A splitting headache

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*turn* Huh? Depends... who's aski-
O....kay, that was a little strange.
Sorry, I just got like... a massive headache a second ago there. Seems to be gone now.
Does that normally happen to you?
No, No... but it felt lile... I dunno, like my head was torn off and then instantly jammed back on again. Did you guys see what hit me?That's the weirdest thing I've ever had happen before. It friggin' HURT!
Nope, can't say I saw anything. But umm... who are you now?
Right, sorry... I was looking for someone named Samus. I needed to... ah man, god DAMN man that hurt! Sorry... sorry... my head's killing me here.
Well, normally we'd give you booze, but that's a bit of a problem right now.
Just a BIT of a problem?

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