Pokemon Fight Back


Ok, here's the game plan. Seeing as how everyone seems to make fanfics that have to do with happy Pokemon having happy games and always winning against the bad guys, I figured people might be getting bored of that, or just in need of a change in pace. With this in mind, I'm writing a Pokemon adventure where lotsa stuff is killed (not fainted), trainers lose more than just the battle, and the actual Pokemon decide not to take any more flack from their owners. In this story, Eric is my version of Ash, Jerry is my version of Gary, and the rest of the names will fall into place. If you're immediately looking for lots of pain and other related things, it should begin in a couple pages... I have to make a plot as to WHY the Pokemon are doing this. Also, It's gonna begin with them being somewhere between 15-20 years old.

Seeing as I'm 19 as I write this, it'll make it a little easier on me. It begins at the start of the game, where he's going to go get a Pokemon from Professor Pine (gee, who could that be?).

Keep in mind that I've NEVER seen the show Pokemon as of this chapter, and have only experienced the game through my Gameboy (blue version) or reading other fanfics. I think it's about time for the Pokemon to fight back, so I call this little story:

Chapter 1: Mutiny in the ranks

Eric woke up this morning feeling great. He knew that today he would start his journey in becoming a Pokemon trainer. He leapt off his bed and quickly collapsed under his leg which was still asleep.

"Ow... that hurt.", said Eric.

He limped over to his dresser and pulled out a pair of pants and his lucky blue hat (remember, I have the blue version of the game). Sliding his aching leg into his pants, his mind was racing with what he would call his first Pokemon. As he walked down the stairs towards the door, his mother stopped him before he could leave the house.

"Before you go Eric, your friend Jane (ie: Misty) has come to join you on your trip.", said his mother.

"Thanks mom.", replied Eric. This made him a little happier because he wasn't in the mood to leave home without someone to talk to along the way.

"She's waiting outside for you.", said his mother.

"Boy.", thought Eric, "You'd think that I would have found her eventually.".

As he walked out the door, his friend Jane jumped from behind the side of the house and surprised him.

"LOOK OUT!", she yelled.

"Daahhh.", replied Eric, nearly falling off the steps.

"Don't do that", shouted Eric, "I nearly had a heart attack."

"Oh, your too young to have heart attacks.", replied Jane.

"Yeah, well, we'll see.", said Eric sarcastically.

"Stop stalling me and let's head over to Professor Pine's place and pick up our Pokemon.", said Eric before Jane had a chance to reply. Deciding to let him go, Jane followed closely behind Eric on the way to Professor Pine's place down the road.

When they arrived, the duo were so excited about getting their new Pokemon, they could hardly keep from running through the doors. As they walked in, someone walked up to them.

"Are you here to get Pokemon?", asked the man.

"Yeah!", replied both of them.

"Is he around?", continued Eric, looking around the building.

"He's in the back", replied the man.

"I'm Professor Pine's aide. I work here for him organizing and filing his Pokemon journals.", said the man.

"Ummm, we're kinda wanting to get our Pokemon soon, so can you tell us where he is?", Eric replied quickly.

"He's in the back, I said", said the man, and both Eric and Jane jogged into the back room before the aide could say anything else.

As they arrived in the room, Professor Pine walked over to them.

"Good day Eric, Jane. Your mother called and said you were coming right over, so I've prepared what you'll need."

"Thanks.", replied Eric, looking around for any signs of Pokemon.

"You have a choice between three different Pokemon. You can have either Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander. Each have different abilities and can be trained to become something much larger and stronger.", said Professor Pine.

"I'll take Bulbasaur", said Eric quickly. He had heard that the first Pokemon gym had used rock Pokemon, and wanted something that would be good against them.

"I think I'll take the Charmander", said Jane.

Professor Pine gave them each a small ball about the size of a walnut.

"What the hell is this?", asked Eric, confused.

"It's a pokeball, Eric. To get your Pokemon out, you have to press the button on the top and then toss it to the ground.", replied Professor Pine.

Eric quickly pushed the button on the pokeball and it grew to slightly bigger than his fist.

