Just answer the question

They've already been promised torture... they might as well satisfy their curiosity anyway.

40 minutes later...
*gasp* *pant* You've got grip, I'll give you that.
Hey MB... we have a question for you.
What... traitors?
How do you yell?
...WHAT?!? What do you MEAN 'how do I yell?'
We've got this debate thing happening over here. You're basically just a giant brain in a jar... so how do you yell, or talk even?
...Remind me to torture you twice as hard at my earliest convenience.
Yeah, duly noted. Can you still answer? We're really curious.
I have a lung-like organ... happy?
Hell, I could have told you that without the threat of torture from ol' Mother Brain here.
DAMNIT! I could have SWORN a lung wouldn't fit in there!
HAH! You we me five bucks!
So much hate...

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