A sudden visual

From a distant high to a very crushing low. The mind was not meant to experience such sudden changes :P

Hell, half the time you were there WITH me. You just... y'know... can't hold your liquor worth a damn.
WHAT?!? Yes I can! And how would YOU know?
Well, let's see... you, passed out; me, chatting it up with the local minions.
Whatever, just drop it.
But ok, fine, whatever. Do you remember ANYTHING about what they said? ANYTHING? Uhh, lessee... missile canisters kinda warm... damn near tripping on Chozo statues in some places... lotsa tanks with the letter "E" on 'em... aaand that's about all I remember.
Oohh, oohh, there IS one other thing I remember!
YES! Whatwhatwhatwhatwhat?
In one of my drunken naps on the floor of the bar, I had a dream once that we were TOTALLY DOIN' IT!
Oh GOD! WARN me next time you're going to say something like that! The sudden, unexpected visual just made me vomit in my own helmet.
Umm... sorry?
Oh, you're gonna be. Guess who gets to clean this up?

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