"Ah!", said Eric, startled. "Wasn't expecting that."

He tossed the pokeball to the ground, and it opened up, revealing a blue Pokemon with what looked to be a plant bulb on his back. It crawled over to him and he picked it up.

"Bul-bulbasaur?", said the Pokemon.

"Cool, it can make sounds.", said Eric.

"I think it wants you to give it a name.", said Professor Pine.

"Hmmm... I think I'll call it Florin, seeing as he seems to be partly plant", said Eric.

"Bulba-bulba!", said Florin.

"I think he likes it.", said Professor Pine.

"Florin?", said Jane, who had by now tossed her pokeball and was holding Charmander.

"I think it's appropriate", replied Eric (Note: Flora means plant).

"Well, I think I'll name my Charmander something that will make him seem powerful!", said Jane. "I'll name him Inferno."

"Char-charma.", said Inferno.

As Eric and Jane were about to leave, Jerry walked in.

"Hey, you guys aren't going to leave without your pokedex, are you?", said Jerry.

"Oh, I almost forgot!", said Professor Pine. "You'll want these pokedex to help you identify Pokemon that you find or see." (Note: I don't know what the plural of pokedex is, so I'm just putting pokedex).

He gave them each a pokedex. Eric wondered how it would work when he pointed it at Florin.

"Bulbasaur.", said the pokedex in a tinny voice, "The seed planted on its back grows with the Pokemon."

"Cool.", said Eric. "Let me try your Charmander, Jane."

"Inferno.", interrupted Jane.

"Alright, let me try this on Inferno then.", said Eric, pointing his pokedex at the small Pokemon.

"Charmander", said the pokedex, "A small fire Pokemon who prefers to live in warm climates and can heat its body to great temperatures." *

"Wow", said Jane. "I hope I don't hurt myself on him.

"Char-charman?", said Inferno, as it crawled around her shoulders.

During this time, Jerry had already talked with Professor Pine and received his Squirtle and pokedex.

"Squir-squirtle?", said the small Pokemon.

"I think I'll call it Squirt.", said Jerry.

"Heh heh, Squirt.", said Eric.

Jerry tried to slap Eric across the back of his head, but accidentally dropped Squirt while doing so.

"Squir-Squirt!!!", cried Squirt.

"ACK!", said Jerry, and he picked up his Pokemon quickly. The Pokemon didn't seem to be very happy towards Jerry.

Before Eric or Jane could say anything else, Professor Pine stepped forward and said, "Remember to keep your Pokemon healthy, so that he will continue to listen to you."

"Ok.", said Jane, as she and Eric were already beginning to walk out the door.

On their way back towards Eric's house, Florin decided to walk alongside Eric and walk in the sunlight.

"Aww, isn't that cute.", said Jane. "He thinks he's people."

"He seems to be happy.", replied Eric. "How's Inferno liking the fresh air?"

"He doesn't seem to have moved much since we left Professor Pine's building. I don't think he likes the cool breeze much."

"Ch-ch-char-char.", replied Inferno.

"Crawl under my jacket.", Jane said to Inferno.

Inferno crawled across her chest and held onto her inside her jacket.

"Char-charmand.", said Inferno.

"I think that's better.", replied Jane.

"Well, I guess it's off to Viridian city to pick up some pokeballs and stuff.", said Eric

"Yup.", replied Jane, "Our lives are just about to take a new twist."

As they were walking along the path towards Viridian City, they saw some mouse-looking things run by. Eric pulled out his pokedex and pointed it towards the Pokemon.

"Ratatta.", said the pokedex, "Information, unknown."

"Aw nuts.", said Jane. "I guess we gotta catch them to see what they do."

"Apparently... I don't like that too much, but what can you do?", asked Eric.

"Catch them?", replied Jane sarcastically.

Eric decided to get off the topic and began walking again. As they walked along the path, the saw a small town ahead.

"This must be Viridian.", said Eric excitedly. He was wanting to go and catch one of those Ratatta's to add to his collection.

As they walked into the store, the cashier looked at them.

"So, we have more Pokemon trainers here?", said the woman

"Yeah, so we're coming to buy some pokeballs to catch some more Pokemon.", said Eric.

