Coming to conclusions

And it's finally happened. This comic marks the first time in which I've missed several strips, and haven't made a pile in order to fill the gap (not even doing pseudo-filler... too much of that lately), so to speak. Given the extra comics I've thrown in with either 4-a-week or 5-a-week strips, I'd still be ahead, one could consider me as still ahead... but that doesn't really count. It's been busy the past while, lots of new stuff happening, lots of running around, and a change in hours at work that's thrown my sleep schedule way the hell off. If I'm not mistaken, I missed 5 strips, amounting to about a week and a half. Don't expect this to happen often though. Hell, it took me over 6 years and over 1000 comics to have a miss :P

Ok, well... y'know what? Screw this. She could be anywhere on the planet... or not at all come to think of it. I'm going back to the bar. She's more likely to turn up there than anywhere else anyway.
I mean hell... even if they haven't got the booze room open yet, there's bound to be at least SOMETHING happening there. Food at the bare minimum. Besides, it feels like I haven't moved in like a week... ANY movement is good at this point.
Another jar of may Ridley!
Dude man... you're beginning to disgust even ME, and I INVENTED that stuff. And seriously, Ophelia is REALLY starting to get suspicious about "minions" who keep stealing her eggs.
At the bare minimum, I'll be around more normal surroundings at least.

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