House of Cards

What, ANOTHER deck-related item?!?

A two story card castle, built and sitting above the box and cards for the house of cards dnd item, all sitting on a white cardboard box.

Alright, I think this one nails down the list o' card-related items in the Book of Many Things. There's... a WHOLE SLEW of items that came in this box set (just go to the index page and look under the deck of many more things, there's... lots), and me being me (oy, let's just link to the harrow page, that's the start of this whole fascination), I had to go and make them all. Either random draw decks, magic items with individual or selectable uses, or... this, ay, we've got Leomund's Tiny Hut, except it's bigger, able to be damaged, but can be made in any shape/design you want (within size). Immune to psychic and poison damage though. So naturally, we needed to make these cards removable from the pack as an item, so that you can playfully make an actual card castle out of them, because of course you need to be able to.

Now conveniently, I have a deck of cards that didn't quite work out for the Deck of Wonder, because I mis-wrote on the ace of spades during my first attempt at making that. I didn't like this being so bulky as to be a full deck though, so I made it fit 40 cards, which perfectly builds a five story card castle, and I'm happy with that. I still kept ace though (or rather, the 'how to play bridge' card converted to the ace of spades, which feels kinda campy and fun), so that I could use 1-10 of all of the suits. And as with all the rest of these items, we printed out the instructions.

And so, we modified the box to fit 40 cards, and taped the instructions to the face of the box, which felt more fitting since it's not a random-draw type item in which I'd prefer the instruction card kept inside. For the back, it needed to be decorated with geometric shapes as per those instructions, and so, we image-searched for creative commons geometric shapes and found exactly this, which will suit us well (lol, suit) for our motif.

And thus we have... the House of Cards item :D

Made December 26, 2023