"Well, you've come to the right place!", said the woman. "Professor Pine called me earlier and said that there would be some Pokemon trainers coming by, and asked that I give you some pokeballs on his account.", said the woman.

"Alright!", said Jane. "This'll save us some money for later."

The woman at the counter gave them each ten pokeballs.

"Cool.", said Eric. "How do you use them?"

"You just push the button on top of them, and toss them at the Pokemon you want to catch. But remember to weaken them with your other Pokemon so they don't escape.", said the woman. **

"Now we can catch some more Pokemon.", said Eric, and rushed out the door.

"Be careful!", said Jane. "Your Florin's sitting by the doorway!"

Eric stopped and put his hand on Florin's head feeling his Pokemon nuzzle his hand.

"Oops, forgot he was sittin' out there.", said Eric as he followed Florin out the door.

Florin walked up to Eric's feet. There it yawned and layed down again.

"I don't know about you, Eric, but I'm getting pretty tired right now.", said Jane

Eric glanced down at his watch.

"Quarter to nine.", said Eric. "Yeah, we should find the pokecenter."

They walked into the pokecenter and asked the girl standing there for two rooms. She gave them two sets of keys and asked "Do you want your Pokemon healed too?"

Eric and Jane looked at eachother and simultaneously nodded their heads in approval.

"Ok, put your Pokemon back in their pokeballs and give them to me.", said the woman

"Florin, back.", said Eric.

"Inferno, return.", said Jane.

Both Pokemon were sucked back into their pokeballs. Eric pushed the button on top of the pokeball again, and it shrunk down to its original size. Jane did the same thing.

"Here you go.", said Eric.

"Thanks, I'll be back in a minute.", said the woman.

When she returned the pokeballs, Eric and Jane put them in their backpacks and went to their rooms for a long night's sleep. ***

When Eric awoke the next morning, Jane was frantic.

"ERIC, WAKE UP, HURRY!!!", exclaimed Jane.

"I'm up, I'm up.", replied Eric, sleepily.


"No, why?", questioned Eric.

"Something's happened to him. Go look at the TV."

Eric watched the TV as it showed the body of Jerry, being zipped up in a body bag.

"Woah! What the hell happened to him?", said Eric.

"He was found in his bathtub, knocked unconscious somehow and drowned.", said Jane

"Yikes!", replied Eric. They continued to watch the newscast.

The reporter was talking. "...Pallet town where a young boy named Jerry Pine was found drowned in his bathtub. Early reports say that he had been knocked unconscious by what doctors say must have been 'a rounded pan or bowl.' Doctors are still skeptical of this report because of the strange pattern of markings that the weapon made on the head. Police haven't said much about the incident, but that foul play was believed to have taken part..."

"Say...", interrupted Eric, "Isn't that his Squirtle walking into the room?"

"I think so... what are you thinking Eric?", replied Jane.

"I'm not sure what to think.", replied Eric flatly.

"But look at its back! It has the same type of markings that were on Jerry's head.", said Jane.

"That's gotta be a coincidence.", said Eric. "Unless someone beat him unconscious WITH his Pokemon, but we can't be sure until we hear some more about this."

"I guess. But we should be heading out to catch more Pokemon anyway.", said Jane.

"Yeah. I wonder who Squirt will belong to now?", mumbled Eric as he walked out the door.

*: Whatever I don't remember off hand from the game, or just don't know, I'm making up off the top of my head, so don't bother telling me that these aren't the exact things the pokedex says when you go to Charmander or Bulbasaur :}

**: This isn't exactly the way the game goes, but I didn't want to make it the same... that would just make things boring.

***: None of the trainers in the game slept, so I'm just saying that there's rooms in every pokecenter that they can sleep in, for free as well.


Chapter 2: First blood

By the time Eric and Jane had gotten to the edge of town, they had forgotten the disturbing information they had heard earlier. Eric was too busy trying to find another Ratatta to add to his collection, while Jane was letting Inferno burn small branches that she held in front of him.

"Alright, there's another Ratatta.", exclaimed Eric, glancing into the bush.

