Supported through streaming

Wow, what an update. A whole new turn in my life, and a new way of living ahead of me.

It makes perfect sense for me. I'm Kabuthunk. I've been Kabuthunk digitally ever since I was on the internet. (fun fact: In the chaos that occured in my life at some point after this, I basically abandoned the name Kabuthunk and moved to Kabutroid everywhere, which tbh just makes more sense anyway)

Ok, there was a few other names that I used right around the very start there. 'Salmon', 'Grapefruit', and 'Blargg' were a few other names I travelled by for a short time, but Kabuthunk is what I've always been.

There's an origin story behind that name, ask me sometime :)

And now there's Patreon. There's other services available for online streamers, but this will be my first, main push. Check the page out, see what I'm talking about.

And it's not just me streaming, I'm also sending people stuff! Fun knitted things, chainmaille, and that's only the start! Everything about this works out for how I want to live my life... doing what I love.

I'm online where I want to be, making people smile and creating new things all at the same time. This way of supporting myself has only one downside that I can spot, and that's that I have to limit how long I work on my stuff. Though I suppose that's probably for the best, if I get really into a project I can nearly forget to eat :P

So yeah, check out my Patreon (this one not active any more... misfortune had happened in life since then) page. And share it please (I guess not any more lol. Tho if I get a new one going...)! If you've ever wondered how you could help me in my journey through life, THIS is how. This is the thing that only requires you to click on things on the internet, and it helps me live the life I want to live.

If enough people see my channel, and enough people like my humming and chatting and the fun stuff I make, then it'll all add up enough to make me what I need... $480 a month.

Yeah, I know right? WTF?

Absolutely one great benefit of a minimalistic lifestyle is being able to cut out a LOT of the extra costs. Rent accounts for the 4 at the front by the way (one room, all utilities).

Cabbage and fish, can't go wrong. And pasta. And a handful of other things. That's not to say I wouldn't love to be a bit fancier, but as you can imagine that $480 is pretty bare-bones. Possible, but just.

But that's the awesome part about living in the present age. Literally billions of people use the internet. If enough people find out about my channel, and enough of 'em use Patreon or otherwise want to keep watching me do my thing, then I can make my living doing this. This is the 'nice people support nice people' way of life. I provide content for free, and a few people either like the goodies I have to offer, enjoy my humming (I like humming while streaming), or want to support me for their own reason, which I'm totally ok with too :)

So yep... this is my call for support. If you've ever wanted to help me, share my Twitch channel, share my Patreon page, let people know that I'm looking for viewers. I gained 8 viewers today alone while streaming, and it felt AMAZING! This is truly where I'm meant to be. Please help make it happen :)


Friends, family, I have an announcement to make. I've found how I want to live the rest of my forseeable life. I'm going to stream online, and use Patreon as my primary means of income. Whatever else aside, this is my way.
I stream online anyway. I make stuff anyway. Let's combine them and make a living from it. My lifestyle and the present age make this a possibility. It doesn't take much to keep a girl up.
How it works is that people are nice, and just donate a *little* bit, and then that adds up because the world has lots of people on it, people like entertainment and stuff, and I'm providing those things! You can still watch for free, but now you can also support my dream!
I live to be online and to make stuff. Please help me do that by supporting me through Patreon, GoFundMe, Paypal, or however you can. I've got a business number, I've achieved freedom from debt, and I can make this work.

Most sprites are property of Nintendo, who are awesome and and amazing and stuff, and also this is a parody and also it's free and stuff.
Comics, ideas, Kabutroid, and other custom content owned by KatieLynne Jackson. I'm pretty easygoing, and really don't mind all that much if you make content based on my content and stuff. Just don't go impersonating me and we're cool.