The quilt square

18-gauge, 3/16" stainless steel rings, small anodized aluminum scales

December 14, 2018

A chainmaille square for a chainmaille quilt.
The quilt square, partially completed. I had heard about a project online recently. An amazing, wonderful project. The chainmaille quilt project. I discovered the existence of this somewhere in the middle of 2018, when I was in college (I want to say June sometime), and didn't at the time want to take time away from my studies to work on it. The deadline was for January 15, 2019, so I had a bit of time to work with. College ended in November, and from that point on I worked on it as much as I could between job hunting, home care, and whatever other obligations I had. Showing the square half-finished, laying on a green paisley bandanna. The rainbow runs diagonally from top left to bottom right. Several loose scales of the colours are in piles beside it.
Thankfully I had plenty of scales and rings for this project. I wanted to provide them with a Pride rainbow patch, and I had lots of coloured scales and 3/16" rings thanks to stockpiling for my dragons, so I set out to make a diagonal rainbow scalemaille Pride flag.

I'm n/ot sure why I went with diagonal, but it looked better in my mind at the time. Vertical would have looked more like a Pride flag, but oh well. It looks amazing, and I was happy with it ^_^
Showing the underside of the completed square, and how the rainbow looks from that side.
I decided to make them a pair of shaggy mail titanium earrings as a gift in 18 gauge 3/16" titanium rings. That was the size that I had available, and I wanted them to have that 'ooohh, titanium' feeling, and because I was like 'you need better than stainless ^_^ '

I was deciding how to mail it to them, since I didn't want it to just ball up in a bubble envelope and cause problems shipping, so I fastened it to a sheet of card stock, and added the earrings to the bottom. The same method I use to ship my dragons ^_^
The square, pulled tight and straight on a sheet of cardstock, with a pair of titanium earrings as a gift to the main quilt maker.
On the back of the card, I put the stats for the chainmaille (all of the details that they wanted for the records), as well as my business card, and a note about Metroids because Metroids ^_^ Showing the pack of the cardstock, with the ring details, my business card, and a drawing of a Metroid.
And wow. They're still receiving patches daily (it really started to take off in late 2018... mine arrived and was added to the quilt at number 50), and are keeping up with that, as well as making the seam that will connect the squares. It's going to be an AMAZING project when it's done, and unfathomably heavy. From what they have said in the ongoing Facebook page, it may continue to be added onto for a long time to come. I will keep posting updated photos of it as they come in, as well as the standing weight, which I hope (please please please) they mention. Showing a picture from the chainmaille quilt project, showing 64 different squares made by creators.

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