"Florin, go!"

The Pokemon flashed out of his pokeball and landed on the ground in front of the Ratatta.

"Florin, use tackle. We don't want to completely take it's energy", yelled Eric.

"Bul-bulba!", yelled Florin.

The small Bulbasaur suddenly charged the Ratatta, and rammed into him with his head. The Ratatta struggled to his feet and bit back.

"Bul.", said Florin as the Ratatta bit into his arm.

"He's looking kinda tired. Tackle him again.", shouted Eric.

"Bulba-bul.", said Florin as he raced into the Ratatta again, knocking it to the ground.

By this time, the Ratatta could barely stand up. Eric pulled out a pokeball and tossed it at the Ratatta. It pulled him in and closed shut. After a few moments of struggling (very little struggling), the ball went motionless, and made a ping sound, signaling the capture was complete.

"Oh, yeah, he's mine!", said Eric, as he retrieved his Ratatta.

Curious by the sounds of battle, a female Pidgey landed near Jane.

"That one's mine.", said Jane.

"Inferno, go!", she shouted and tossed the pokeball in front of the Pidgey.

"Use ember on it.", said Jane.

"Char-char!", said Inferno.

Suddenly, Inferno grew even redder than usual and blasted the small bird with flames.

"Pid-pidgey!", said the small Pidgey as it was thrown back about five feet from the blast.

"That should do it.", said Jane, and she tossed one of her pokeballs to the somewhat charred Pidgey.

The pokeball closed and it didn't so much as budge from any struggling.

"Alright, now we gotta heal them when we get to the next town.", shouted Jane through her excitement.

"Yeah, we should head off soon. I'm getting in the mood for food.", said Eric.

The two walked down the winding path towards Pewter City. On the way, Eric was able to catch a Pidgey as well, and Jane had caught a Weedle. When they could see Pewter City, it was getting towards noon.

"Egad this town takes forever to get to!", said Eric.

"You can't be THAT hungry, Eric.", replied Jane. "Besides, we're almost there, so you can try to catch more Pokemon if you're bored."

"Come to think of it, I'll just let my Florin walk around for a while. I'm sure he wants to catch some sunlight.", said Eric.

"Good plan. I'll let Inferno out for a while too. See if he can get used to the breeze."

They both released their Pokemon let them walk beside them. Florin started to walk in paths where the sunlight most reached, and Inferno had fun by toasting the dead branches along the ground.

"Char-charmander.", said Inferno, as he burned a small stick to ashes.

"That's a good boy.", praised Jane as she watched her Charmander toast a small pile of leaves.

"Hey, look.", said Eric. "My Florin's starting to break the branches with a vine. I think he's learning new skills as he plays around."

"Cool. I wonder what Inferno will learn next.", replied Jane.

As they arrived at town, they immediately made towards the nearest pokecenter. They had their newly caught Pokemon healed up let them out. The Pokemon all started to walk around and play a game of hide-and-go-seek with eachother.

"That's kinda neat", said Eric. "Except there's not many places to hide in a pokecenter."

"Well, at least they can't get lost.", said Jane sarcastically.

"True, true.", said Eric as he watched his Ratatta chase after Jane's Pikachu.

Pretty soon, the Pokemon got tired of chasing after eachother and started to lie down to get some sleep. During this time, Jane and Eric had bought themselves a couple of burgers and were feeling tired themselves.

"Well, I think it's about time to call it a night.", yawned Eric. "That long walked tired me out.... not used to exercise."

"It doesn't surprise me.", said Jane. "All you used to do was play video games and watch TV."

They called their Pokemon back into the pokeballs and headed for their rooms they had saved. But in their haste to get some much needed shuteye, Eric did not notice that his Ratatta had avoided being seen and called back into the pokeball and was wandering around the town. It did not like being kept in a pokeball, and wanted to get revenge on anything.

Eric awoke to a scream coming from outside the pokecenter. He quickly got dressed and met Jane at the steps towards the main area.

"What the fuck was that?!?", shouted Eric.

"How should I know?", replied Jane. "I was having a nice dream about pancakes when that ear-shattering scream woke me up."

