MAN, this sucks. Where in the hell did Metroid-thingy disappear to. I swear, if you need her, it's like she's invisible. If you can't stand the thought of seeing her, she wanders in like a nightmare.
Ok, wait... that gives me an idea. Now... what situation would I absolutely HATE to have Metroid-thingy kicking around. And it can't be insulting... and stupid auto-smite is the last thing I need right now.
Oohh, oohh... how about her thinking that I FOUND AN ENEMY THAT DROPS INFINITE MISSILES!
...Dang. What the hell could be distracting her from hearing that.
...ght my great grandrather how to wrangle his pet pupp...
What the hell are YOU smiling at?
AAAAHAHA! It's funny because you can't do anything about it!

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