The patch bag

I gots thread and scrab fabric!

A red velvet patchwork pouch, just shown against a plain wall.

So in the bizarre summer that was 2021, I found myself away from my tools and supplies and such, and had in essence, a dollar store sewing kit (which would in itself become the dice roller), a dollar pair of scissors (which were surprisingly good!), and thread. And scrap cloth. Y'see, when I made the harrow bag, I had a ton of fabric left over after. So the fabric also became the mini dice bag, the lining for the deck of many things box, the lining for the aforementioned dice roller, and then... this thing! I had a ton of little squares and rectangles left over from all of that cutting it to size, and a spool of thread. Do you think I can use the entire spool? Let's try to use the entire spool! So I started sewing these little squares and rectangles together (sorry, no in-progress pics for this one), with the vague expectation of making a... I guess potential art thing at first, if I were to like... keep it as a large patch and just put it in a frame. Then I decided to turn it into another pouch, and that's what you see here! This finished off the red fabric overall, and as it turns out, was *JUST* enough to finish off the spool! WOOOOOH, the very first spool I have ever *completely* finished off with hand-stitching lol. Every seam has been gone over twice, for added strength. Even the drawstrings I had to sew together, from several long strips that were left!

Finished January 31, 2022
One side of the bag, showing all of the squares and rectangles, all stitched together with parallel, yet irregularily spaced lines, shown against a plain white wall. The other side of the bag, almost appearing as though wider bands are around the edges and it closes in towards smaller ones in the middle. The drawstring hangs to the right. The inside of the bag, where you can see the seams! The lines are very pronounced on the back of the fabric, and look a bit like a funky maze or something. There's one circle in there too, in the middle of a thin strip, I wanted a circle somewhere, and there was a hole there, so I was happy. It's very staggered looking, and held overtop of a blue and yellow dotted winter jacket.

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