"Well, I wanna find out who it was, so I can kick the crap out of them.", said Eric as he charged out the door. But to his dismay, he didn't find someone he could beat senseless, but a bloody person writhing on the ground. Blood was shooting from his jugular vein as it pooled around his head.

"Oh man, what happened?", shouted Eric.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!", screamed Jane as she ran out, nearly stepping in the blood.

The crowd of spectators around them had been wondering the same thing. Out of the corner of Eric's eye, he saw a small, dark object dart behind a building. A trail of blood was following it. In the meantime, a doctor had arrived and was about to make a statement.

"It looks like this person was bitten by something. Whatever it was, it was strong enough to bite through the skin and sever their jugular vein. It's too late to save them.... they would have died almost instantly.", said the doctor. "Call in the coroner."

As the body was being carted away, Eric decided to investigate the object and the trail of blood. Jane followed him.

"What are you doing now?", asked Jane.

"I thought I saw something run into this alley.", said Eric. "It might have been what killed that guy."

As Eric looked around the garbage cans and discarded boxes in the back alley, he suddenly heard a scratching coming from above him. As he looked up, his eyes widened in horror as he saw his Ratatta jump at his head, face covered in blood.

"ACK!", screamed Eric, as he dodged to the side, leaving the Ratatta to land on the ground behind him. Before he could turn around, he felt the Ratatta jump onto his backpack and begin to climb towards his neck.

"GET IT OFFA ME!!!", screamed Eric, as he frantically tried to shake the Ratatta off his back. Suddenly, he got an idea and started to run towards one of the brick walls. A moment before impact, he swung around, allowing the most possible force to slam the Ratatta into the wall. The Ratatta fell off his back and made a high pitched screeching sound. It fell to the ground, writhing from the broken bones it had received. By this time, several other Ratatta's had come at hearing this Ratatta's scream.

"You freaking rat! I'm gonna KILL you!", shouted Eric as he picked up a large pipe from the ground.

"NO ERIC!", shouted Jane, suddenly wanting to try to save the Ratatta's life. But it was too late. Eric had plunged the pipe into the Ratatta's chest, slicing its heart from its body. The Ratatta stopped moving as blood poured from it's new wound.

Eric dropped the pipe and wandered back towards the pokecenter, dazed. As he walked out the alley, the other Ratatta's scurried off back into the forest. He was nearly petrified from fear, thinking his other Pokemon might do the same. When he entered the pokecenter, Jane followed a couple of seconds later, carrying the Ratatta by the tail.

"Is there any way you can heal this?", asked Jane to the attendant, tossing the Ratatta onto the counter.

"What happened to it?", said the attendant, shocked at it's condition.

"It tried to kill me. That's what happened!", shouted Eric.

"I'm sorry, but it still has to be at least breathing for me to be able to heal it.", said the attendant, staring at the corpse.

"Good riddance!", said Eric as he walked back upstairs to his room.

The attendant shouted towards him, "It's not your fault you know. It looks like this thing has had a hard life from before you caught it. It's scarred from head to toe."

"Really? So my other Pokemon will be okay?", asked Eric.

"They should be.", said the attendant. "It's just that this guy must have been fairly beaten when small and had a lot of pent up anger inside of it. I've seen your other Pokemon, and they're in perfect condition. You shouldn't have any problems with them."

"Whew, that's a relief.", said Eric.

"Let's go get something to eat.", said Jane. "It'll help get your mind off of that incident."

"Good point.", said Eric, suddenly realizing his hunger.

The two got some fried eggs and let all their Pokemon out again so that they could inspect if they were good. They soon came to the conclusion that the others were very happy with where they were and gave a sigh of relief. The immediate threat of dangerous Pokemon had ended.

Will the other Pokemon turn on Eric and Jane? And what has happened to Squirt? Why does to cleave mean to pry apart and stick together? Will the duo give up their Pokemon training?

The answers to these and much more blood, for those bloodthirsty types in chapter 3, which I will name whenever I write it.

I hope you liked this little story of mine. If you want me to keep writing these, put something on the Pokemon board, or contact me here.


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