Sorry, I'm not about to just provide the mp3, since the run I have is an hour long... thus about a hundred megs. A ton of people downloading that would kill my bandwidth.

However, you can download a speed run from here, and the audio can be ripped from it with any audio-extracting tool like AOA audio extractor. I think TMPGEnc can do it as well, possibly audacity, and yeah... there's a ton of programs that do that. Then just... y'know... burn that to a CD, or slap the mp3 on your mp3-player :D.

EDIT: All runs can be downloaded here :D

You know you're a gamer nerd when you take a speed-run video of a game, rip the audio from, and transfer that to a music CD. That way, you can listen to the game being played when you're on the road, and picture it in your mind.

-Game Completion by Red Scarlet-
-Unknwon Album-
-00:03:07 ---00:59:15
-Options - Back-

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