A new friend

Massive thanks going out to Sisco for the Space Pirate sprites!

If you want to see the 'Kabs has writer's block, and makes random stuff' comics, then go to strip 1020 onwards. Otherwise, the next button in here just skips all of that and goes back to the story.

Although... before you blast my poor, fragile face into a million screaming nerve-endings of pain... could I ask you just one question?
Make it snappy. *ka-click*
Does it seem really... quiet around here to you. Like... for the past while or so?
Hmm... now that you mention it, it DOES seem to have been a little slow lately. Weird...
Yeah, I wonder what could be happening that's making like... nothing happen lately.
Well... obviously "nothing" is making nothing happen... but I wonder if there's a root cause.
Holy mother of Spaghedeity, this writer's block is kicking the crap ot of me! I need to take a break and do more just... random, fun stuff on the site, and not worry about the storyline for a bit. I suppose I could leave a bit of a cliffhanger though.
Eh, I suppose it'll get more active eventually. After all... we're questing! All kinds of things happens when we're looking for stuff.
Yeah, I guess so.
Hey, quick question... are you Samus?

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