Sky of Many Things

An unexpected find

The twelve red cards spread out above the zodiac phenomena card and box laying on top, all laying on a purplish pink surface. The face of the box has been sanded away where the text for sky of many things is written.

Interesting. So even after making the multitude of card-related items listed in the Deck of Many More Things page, yet one more was discovered upon finally getting the box set! Not a magic item per-se, but a zodiac phenomena-generator for the DM, and thus, not listed in the list o' magic items that came with the set. But it's called a many things... and that kinda pulled me in... and we had spare cards... so we had to make it lol.

Now, the Sky of Many Things isn't directly related to the real-world zodiac, it has it's own zodiac associations. For example, the Key sign is nicknamed The Child, associated with late spring (the season could be related to real-world zodiac though), birthstone a garnet, creature a sphinx, colour purple, and the ability score intelligence. Now, though I could relate each to the zodiac we all know and love, there's not a whole lot of reason to here, as a) it's not in the book, so kinda... feels weird, b) doesn't really apply to the random-draw aspect, and c) I can't even imagine where I'd find a set of 12 zodiac cards. On that note though, using the extra cards still laying around from our various deck builds, I had a spare full set of diamonds, on a red deck no less, the colour I would have wanted for this, and just used ace to queen to get my 12. The king actually graces the inside of the box, along with the king of clubs, just to kinda have that ying-yang feel to it like the rest of the many things everythings.

And on that note, yes, I made a box in a similar style to the Fate Dealer's Deck, making it in itself out of extra cards, thus giving it a uniform front and back, with the added text on the diamonds side. Also the 9 of hearts made up the box flap, just because it's nice and uniform, and having hearts in there felt nice. Next up, we need the rules, of which ayyy, one of the results specifically brings up needing a clear sky, so that weather dice actually has a specific necessary use now! Now, there are... a TON of tables in this book, so I'm not going to make a deck for all of them... but this one was specifically called the "sky of many things", it got a by into here. And yes, I read the index for any other "many things" things, and I think this one nails them all down lol. A fun last little thing (unless some other, even more obscure thing than the Deck of Wondrous Power shows up) that as an added bonus uses that weather dice that amuses me so much.

So let's go and make it :D

Like I said, I had spare set of the diamonds suit (which also kinda matches the Gem zodiac nicely), so we wrote on all of those cards, and the box, printed out our little tiny instruction set, and set about attaching that to yet another spare card (this one the 4 of spades, I've actually found that black cards show through printed paper less than red cards).

This is the one instruction card that has a different title at the top of it than the name of the deck, which is probably because it's a DM random generator chart, and is thus listed as the Zodiac phenomena in the book, under the Sky of Many Things pages, so we went with that, the one 'non-item' that I've created now lol. I found yet another free-use image of a wonderful looking knight that works well with the list (oh wow, thank you Knight zodiac!), and with ye olde' tape and scissors, we created our card. May the random sky phenomena begin!

Made January 10, 2024



Of course you can draw a random effect!
The set of twelve diamond cards spread out on cardboard for the ink to dry.The extra card with green post-it note pieces stuck over the top of it with pencilled in sky of many things, laying on top of the clipboard with the epic deck looseleaf behind the plastic.

Kabutroid showing the side and back of the box. The sides, and bottom actually, are made up of strips from spare cards to continue the pattern around the edges, and the upper flap is made from yet another card, with the pattern lining up on the back as well.Another red card, the four of spades but facing down, laying on top of the printed instruction page, with the instructions partially cut out from it. Both of these are laying on top of the clipboard, which is a really nice plastic surface to apply tape to the paper with, and be able to cleanly pull the tape off from afterwards.

The cards spread out on a pinkish purple surface, with the zodiac phenomena card and box laying on top of them.