the section that has previously been mapped was discovered to lead to the growth of the brain at birth.

# : I was thinking of possibly starting with Dratini, but that thing is caught inside of a lake... underwater... like a fish type of thing. I'll stick to something with feet... hence Dragonite.

## : It said in the description of Dragonite in the game that they could be as smart as humans, so hey, why can't it learn to do shit like read?

### : Those of you who have seen the video for 'The Unforgiven' may recognize this scenario.

#### : He may have realized this earlier, but remember, he broke the tv with... well... Geoffrey.

Will civilization ever be the same? Why did I write this chapter? Do I have nothing else to do? Will something like this happen somewhere near the year 3000? Earlier? Will we be able fend of the Pokemon like in the fanfic, or will we die like the other animals? Answers to some of these, well, ok, not in any further chapter, but the answers will arise in about 1000 years :P


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Metallica: The Unforgiven (6:26)

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