The horrors of drinking

It's both a blessing... and a curse of booze.

*skip* *skip* I'm better than nooothing, I'm better than nooothing, and Samus even said so, and Samus even said...
Sweet holy god, we haven't been out of the bar for FOURTY-FIVE SECONDS, and I already want to kill you. Are you TRYING to set a record?
Oh, FINE... I'll stop singing. Killjoy.
Well, joy-killing is what I do. However... you talk to the minions a helluva lot more than I do. Have any of them mentioned to you about any items, canisters, statues... any of that kinda stuff?
Oh HELL yeah. All the time!
WHAT?!? Well damn man, lay it on me! MAN, I should have asked that AGES ago!
Oh yeah, they're ALWAYS talking about those statues getting in the way, sitting around the glowing missile canisters, all kindsa things.
Well, lay it on me! What? How many? WHERE?!? Huh? Pfft, hell if I know.
You never thought to ASK?!? Even if to just get them yourself?!?
I dunno, I was usually drunk at the time.

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