Most boring battle ever

Truly a battle of epic proportions.

Ok... well let's think about this rationally for a minute. You're clamping on to me... WHY now?
I'm wrangling you, can't you tell?
Actually no, I honestly can't.
Because y'see... I'm inside this jar here. You on the other hand are on the OUTSIDE of said jar. Given the last hour or so, I'm going to guess that you don't actually have any way of changing that fact. So for that reason, I'm going to defeat you the easiest way possible. I'm going to ignore you.
Ahh... yep. Have fun either leaving or starving to death.
Well... I guess if you're just going to ignore me, then I can rattle off my entire life story, and you wouldn't mind since you're ignoring me and all. I'll start with my great, great, grandfather...
*shudder* Why must it never be easy. Ok, fine... we'll see who breaks first.
Can anyone say 'most boring battle ever?'
Quiet you.

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